Stage is set for grand commencement of Vibrant Gujarat 2013!

For the next 3 days all roads lead to Gandhinagar where 120 nations, several Indian states converge for Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013

Shri Modi inaugurates Gujarat’s tallest building in GIFT City

CM speaks at International Conference on Defence Offsets

Shri Modi writes about the past, present, future of the Vibrant Gujarat biennial summit on his blog and talks about its contribution towards Gujarat’s development

Watch inaugural function of Vibrant Gujarat 2013 LIVE on Shri Modi’s website 9:30 AM onwards on Friday 11th January 2013

With just one day to go before the commencement of Vibrant Gujarat 2013, Shri Narendra Modi spent the day inaugurating Gujarat’s tallest tower at GIFT City, attended an International Conference on Defence Offsets and shared his thoughts about the Vibrant Summits on his blog. The stage is now set for the grand launch of the 6th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2013 on Friday 11th January 2013.


GIFT will be an inspiration and point of reference for many such initiatives coming up in the future!

Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated GIFT ONE, Gujarat’s tallest tower, at GIFT City where he stated that through projects such as GIFT City, Gujarat aspires to scale newer heights in the service sector.

He talked at length about the salient features of GIFT including the usage of modern technology, the environment friendly nature of the project and said that the youth would gain a lot from projects such as this.

Shri Modi declared that GIFT City is a project that is blessed both by Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of Wealth) and Goddess Saraswati (the Goddess of Knowledge).




CM addresses International Conference on Defence Offsets

 In the afternoon Shri Modi addressed an International Conference on Defence Offsets where he called for India being self-dependent when it comes to our defence issues.

Shri Modi shared anecdotes from his experience and stressed on the need to focus on skill development and Human Resource Development in this field.


I welcome you all to Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013 and assure you that you will not go back disappointed with the well-known Gujarati hospitality!

On the eve of the commencement of the 6th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Shri Narendra Modi shared a blog in which he reflected on the past, present, future of the biennial Vibrant Gujarat Summits and wrote about their contribution towards Gujarat’s development journey.

He wrote that the past 5 summits have got investment up to Rs. 820 billion, which has immensely contributed to Gujarat being a business hub. He wrote that record 120 nations and several states will join this year’s summit and he termed it as a manifestation of the fact that the world has taken note of Gujarat’s development journey.

The theme on which the 2013 would focus on is knowledge creation, small and medium industry, skill development and innovation. Shri Modi welcomed all those attending and thanked the partner nations, officials Gujarat Government for working day & night to make the summit a success.

For the next 3 days, all the roads of the world will lead to Gandhinagar where the 2013 Vibrant Gujarat Summit will have a grand opening, writing yet another glorious chapter in the history of Gujarat’s decade of development under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi.


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