Shri Narendra Modi commences Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra from Becharaji. Month long Yatra to go on till October 11th, the birth anniversary of JP.

 In a hard-hitting speech delivered in both Gujarati and Hindi, Shri Modi comes out against Congress injustice to Gujarat and their brazen acts of corruption. 

I will continue to fight massive injustice against Gujarat. We 6 crore Gujaratis do not live on the mercy of anyone but on our hard work: Shri Modi 

Swami Vivekananda not only dreamt of a strong and glorious India but also saw the youth as those who would fulfill his dreams: Shri Modi 

Shri Modi asks youth- the way things are going under Congress rule, do you see a future for yourself? Unanimous ‘NO’ comes from the audience 

Shri Modi asks PM to come clean on coal scam. Seeks SIT probe. 

Shri Modi appeals to Congress to end politics of negativity and maintain peace in this election time. 

Pradhan Mantri ji, if you cannot decide what Disha to adopt please shut you eyes and adopt Gujarat’s Disha, the country’s Dasha will change: Shri Modi 

Congress gave 90 ads on TV. We gave one on ‘Thappad to Gujarat’ but that is giving the Congress sleepless nights: Shri Modi 

Shri Modi comes down heavily on the Congress’ disrespect for constitutional authorities, latest one being CAG. 

Make Gujarat Gutka Mukt as well as Congress Mukt: Shri Modi


On the morning of 11th September 2012 Shri Narendra Modi commenced his month long Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra from the holy place of Becharaji in Mehsana district. In a hard-hitting speech, Shri Modi spoke about the need to fulfill Swami Vivekananda’s dreams and came out all guns blazing against the Congress for their corruption and negative politics.

Shri Modi said one issue on which his fight against the UPA will continue is about the massive injustice they are doing to 6 crore Gujaratis and added that the 6 crore people of Gujarat do not live at the mercy of anyone but on the firm foundations of their hard work and sweat.

Shri Modi stated that there are two 9/11s that have left their mark on history. One was the attack on the Twin Towers that led to killing of many innocent people but there was another 9/11 in 1893 when Swami Vivekananda drew the entire world’s attention towards the cultural might of India when he delivered his speech at the World’s Parliament of Religion in Chicago.

The Chief Minister affirmed that whoever has read the works of Swami Vivekananda; they must ask themselves if it is not onto them to go out and fulfill his dreams. He added that not only did Swami Vivekananda dream of a strong and glorious India, he also knew that it would be the youth that would turn his dreams into a reality. Shri Modi expressed confidence in the youth and added that Gujarat has left no stone unturned to give them an opportunity and the required guidance for them to flourish. He shared that in the last few years, over 3 lakh youngsters had got jobs with the Government. He strongly opposed the mentality of the UPA that seeks to curtail technology on the weak pretext that youth is misusing the same.

Coming down heavily on the UPA, Shri Modi said that the present Government in Delhi is one that lacks the required leadership to put India’s head high and speak of our inherent strengths. The Chief Minister asked whether the youth saw any future under the Congress, to which the unanimous reply was no!

Speaking no the brazen acts of corruption of the Congress, Shri Modi demanded a thorough SIT level probe into the coal block allocations scam under the UPA. He remarked that despite being in Government, he could not think of putting 90 advertisements on TV, something that the Congress has done. However, Shri Modi asked why was it that despite this blitzkrieg of 90 ads, how is it that one ad on the Central injustice to Gujarat was giving sleepless nights to the Congress?

He further added that the ‘Thappad’ to Gujarat would automatically go if the Congress restores the 32% cut from the state’s Kerosene quota and gives gas to Gujarat at a price same as that of Delhi but the Congress is unwilling to do that. Shri Modi said that if the Prime Minister is confused as to what Disha (Direction) he wishes to adopt, he can shut his eyes and adopt Gujarat’s Disha and see how the county’s Dasha will change.

Shri Modi urged the Congress to preserve the spirit of dignity that is involved in the process of electioneering and appealed to them not to do anything that will affect the peace during poll time. Reacting to news reports that the Congress has asked their workers to vehemently disrupt visits by the Chief Minister, Shri Modi wondered whether the Congress would like it if the same treatment was meted out Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh. Shri Modi affirmed that this is not democracy. He went a step ahead and said if the Congress wanted to hold programmes, he would extend every help to them and likewise, every party should be free to hold theirs after which the people can decide.

In his speech, the Chief Minister also spoke on the constant degradation of Constitutional Authorities under the Congress rule, the latest one being CAG. He remarked that this was the same way of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and the present rulers are replicating that today.

On Gujarat’s development, he asked the Centre to compete with Gujarat rather than target it through institutions such as CBI. He shared that when the UPA put 19 states of India in darkness, it was Gujarat that was still shining and this was a fact noted by the media all over the world as well as by those who were previously attempting to be oblivious from this reality. He termed this development as the reason why the nation wants to hear the voice of 6 crore Gujaratis.

Shri Modi sought support for the Gutka Mukt Gujarat (Gutka Free Gujarat) and on the same lines called for a Congress Mukt Gujarat (Congress Free Gujarat) in order to save our youth. He read out a pledge in which he called working towards the development of the nation. The youngsters passionately read out the pledge and supported Shri Modi.

Earlier, national BJP leaders Mr. Arun Jaitley and Mr. Rajnath Singh spoke on the occasion and lauded the development in Gujarat. Mr. Jaitley spoke about the CBI witch-hunt against Gujarat and Mr. Singh called Gujarat a model state who has drawn praise from across the world. Other who spoke on the occasion included BJP National Vice President Purushottam Rupala and Gujarat BJP President Shri RC Faldu. The Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra commenced today and will end on October 11th, which is the birth anniversary of Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Narayan.


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