Shri Narendra Modi's speech at the Geospatial Awards, Hyderabad

Published By : Admin | January 18, 2011 | 23:30 IST
" India is growing very fast and is poised to become one of the three biggest economies in the world."
"Gujarat is a unique State in terms of its location and diversity"
"We must make our state not only the premier state in India, but a Global model"
"It is my pleasure to offer a location for India's first Geospatial Technology Park in the Gujarat State"

Place : Hyderabad Speech Date :18-01-2011

Winners of the Geospatial Awards, Policymakers, Administrators, Scientists and Leaders of the Geospatial, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I consider it a privilege to be here today among this galaxy of luminaries of the geospatial world. It is also quite exciting for me to give away the Geospatial Awards for excellence in this field. My State and myself feel honoured that the international jury has declared the State of Gujarat as the Premier Geospatial State of India.

Friends ! India is growing very fast and is poised to become one of the three biggest economies in the world. We are blessed with natural resources, a vibrant democracy and a young and energetic population. At the same time, we are a country ever hungry for faster development and we are also prone to disasters. Moreover, we live in a time when global warming and climate change threaten our future. These factors impose strong conditions for utilisation of our resources for development. Science and Technology, thus, has to play a very important role in balancing the conflicting demands of development, disaster management and ecological conservation.

We, in Gujarat, realised this fundamental requirement quite early. We, therefore, made efforts to harness the modern technological developments to our benefit. Gujarat is a unique State in terms of its location and diversity. It has one-third of India's coastline, the biggest wetland - the Rann of Kachch in the west, the Thar Desert to the north, the Aravalli Hills to the east and the Western Ghats in the south. Our unique geography and climate present us the opportunities and also pose the challenges in development process. We realised that the technologies of Space Application could provide us the means to tackle these issues in a coordinated and scientific manner. I feel proud at this moment that Gujarat's famous scientist, Dr Vikram Sarabhai, had the vision and leadership to develop this technology in India. These tools give us the capacity and strength for harvesting our resources and using them efficiently. At the same time, they allow the stakeholders to participate in the development process as informed and empowered actors.

With this thought process, we set up a small centre called Remote Sensing and Communications Centre to harness the technologies of Remote Sensing and Space Communications. Remote sensing gave us the ability to look at our resources in a holistic manner. Soon we realised that a centre was inadequate to handle the tasks on hand. Therefore, we enlarged it to the present Bhaskaracharya Institute of Space Applications and Geoinformatics.

It is better known as BISAG. We have given BISAG a mandate to support the Government departments and institutions for their requirements of satellite communications and geospatial applications. BISAG is also supposed to simultaneously address the issues of capacity building. We are keen that we have on hand a large body of well trained geospatial engineers and scientists.

Our end goal is very clear. We must make our state not only the premier state in India, but a Global model; not only in terms of gross development but also in terms of Technological innovations. Our key stakeholders are our people who live and work in Gujarat tilling its soil and working in its shops, offices and industries. We need to make their quality of life better than earlier; rather better than the best in the world. For this purpose, we had to reduce the wastages and enhance productivity. We looked at different aspects and realised that all planning, implementation and monitoring has a spatial component. These aspects could be addressed with modern geospatial technologies. We also realised that these technologies can be used more effectively in the context of modern development. Therefore, we adopted a holistic approach. We seamlessly integrated diverse data sets from different sources and used them to develop planning models and implementation plans. We have also ensured that our agencies and institutions ‘own' these systems .This has helped us to institutionalise such developments and innovations. Today, in Gujarat, we are quite used to these applications. Even outside planners and administrators are in search of Gujarat's Geo-spatial data whenever there is a problem to be addressed.

Friends! Gujarat's model of Governance is defined by people's partnership in the development process .We could also understand the power of modern communications to help us here. We are using satellite communications to interactively connect the people from the remotest corners of the state. We frequently communicate, discuss our plans and monitor their progress involving the people .Thanks to the technology of the space communications; we have rapidly converted our development into a participative process. As one of the earliest usages, we use the space communications to help us in formal and non-formal education. We use this technology as a ‘teacher in the sky'. This is basically to extend the benefit of top class teachers to the backward institutions and remote areas. We are extensively using the EDUSAT programme to train our students from primary schools to engineering and medical colleges. For us, this is a way of multiplying the benefits of a scarce resource - good teachers.

