CM launches eMPOWER campaign for providing quality computer education to the state’s youth. 

Over one lakh youths have made online registration so far. 

Youths of the age of above 14 and std-V pass will be able to enroll for the computer course for Rs.50. 

Free-of-charge training for SC/ST, OBC, disabled and backward youth.

 State govt cannot afford to let any youth of the state remain uneducated of computer basics: CM

On Wednesday 4th July 2012, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the eMPOWER initiative that will provide basic computer training to the youth of the state. eMPOWER has been organized by the State’s Labour and Employment Department. The Chief Minister expressed delight in sharing that 1.04 lakh youngsters have already registered themselves for the programme.

The Chief Minister also expressed joy in sharing that 84% of the candidates who registered are from rural areas and 35,000 women have also enrolled for eMPOWER. Shri Modi said that in ordinary circumstances one would have to pay a lot on money to learn computers but in case of eMPOWER a token free of Rs. 50/- was all that was needed and members of SC/ST, BPL families could avail if the training free of cost. Shri Modi believed this training and the certificate from Microsoft would add tremendous value in the lives of the youngsters. 

He affirmed that in the coming days if one doesn’t know computer and IT he or she will be deemed as illiterate but it was his determination that none of Gujarat’s youngsters should be deemed as illiterate! 

Speaking on the occasion, which also falls on the Nirvan Diwas of Swami Vivekananda, Shri Modi appealed to the youngsters to seize the opportunities the state Government is providing through programmes such as eMPOWER. This is a great way to fulfill the mission of Swami ji, Shri Modi stated, adding that start of eMPOWER is not merely the launch of a new scheme but seeks to strengthen the link between the present and the future.

The Chief Minister affirmed that the world is changing fast and if we are unable to accept the changes in our stride, we would become irrelevant. He called upon youngsters to free India of 1200 years of slavery and play their part in ending any backwardness that prevails. Giving the example of Shri Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Shri Modi shared that when he began to stress on the need of indigenous education, many thought what was the need of this but it was infact due to such stellar efforts that the wheels of change began to roll.

Likewise, Shri Modi believed that technology is one of the changes that are here to stay. He added that it is impossible to imagine life without technology and no section of society especially the youth can remain aloof from technology. He stressed on the need to make it simple and share it with the youth. Shri Modi shared some instances to illustrate the technology penetration across our lives. He remembered how even Adivasi women in a remote taluka of Gujarat were well versed in using mobile phones, indicating how much the influence of technology has been on our lives.

Shri Modi said that while there is unanimity that the 21st century will be Asia’s century, the jury is still out on whether it will be India’s of China’s century. He stated that India is among the world’s youngest nations with 65% of its population under 35 years of age and this can be our greatest strength.. In Shri Modi’s opinion, what was needed was to give the opportunity to the youth.

On the occasion, Shri Modi shared some of Gujarat’s initiatives that are directed towards giving more opportunity to the youth for their future. He cited the example of SCOPE to provide English-speaking skills to the youth. During Gujarat’s Golden Jubilee year, over a lakh youngsters learnt English and soft skills. Similarly, the broadband connectivity across 18,000 villages that was achieved 4 years ago too added tremendous value for the youth, Shri Modi said.

The Chief Minister reminded on the importance ok skill development. He said that Gujarat has 442 institutes for technical education in 2001 but this has gone up to 18,000 today. Similarly, while there were 11 Universities in 2001 there are 42 now. He recounted the state Government’s efforts in giving teeth to ITIs so that there are diverse opportunities for the youngsters of the state.

Concluding his speech, Shri Modi advised the youngsters to dream big and if they work hard, road to success would not be far away. He said that the entire state Government is leaving no stone unturned to providing opportunities to the youth and ensuring their dreams can see the light of day.

Speaking on the occasion Labour Minister Vajubhai Vala said the youths should take Swami Vivekananda’s message as the source of inspiration for getting success. He congratulated the youths for enrolling in the eMPOWER programme.

Minister of State Shri Liladharbhai Vaghela described the programme important for the empowerment of the youths. Even as when the state government is celebrating the current year in the memory of Swami Vivekananda the eMPOWER programme will be important for youths in building career, he said. 

In the beginning, Principal Secretary to Labour P.Paneervel welcomed the dignitaries and gave outline of the programme.

Agriculture Minister Shri Dilip Sanghani, Education Minister Shri Ramanlal Vora, Minister of State for Education Shri Jaysinh Chauhan, Minister of State for Higher Education Mrs. Vasuben Trivedi, MoS Shri Vasanbhai Ahir, Shri Jitendra Sukhadiya, MP Shri Purushottam Rupala, State planning commission Chairman Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Kaushik Patel, Chief Secretary Shri A K Joti, senior officials, Group Director of Mircrosoft’s Public Sector Ranvirsinh, dignitaries and trainees in large number were present on the occasion.

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