"Surat Municipal Corporation’s Outer Ring Road project showcased as model project for infrastructure development"
"Union urban secretary asks principal secretaries of the various states’ urban development departments to emulate SMC’s ORR project"
"Yet another instance of Central Government praising Gujarat’s growth"
"Gujarat’s development strides in urban development create Catch 22 situation for beleaguered UPA- should they reward performance or remain bogged down by petty politics?"


In yet another vindication for Gujarat’s unique model of all round development under the vibrant leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, the Central Government has lauded the efforts by the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) for its proposed Outer Ring Road (ORR) Project. In a letter to all the principal secretaries (urban development) in the various states, union urban development secretary Mr. Sudhir Krishna (IAS) has asked the state secretaries to come with models for funding infrastructure projects in their states on the lines of what the SMC has done for the ORR project.

Furthermore, the communiqué calls for, “instructions should be issues to all concerned authorities for identifying possibilities of ring roads on the Surat City Ring Road Model and getting a proper study done on various aspects of ring road development.”

What Surat has done differently

With increasing urbanisation and greater stress on the physical infrastructure of urban spaces, the need for expansion and innovation becomes extremely urgent. This is where Surat has shown the way vis-à-vis the Outer Ring Road project.

“Under the model, Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA) have jointly come up with the model to generate about Rs 11,960 crore from the development of proposed road over five years. This will mean that these bodies would get the entire project cost of Rs 5,796 crore. The additional revenue can be used for projects such as high-speed transit system.

To execute the project, SUDA and SMC would set up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and will generate infrastructure fund by sale of FSI (floor space index) and commercial plots around the 66-km-long and 90 meter wide road.

The project envisages modern infrastructure for transport, mass rapid transport and dedicated provision of services such as water supply, sewerage, drainage and electricity.

As per the plan, 60% of the land acquired for this project would be returned to the land owners as final plot with all infrastructure in place. About 40% of the land will be acquired for development of infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, public utilities, for sale of residential, commercial and industrial use.”

Quoted verbatim from: (‘Centre wants others to follow Surat’s self financing model for road building, Times of India, 2nd February 2013)

Surat has also made its mark as the ‘Flyover City of Gujarat’ due to the many flyovers that have been built to ease traffic from congested areas.

Gujarat’s Roads: Heralding the state on the path of progress

All those visit Gujarat from India or across the world have one common thing to say about the states- that Gujarat’s roads are of exceptional quality. In the last ten years under the inspiring guidance of Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has established an extensive network of roads that have made Gujarat’s development journey but only much easier but also much quicker.

Out of the total length of roads of 104564 km across Gujarat, state highways constitute 18447 kms. The percentage of state highways in Gujarat is substantially higher than bigger states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.  Be it adding urban roads or percentage of surfaced roads, Gujarat is a leader. A body no less than the World Bank has lauded the success of Gujarat’s extensive road network.

Central Government Praises Vibrant Gujarat….Yet Again!

The letter of the union urban development secretary is yet another instance of the Central Government praising the gigantic development strides made by the Gujarat Government. Just last month an official from the Central Government showered praise of Gujarat’s success in the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises. The official stated that the growth of SMEs across the nation stands at 19% whereas in Gujarat the figure stands at a mammoth 85%!

Union Minister for Renewable Energy Shri Farooq Abdullah praised Gujarat for the commendable work in the renewable energy sector. In late 2011, a senior functionary of the telecom department praised Gujarat’s IT initiatives. Furthermore, data from the Central Government reveals that Gujarat is not only the highest creator of jobs across the nation but also is that state with the lowest unemployment. Thus, be it small, medium enterprise, IT, employment or roads there Gujarat has emerged as numero uno!

Gujarat’s Success in Urban Development Puts UPA On Sticky Wicket

However, if there is one area of Gujarat’s development that is repeatedly putting the Congress-led UPA in a precarious situation, it is the strides in urban development. A few days ago, it was revealed that Gujarat was the Number 1 state in terms of the projects completed under the JNNURM. Out of the 71 sanctioned projects, Gujarat has completed 42, surpassing all other states including big Congress ruled states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. In terms of fund utilization as well, Gujarat ranks among the highest.

Infact this has created a Catch 22 situation for the UPA- should it reward states that are performing or should it continue to distribute funds on the basis of population, even if the work is not completed. In case of performance, needless to say Gujarat will get a lion’s share of funds for the development of the cities but considering its State Government headed by the principal Opposition party, the UPA may fall prey to petty politics and desist from rewarding performance!

In the recent months, there have been 4 circulars on urban transport where the Centre recommended that the Gujarat model be emulated. Earlier, the department had asked the states to emulate G-Auto initiative in which auto rickshaw drivers came together under one forum under a common control room.

