UPA destroying federal structure for their self interests

Published By : Admin | March 3, 2012 | 14:44 IST

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi lashed the Congress governed UPA ruling party for weakening the federal structure and called for mass support and raise collective voice to speak against UPA as they have snatched away the rights of the states. He said, “This calls for a discussion to protect  the federal system.”

CM Narendra Modi had been invited as a Guest Speaker at Dr. Om Nagpal Memorial  Series at Indore to deliver talk on ‘Indian Federal System.’

CM gave several examples for the anti federal mindset of the UPA Government. He warned the UPA and demanded Sarkaria Commission's report on Centre-state relations and Justice Madan Mohan Punchhi's report on Centre-State’s financial relations to be implemented.  He stated that an inter-state Council should be called immediately and it should meet twice a year.

CM labeled UPA Government as ‘power crazy’ government after independence of the country. They have adopted ‘votebank politics’ and corrupt UPA have hardly cared to curb price rise.  They leave no stone unturned to harass non congress governments and opposition parties.  It has only attempted to stop the progressive states from prospering. The country is facing the threat of terrorism and naxalites but they hardly have the ‘political will’ or ‘political maturity’ to fight against it.  The Congress have only disappointed the people and it is high time, people power make them realize their flaws.

CM further said that Federal system is the heart of India democracy but UPA is adamant to break the nation by breaking the federal structure in their mean interest. CM alleged, “It’s a conspiracy to grab power through the backdoor... Already several opposition leaders are in CBI's dragnet, now they are bringing in NCTC." National counter terrorism and Railway Protection Force laws implemented by them aims to snatch away the rights of the states and so, the time has come to teach a lesson to them, he said.

He also alleged the proposed Communal violence Act aimed at taking away states' powers and it’s their agenda to harass the opposition ruling parties. They have entrusted the states with Draft Port Regulatory Bill, the Public Service (Protection and Regulation) Act, Right to Education Act, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and are totally negligent about the financial requirements which reflects UPA mentality. UPA government even does not accept Sarkaria commission, Pucchi committee and Supreme Court directives. CM also criticized the appointment of Governors to work against the non congress state government. CBI, NIA, the central investigating agencies, Central institutes like the Income tax department, is induced to harass the opposition government.

The proposed Communal violence bill is aimed at "creating communal problem". Since the President's rule cannot be imposed in a state easily, this was another ploy," he said.

States like Gujarat with maritime ports are becoming gateway to the world trade but with the Port Regulatory Bill, Center is taking control. Not only that, by introducing Public service Protection and Regulation Bill, UPA is using backdoor tactics to take away rights for services used in interest of State and take reigns to control at their end.

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