Shri Narendra Modi interacts with the media during his trip to Japan.

 Shri Modi answers variety of questions on a host of domestic and international issues.



It was a hectic first day for Shri Narendra Modi as he met Japan’s top political leaders and addressed the JETRO Investment Seminar in Tokyo. In between this hectic schedule, he also engaged in a brief but comprehensive interaction with the media. Speaking in English, Shri Modi answered questions on a variety of issues ranging from Gujarat’s development to inter faith harmony, Gujarat-Japan ties and the political scenario in India. 

He described the Welcome he and the delegation received from Japan as a matter of great honour as they normally invite only Chiefs of countries but by inviting the Gujarat delegation they made a significant exception. Shri Modi said that both India and Japan share much in common and if they come together it will strengthen both democratic and human values.

Speaking on the Gujarat model of development, Shri Modi described Gujarat as a vibrant, industrially developed state that has equally excelled in all sectors of the economy. The Chief Minister added that people from India are discussing Gujarat’s growth and now even other developing nations are seeing Gujarat as a model to emulate.

Shri Modi also called Gujarat a policy driven state that does not run on whims and fancies of individuals. All politics are made for the long term and every policy is in black and white, leaving no ambiguity of any sorts.

Shri Modi also stressed on the political stability in Gujarat that has lead to consistency in policy, which in turn has created confidence in all sections of society. He considered Gujarat’s success in the PPP model a major achievement that has enabled a sense of ownership and a feeling of pride among every citizen.

On Japan’s relation with Gujarat, Shri Modi believed that Japan has been looking for investment and in the last 5-7 years their experience of working with Gujarat has also been very good and so this is an opportunity that must be taken forward.

On being asked about his political future, Shri Modi minced no words and declared that his primary duty was to take care of the state of Gujarat and its 60 million people. Thus, his focus, aim and duty were to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Gujarat. He reminded that Gujarat goes to the polls in December this year and his focus remains the reelection of the BJP Government in the state.

When questioned about how he views his critics, Shri Modi made an important point that criticism is the beauty of democracy and that if there were no criticism a democracy would not work. Criticism can purify our system and we must honour and respect critics. At the same time, he noted that there was a crucial difference between criticism and allegations. Unlike mindless allegations, Shri Modi opined that he would always welcome criticism. He also expressed the need for a vibrant media.

The Chief Minister was asked about inter faith harmony and he replied that he is a part of a culture that has always believed in treating the world as a family. Hating any person or a community simply does not arise.

Shri Modi was confident that the BJP led NDA will come to power whenever polls are held be it 2014, 2013 or even 2012 considering the problems the Congress led UPA is facing. He added that the entire nation remembers the NDA rule under the leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee when inflation was under check and when 11 km of roads were added daily as opposed to the 3 km under UPA rule.

Again mincing no words, Shri Modi termed the Manesar episode as unfortunate even saying it should not happen anywhere in the world. He also expressed confidence that the Haryana Government was capable of handling it and that they certainly would.

Talking about a paradigm shift in the nation’s politics, Shri Modi said that since 2002 only development sets the agenda in elections and this is the contribution of Gujarat to the national discourse. He stressed on the need to perform as opposed to merely promising.

The interaction was viewed and enjoyed by many readers across the Internet and social media.

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