On Day 1 of his historic visit to Japan Shri Narendra Modi addresses Investment Seminar of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)


Shri Modi thanks the Government of Japan and JETRO for the new positive developments that have taken place since his last visit in 2007


India and Japan have deep cultural bond and historical relations. Lord Buddha is a binding force between us: Shri Modi


Exchanges between Gujarat and Japan have become a regular affair. Political stability in Gujarat leads to consistency in policy and increases confidence: Shri Modi


Together, Gujarat and Japan can not only change Asia’s but also the world’s future: Shri Modi



As a part of his 4-day historic trip to Japan, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Investment Seminar of the Japan external Trade Organization (JETRO) in Tokyo on Monday 23rd July 2012. Shri Modi spoke about the growing mutual ties between Gujarat as well as Japan and even invited more Japanese industries to invest in Gujarat.

Terming exchanges between Gujarat and Japan as a ‘regular affair’, Shri Modi said that he is visiting Japan to thank the Japanese Government for the positive developments that have taken place after his last visit in 2007. He also highlighted that India and Japan are bound not only by a deep cultural bond but also historical relations from the time of Lord Buddha to Swami Vivekananda and Rabindra Nath Tagore. He also added that both India and Japan were nations that believed in a liberal society and democratic governance.

Shri Modi expressed his admiration for Japan in terms for their dedication, precision, hard work. He affirmed that with Japan’s strength of intelligence processes and India’s strength of intelligent young minds the two countries can do wonders and would have a major role in 21st century becoming Asia’s century. In addition, India’s 120 crore population can make it an attractive market for almost any product.

On the growth of Gujarat, Shri Modi stated that the Gujarat Government’s motto remains ‘Gujarat’s growth for India’s growth’ and that the state has shown that growth is possible without weakening one’s roots. He also spoke about some of Gujarat’s infrastructural advances in gas, water, IT and 24/7 electricity to name a few, terming them as rarest of rare. He said that the people of Gujarat were extremely mature and due to the political stability there was even a consistency in policy, which increases confidence and investment in Gujarat.

Shri Modi talked about the sea of potential in terms of economic ties between Gujarat and Japan saying that the Government wanted to create a ‘mini Japan’ in Gujarat in a way that the people of Japan would feel they have come to an out house. He reminded the gathering about the large number of Japanese delegations that keep visiting Gujarat to explore opportunities.

In his address Shri Modi spoke that already 2 Japanese SEZs are coming up in the form of a Hitachi plant at Dahej and the Maruti Suzuki car-manufacturing project in Mehsana district. “Japan has a strength of experience, Gujarat has a power of enterprise, Japan has technology, Gujarat has a talent to absorb it. Japan has a keenness of discipline, Gujarat has a zeal of performance. I am sure our strengths together will deliver the best result and a new golden history. We are connected through our cultural heritage, historic events and belief in humanity. We can change not only Asia’s but world’s future together” said Shri Modi.

He also added that he has brought with him a high level delegation of top industrialists and Government officials, which the Japanese investors could interact with and strengthen cooperation.

Speech of Shri Narendra Modi at the JETRO Investment Seminar

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