Similarly, if there is any example of convenient and effective urban transport, Ahmedabad’s BRTS Janmarg is cited as the reference point. Considering it has failed in Congress ruled Delhi, the Centre is left with little option but to showcase Janmarg as an innovative and effective transport system. Janmarg, it may be recalled is a part of Shri Modi’s vision to provide the people with cost effective and comfortable urban transport.

With urbanisation here to stay, it is better if we embrace and come up with innovative solutions rather than put our hands up and let the challenges of urbanisation get the better of us. This is not only about a better present but also for a better future. Shri Narendra Modi has inspired Gujarat’s cities to shine and it is high time the UPA wakes up to the same, rising above the domain of petty politicking.

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Enthusiasts of Wardha, Maharashtra welcome PM Modi at a public meeting
April 19, 2024
In a remarkable decade of progress, this humble servant has honoured the unspoken: PM Modi at the Wardha rally
The election of 2024 is an election to fulfil the dream of a developed India and a self-reliant India: PM Modi
The INDI Alliance struggles with a lack of substantial issues: PM Modi
The Congress party admits defeat and resorts to threats of chaos post-elections: PM Modi taking a jibe at opposition
Today, as the nation takes decisive strides, Wardha's blessings are crucial: PM Modi at Wardha rally

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended & addressed a public meeting in Wardha, Maharashtra. The PM was enamoured by the audience. The PM too showered his love and admiration on the crowd.

Initiating his virtuous address, the PM regarded Wardha as the land of a great confluence of spirituality and patriotism. PM Modi also reminded his audience that, “this election of 2024 is an election to fulfil the dream of a Viksit Bharat and a self-reliant India.” “Bapu envisioned this dream pre-independence. Today, as the nation takes decisive strides, Wardha's blessings are crucial. Your overwhelming presence, and the strong backing from Wardha and Amravati, signify that the aim of a developed Maharashtra and India is within reach. Maharashtra echoes today: 'Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!'”, the PM added with confidence.

Confiding in the massive crowd, PM Modi shared that, “In a remarkable decade of progress, this humble servant has honoured the unspoken, lifting 250 million out of poverty, illuminating every village, providing water connections to 110 million, granting PM-Awas to 40 million impoverished families, and integrating over 500 million into the economy through banking. Each achievement is a testament to our collective dedication and determination towards a brighter, more inclusive future."

PM Modi did not hesitate to expose the realities of the opposition and remarked, “The thinking of Congress and Indi Alliance has always been anti-development and anti-farmer. That is why the condition of farmers in the country has remained so bad for decades.” “A stone laid in the family's name remained unfinished for generations, causing suffering in Vidarbha under Congress rule. Today, our government prioritizes Vidarbha's needs, with Eknath Shinde, Devendra Fadnavis, and Ajit Pawar committed to serving you all,” the PM further mentioned.

Sharing the plight of farmers from Wardha and Amravati, PM Modi observed that, “The irrigation crisis in Wardha and Amravati has long plagued local farmers, with past governments failing to address it sincerely. In 2014, 99 major irrigation projects nationwide, many in Maharashtra, were stalled for decades,” but he also gave hope that, “Under the NDA government, rapid progress is underway, notably with the imminent completion of the Lower Wardha and Lower Pedhi Irrigation Projects, promising to be a lifeline for farmers. Additionally, numerous smaller projects aim to boost irrigation across the region."

“We have separately identified the oranges of Amravati and turmeric of Wardha under ODOP so that the farmers here can benefit from it. For financial assistance to farmers, money from PM Kisan Samman Nidhi is also being sent directly into the accounts,” PM Modi shared.

In a sorry state of affairs, the PM launched his blistering attack against the opposition and said, “In contrast to BJP's development agenda, the INDI Alliance struggles with a lack of substantial issues, resorting to a politics of insults. Inviting leaders opposed to Sanatan principles to Maharashtra, they boycott events like the Ayodhya Ram temple inauguration, dismissing it as hypocrisy. However, their denial contradicts the nation's deep devotion on such occasions, revealing the true face of the INDI Alliance.”
“Eknath Shinde ji's government has resolved to redevelop ‘Lahanuji Maharaj Sansthan’ here. If these people become strong then they will oppose that also. Therefore, you have to account for the sins of Congress on this land of Shivaji Maharaj,” the PM warned.

"The Congress party admits defeat and resorts to threats of chaos post-elections. Their inclination towards constitutional suppression and emergency echoes past tactics. However, the nation desires a resolute, stable government. Voting for Congress or the INDI Alliance is futile.” Hence, PM Modi urged that “Maharashtra's votes must prioritize development. To all on April 26th, let's vote for progress."

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi encouraged the audience to ensure a resounding victory for the BJP by casting record-breaking votes. He expressed gratitude to every individual in the crowd and motivated them to spread his heartfelt regards to every doorstep in Maharashtra.