Friends! We are now at a stage that we can share our achievements with others in the National interest and in the interest of the Humanity. I am always fond of saying that Gujarat's growth is for India's growth. You may be aware that recently, we concluded the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. In this Summit, we hosted, among others, thousands of delegates from more than hundred countries . We agreed to and concluded MoUs worth Rs. 20.83 lakh crores– which is around 450 billion US Dollars. These MOUs are for various projects and activities relating to infrastructure, big, large and medium industries as well as knowledge sector including capacity building. Looking back, however, I feel that we missed the luminaries of the geospatial world at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. In order to rectify this, it is my pleasure to offer a location for India's first Geospatial Technology Park in the Gujarat State.

We are a state with exemplary infrastructure, good work culture and an excellent quality of life. Gujaratis are famous worldwide for their entrepreneurial skills. We are home to many global industries ranging from chemicals to heavy engineering, and of course, Automobile. We would be happy to add geospatial technology to this bouquet. I think such a Park would be the most appropriate addition considering the adoption of this technology in our day to day work .It also looks befitting in view of the recognition you have given us today.

I invite you to Gujarat on both personal and institutional basis. Come and be a part of our growth story.

Thank You!

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From urban women to women living in villages, women engaged in business, or women busy with household chores, the government has taken many steps over the years to make their lives easier. Be it Jal Jeevan Mission, Ujjwala Yojana, PM-Awas Yojana, many such initiatives will be taken forward with a lot of vigour. Besides, 'women self-help group' is a very powerful sector that has acquired a huge space in India today. If they get a slight push, they can do miracles. And therefore, a new initiative for the all-round development of the 'women self-help groups' will add a new dimension to this budget. A special savings scheme for women is also being launched. And after the Jan Dhan account, this special savings scheme is going to give a fresh boost to the home makers, mothers and sisters of the families.

This budget will make cooperatives the pivot of development of rural economy. The government has brought the world's largest food storage scheme in the co-operative sector - Storage Capacity. An ambitious plan to form new primary co-operatives has also been announced in the budget. This will expand the area of milk and fish production along with farming. The farmers, cattle-rearers and fishermen will get better price for their produce.



Now we have to replicate the success of digital payments in the agriculture sector. Therefore, in this budget, we have come up with a major plan for digital agriculture infrastructure. The world is celebrating International Millet Year. There are various types of millets in India which have different names. Today, as millets are reaching every household and becoming popular all over the world, its maximum benefits should go to the small farmers of India. Therefore, it is necessary to take it forward in a new way. It needs a new identity, a special identity. That's why now this super-food has been given a new identity of 'Shri Anna'. Several schemes have been formulated for its promotion. With the priority given to 'Shri Anna', the small farmers of the country, our tribal brothers and sisters, who are engaged in farming, will receive financial support and at the same time the countrymen will get a healthy life.


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India's middle class has become a major stream in every sphere of life, be it development or systems, courage or ability to take a resolution, in a rapidly changing India. The middle class is a huge force to fulfill the dreams of a prosperous and developed India. Just as the youth power of India is the special strength of India, similarly the growing middle class of India is also its great strength. In order to empower the middle class, our government has taken several decisions in the past years and has ensured Ease of Living. We have reduced the tax rate, as well as made the process simple, transparent and fast. Our government, which has always stood with the middle class, has given huge tax relief to the middle class. I once again congratulate Nirmala ji and her entire team for this budget that serves all and helps in building a dynamic and a developed India. Besides congratulating, I call upon my countrymen - Now the new budget is in front of you. Go ahead with new resolutions. By 2047, we will definitely build a prosperous India, a capable India, and a developed India in every way. Let us take this journey forward. Thanks a lot!