Government is keen to create Brand Image of Gujarat in Gems-Jewellery

Published By : Admin | December 29, 2008 | 08:31 IST
షేర్ చేయండి

Let us All Pledge to work in unison

 Inspiring Strategy to save the Diamond Industry and Gems Artists from the Crisis:

 Gujarat to emerge as a Dominating Global force in the Gems Jewellery Sector

 Chief Minister's Conviction:

Gujarat Government is taking Proactive Measures: Ready to share Grief and Sorrow of Diamond Workers

Chief Minister's resolve:

Gujarat would be the Crown of Gems-Jewellery

Chief Minister inaugurates International Conference
Sparkle in Diamond City of India-Surat

 Chief Minister opens an Exhibition of Precious Diamonds and Ornaments

 Towering Personalities of Gems and Jewellery comes on One Platform: Three Days conference begins


Inaugurating the International conference on Gems and jewellery at Surat today, Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi expressed his firm determination to infuse new soul in the recession ridden Diamond industry, which is facing the chills of global economic meltdown. He not only outlined the strategic theme to bring the industry out of the ongoing crisis, but also expressed his confidence that Gujarat diamond industry has potential and strength to emerge as the Global Leader-Crown of Global gems-jewellery.

The Central theme of the conference is the development of Diamond industry, International Conference is jointly organised by FICCI and the VGGIS, in which towering figures of Diamond industry are taking part. The exhibition
displays the potential and strength of Gujarat. The conference would deliberate upon the innovative and outstanding measures to save the industry from global recessionary trends.

Chief Minister inaugurated a unique and valuable exhibition on the occasion. The power -point presentation highlighted the bright possibilities and the skills of our diamond artists. Value addition is the best alternative. It has the capacity to stamp its vision and can emerge as a dominating global force, said the C.M.

He gave a call to work in unison, Gujarat has tremendous skill, and our artists are famous for their artistic feat and also their artistic excellence. We may acquire Global brand Image for Gujarat by expanding our skill base. And with the value added jewellery and ornaments, it is quite possible. Because of the love and affinity of women towards the fashion, the future of Gems and Jewellery is always bright. He also appealed to adopt technology change, up gradation of skills and human resource coupled with value addition. He expressed his desire to extend all possible help in this regard. Outlining series of fresh and innovative initiatives, skill set up gradation is possible by organizing training programs. The diamond artists, who want return to their native, may get benefit of employment guarantee programme.

Necessary instructions are passed to the managements of educational institutes, so it may be ensured that the study of the kids of diamond artists does not get spoiled. Government is doing everything possible to help out the workers.

He raised a vital point that why the Union Government is silent over the issue? The Industry Minister has appealed the Central Government to declare special package for diamond industry, if nothing happens in two three days, C.M himself would make representations before the Union Government. He demanded that the PSU like Hindustan Diamond must lend a helping hand.

Gujarat is the only State where no burden of VAT is on the Diamond Industry. We have a rich tradition here; the workers and owners join their hands in the moment of crisis. The Jyotigram Yojana offers uninterrupted electricity supply in the entire State. The Diamond industry has benefited a lot from the 1500 Crore Jyotigram Yojana.

He stressed the need to work out a strategy, under which all the partners would work in unison-Shoulder to shoulder along with the Government, and the Industry may definitely emerge as a dominating global force. In the year 2010, the world would witness the glitters of it.

The development model of Gujarat has earned reputation and recognition in the country. We are a proactive Government, smooth and prompt implementation is another attribute. With insightful vision and considerations, we are formulating our fresh strategies according to the changing currents.

The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor-DMIC-, from Abu Road to Vapi, Gujarat had chalked out a plan ,well in advance ,in 2006 the Tribal Belts and Coastal routes had foot prints of 9 national highways, emanating the expenses of Rs 4300 Crores. We have forward looking mindsets and futuristic vision, added the C.M.

Chief Minister recalled the glorious rise and fall of Textile industry. The garment and apparel industry found lasting solutions of the crisis of Textile Industry. After devastating earth quake, the economic quake had hit cooperative sector, due to misadministration and corruption in the cooperative sector. By taking grim and bold measures, glory of cooperative sector has been revived. The cooperative banks are now strong enough to contribute the development and growth in the State. This is the Vision of Gujarat. The 1600 K.M long coastal line would feel throbs and vibrancy of shipping industry, and shipping business. Gujarat would emerge as a global force in Ship Manufacturing in the next three years.

Delivering the welcome address, President Chamber of commerce Shri Chetan Shah complimented the Chief Minister for providing Global platform to take strides in international markets. He expressed his gratitude towards the experts and eminent leaders for taking keen interest, and also for participating in to the conference. Dr Amit Mitra of FICCI appreciated the vision of the C.M.

Chief secretary Shri Rajgopal emphasised upon the institutional initiatives to make Surat a Hub of Gems and jewellery. Gujarat Government is a way ahead providing necessary Infrastructure to make it an International Hub for Gems and jewellery. We have reached up to mega expo of gems and jewellery. He welcomed insightful suggestions of the experts and delegates.

Dr Amit Mitra claimed that Gems Jewellery sector has captured the attention and heart of youth all across the world. The Sparkle -2008 is destined to be a success, he added.

Eminent leader of diamond industry, Shri Vasant Mehta announced donation of Rs.50 lakh for the Diamond Workers and their kids. He expressed his gratitude towards the Chief Minister.

At the Air-port, Municipal Commissioner S.Arpana, Collector Shri Dilip Raval, President Chamber of Commerce Shri Chetan Shah welcomed the C.M.

Ministers Shri Narottambhai Patel, Shri Mangubhai Patel, Information commissioner Shri Bhagyesh Jha, top officials, MLA Shri Nanubhai Vanani, Mayor, MLA Shri Ranjit Gilitvala, President diamond Association Shri Vanani, eminent leaders were among the others who attended the function.

Information Bureau, Government of Gujarat, Date: 26/12/2008


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