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Within a few months, India has become world's second largest PPE kits manufacturer from zero: PM
PM Modi applauds the health workers, paramedics, ASHA and ANM workers, terms them as 'foot-soldiers' in the fight against COVID-19
Wearing masks, social distancing and hand sanitization only way to defeat Coronavirus: PM Modi


Crores of Indian citizens are fighting against the Corona pandemic very bravely.

The Hi-tech state-of-the-art testing facilities launched today will further strengthen the fight of West Bengal, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh against Corona.


Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Kolkata are major hubs of economic activity. Lakhs of youngsters come to these cities from various corners of the country for their career and to fulfil their dreams.  Now about 10,000 more testing capacity will be added to the current testing capacity in these three places.

Now tests will be done in these cities more quickly.  One good thing is that these hi-tech labs are not limited to just corona testing.

In future, these labs will also be equipped with facility for testing many other diseases including Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Dengue.

Many congratulations to the friends from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and other institutions for making such arrangements.


Today India is in a much more stable position than other countries because right decisions were taken at the right time in the country.  Today, the number of deaths from corona in our country is much less than in big countries.  At the same time, the recovery rate here is much higher than other countries and is improving day by day.  Today, the number of people recovered from corona in India is about to reach 10 lakhs.


The rapid setting up of Corona-specific health infrastructure in the country was the most important thing for this massive and long fight against Corona.  For this reason, at the very outset, the central government announced a package of 15 thousand crore rupees.

Be it isolation centres, Covid special hospitals or a network of testing, tracing and tracking, India expanded its capabilities at a very fast pace.  Today India has more than 11 thousand Covid facilities and more than 11 lakh isolation beds.


 In January, we had only one centre for the corona test, while today about 1300 labs are working in the whole country for corona testing.  Today, more than 5 lakh tests are being conducted in India every day.  In the coming weeks, we are trying to upscale it to 10 lakh per day.


During the Corona pandemic, everyone is determined with only one resolution that is, saving every Indian.  This resolution has given amazing results to India.  What India has done, especially regarding PPE, masks and test kits, is a huge success story.  At one point of time, not a single PPE kit was manufactured in India.  Today, India is the world's second largest PPE Kit manufacturer.

Just 6 months ago there was not a single PPE Kit manufacturer in the country.  Today more than 1200 manufacturers are producing more than 5 lakh PPE kits every day.  At one point of time, N-95 masks were also imported from abroad to India.  Today more than 3 lakh N-95 masks are being manufactured in India every day.

There was a time when India was also dependent on other countries for ventilators.  Today, the production capacity has been developed to manufacture 3 lakh ventilators in India every year.  During this period, the production of medical oxygen cylinders was also greatly increased.

Due to these concerted efforts, not only the lives of people are being saved, but the things that we used to import, are being exported by the country.


You are also familiar with the formidable challenge that was before us to build such a huge physical infrastructure in such a short time.  Another major challenge was to prepare human resources in the country for the fight against Corona.  The short period of time in which our paramedics, ASHA workers, ANM, Anganwadi and other health and civil workers have been trained is also unprecedented.

Today, the world is astounded to see India's fight against Corona, and its apprehensions are being proved wrong, and a major reason for the same is our foot soldiers.


In the fight against Corona, we have come to the point where we have no lack of awareness and the scientific data and resources are also expanding.

 Now we have to strengthen the management of demand and supply at the state level as well as district, block and village levels.

 Together we not only have to create new health infrastructure but must also  strengthen the government and private dispensaries and clinics in every village, and make them more efficient.  We must do this so that the fight against Corona in our villages is not weakened.  So far, the villages have done very well in this field.

And with this, we have to ensure that our Corona warriors do not become victims of any kind of fatigue.  We will also have to work continuously to bring new and retired professionals in the health system.


Many festivals are lined up in the near future.  Let these celebrations bring happiness and joy but we have to take every precaution to avoid spreading infection among the people.  We will also have to see to it that the poor families do not have problems during the time of festivities.

 We have to ensure that the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana reach every poor family on time.


Talented scientists of our country are working vigorously for the corona vaccine.  But till the time an effective medicine or vaccine is invented, we must wear masks and follow social distancing or of 'do gaz doori' and hand sanitization.  We have to protect ourselves as well as all our family members, young and old, at home.

 I believe that in the fight against Corona, we will all fight together and win.  Once again, many congratulations for these high-tech facilities.

 Thank you so much!!!

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Agri, processed food exports buck Covid trend, rise 22% in April-August

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Agri, processed food exports buck Covid trend, rise 22% in April-August

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Prime Minister’s comments at the Global COVID-19 Summit: Ending the Pandemic and Building Back Better Health Security to Prepare for the Next
September 22, 2021
షేర్ చేయండి


The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented disruption. And, it is not yet over. Much of the world is still to be vaccinated. That is why this initiative by President Biden is timely and welcome.


India has always seen humanity as one family. India's pharmaceutical industry has produced cost-effective diagnostic kits, drugs, medical devices, and PPE kits. These are providing affordable options to many developing countries. And, we have shared medicines and medical supplies with over 150 countries. Two indigenously developed vaccines have received "Emergency Use Authorization" in India, including the world's first DNA-based vaccine.

Several Indian companies are also involved in licensed production of various vaccines.

Earlier this year, we shared our vaccine production with 95 other countries, and with UN peace-keepers. And, like a family, the world also stood with India when we were going through a second wave.

For the solidarity and support extended to India, I thank you all.


India is now running the world's largest vaccination campaign. Recently, we vaccinated about 25 million people on a single day. Our grassroots level healthcare system has delivered over 800 million vaccine dose so far.

Over 200 million Indians are now fully vaccinated. This has been enabled through the use of our innovative digital platform called CO-WIN.

In the spirit of sharing, India has made CO-WIN and many other digital solutions available freely as open-source software.


As newer Indian vaccines get developed, we are also ramping up production capacity of existing vaccines.

As our production increases, we will be able to resume vaccine supply to others too. For this, the supply chains of raw materials must be kept open.

With our Quad partners, we are leveraging India's manufacturing strengths to produce vaccines for the Indo-Pacific region.

India and the South Africa have proposed a TRIPS waiver at the WTO for COVID vaccines, diagnostics and medicines.

This will enable rapid scaling up of the fight against the pandemic. We also need to focus on addressing the pandemic economic effects.

To that end, international travel should be made easier, through mutual recognition of vaccine certificates.


I once again endorse the objectives of this Summit and President Biden's vision.

India stand ready to work with the world to end the pandemic.

Thank you.
Thank you very much