Taliban tyrannizing Sikhs, extracting jizia

Published By : Admin | May 5, 2009 | 11:14 IST

On the 3rd of May, in a rally in Sonipat, Haryana, Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Manmohan Singh government sitting idly by whilst in Pakistan, the Taliban extorts the ‘jizia’ tax from Sikhs and destroys Gurudwaras.

Brothers and sisters, I wish to ask the Prime Minister, are you not weak? If indeed you are a strong government, the country needs proof of that. And I give you a chance, polling is still a few days away, it’s going to take place on the 7th. If you have the guts, show us the proof of that. Even now there’s an opportunity. Brothers and sisters, you’ll must be watching the news coming out from Pakistan on television. In Pakistan, the Taliban is inflicting its tyranny and in Pakistan, Sikhs are being persecuted, Sardars are being persecuted. If Sardars wish to go to the Gurudwara, then jizia tax is extracted from them. The Taliban has taken 5 crore rupees from the Sikhs as jizia in Pakistan. They’ve surrounded Sikh families. The Indian government in Delhi which claims to be a strong government and the entire Congress Sultanate, I wish to ask them – The Taliban is persecuting my Sikh brothers, is destroying Gurudwaras, the persecution that Guru Gobind Singh had borne, that persecution is once again being inflicted by the Taliban on Pakistan’s soil. Prime Minister, tell me what has your government done? What has it done, answer us? Are Sikhs our brothers and sisters or not? Should we help them in their hour of need or not? Should we go look at the colour of their passports? Brothers and sisters, one cannot take a decision looking at the colour of the passport, we have blood relations with them and to help Sikhs is India’s first responsibility today. When in any country of the world, my Indian brethren are maltreated and my government in Delhi is silent, what can be a bigger disgrace? What can be a bigger weakness? But they are not willing to do anything. There America is shouting, all of America trembles with fear because of the Taliban but India sits twiddling its thumbs. The Indian government casually raised this issue and Pakistan aggressively bellowed back that its an internal matter, that India had better keep quiet and the Prime Minister actually kept quiet! Prime Minister, you’re a Sardar, atleast speak up for Sikhs. We will stand by you, take a stand. And Pakistan has the gall to tell us that it’s our internal matter, India need not interfere. Mumbai was attacked, Pakistan attacked it, the responsibility was Pakistan’s, the murderers were Pakistanis, the weapons were those used by Pakistani soldiers, the training was the sort which the army’s soldiers receive. You killed innocent citizens of India and you Pakistan’s people, send us 30 questions? And Pakistan sends 30 questions? Ulta chor kotwal ko dante? (You are the perpetrators and we’re taken to task?) The Indian government, Dr. Manmohan Singhji, you’ll are actually sitting, writing them replies? Cease writing these love letters and we should give Pakistan a reply in its own language. Brothers and sisters, if this is not a weakness what is it? The country needs a strong government. The country needs a decisive government.

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