"In An Inspirational Video Conference Message Mr. Modi Urges The Diaspora Not To Let Any Opportunity Go Waste Repaying The Debt of Country and The Society"
"Chief Minister Mr. Modi Says It Is A Feeling Of Immense Pride To Say “Ame Gujarati”. Gifted With Skills & Intelligence

Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi today addressed the organizers of “Ame Gujarati” a Business Culture Event planned in London’s Wembley and extended his greetings for the success of the event. Mr. Modi said it is moment of immense pride and feeling of dedication to take Gujarat to newer heights when one says “Ame Gujarati” (we are Gujarati).

Chief minister Mr. Modi’s video conference message is as follows. Mr. Modi said: I extend my wishes for the success of “Ame Gujarati”, a get-together function planned at Wembley stadium on July 27 and 28.

“When we say that ‘Ame Gujarati’, who are we Gujarati? The meaning of Ame Gujarati is that those who are all-inclusive, those who are entrepreneurs. Centuries ago Gujaratis had left Gujarat for the World. They have reached wherever it was possible. It was not just trade and employment but they are adventurous in nature. When we say Gujarati the values of business, trade, adventure and sadbhaav run through our veins. Gujaratis never forgot their roots and even today you will find Gujarati families preparing daal using jiggery of which the taste epitomizes sweetness of the community. Even those go abroad from other states in India prefer to stay with Gujarati families because there one feels closer to home even though they have settled there for years. They feel Gujarat, which has the characteristic of getting mixed with local people anywhere in the world like sugar gets melted in milk.”

Mr. Modi said you go anywhere in the World and you will find Gujarati to have become integral part of local community with no tension or dispute. No Gujarati will appear unlikeable to any of the society. Mr. Modi further said Gujarati will not interfere in the public life and will never be a miscreant to local politics, these are qualities of Gujaratis.

The chief minister said when it is said that he is business minded person, it implies that he is practical man and has skills, intelligence and industrious nature which take them to places. Mr. Modi said it is this mentality of hard working nature has made Gujaratis lead a path to their bright futures and has today widely been discussed across World.

When country got freedom things never happened which should have had happened, said Mr. Modi, added, “This had brought despair to people. We have started rectifying this and a common-man has developed a confidence that Gujarat is on right path and we claim the same. We have never claimed we have attained the goal and we are confident to take Gujarat to new heights and achieve its goal. The reason for this is we have proved our ways. Experience of last one decade has made it clear; it is the path of development, holistic development; inclusive development, development for all and no section of the society should be left out in the process.”

Mr. Modi said, “Everyone get education, have houses, access to health, employment to all and welfare of everyone. Ultimately those who have sacrificed their lives like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel, and gave us the path to bring welfare to each and everyone in the society. But for that development is needed.”

Gujarat chief minister said it is important to achieve new heights and they are doing it. Mr. Modi said, “It is my request to work for the human welfare, all of you…wherever you are, using your experiences, your intelligence and your strengths.” Mr. Modi said, “We are the people dedicated to Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam ideology and indebted to our society, our nation and we must not let any opportunity go waste in repaying it. It is moment of immense proud when we say “Ame Gujarati”.

My best wishes for all of you… Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat

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