CNN-IBN Hindustan Times poll reveals Shri Narendra Modi is the people’s choice as the best leader suited to manage the country’s economic crisis

Survey reveals majority of the people polled feel that the Government is not doing enough to tackle the economic situation

Rising prices, unemployment important issues in the minds of the people

In a survey by CNN-IBN Hindustan Times, Shri Narendra Modi has emerged as the people’s choice for the leader best suited to steer India through the current financial crisis. 24% of the people voted for Shri Modi whereas Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh (himself an economist) and UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi garnered 16% each in the poll. Congress General Secretary Mr. Rahul Gandhi garnered 13% of the votes polled. The voters polled are inhabitants of urban areas.

The CNN-IBN Hindustan Times survey indicates widespread pessimism about the state of the Indian economy and indicates a growing unhappiness against the Government for tackling the economic crisis. 58% of the people are not sure whether their jobs are secure and the survey shows that among other issues, price rise is adversely affecting the people.


Repeated Flak for UPA’s Economic Policies

This is not the first time there is widespread apprehension over the flawed economic policies of the UPA. In June 2012, global ratings agency Standard & Poor brought out an extremely dark scenario of the Indian economy in one of its reports due to lapses in policy making and lack of political will. It took note of the division of roles in the Congress Party that was taking its toll on enhancing economic growth.

That time, Shri Modi had Tweeted that the UPA is a “toxic combination of poor economic decisions, lack of reforms & political roadblocks pushing India to the brink.” He also commented on the division of roles between the Congress President and the Prime Minister.

Earlier, leading international brokerage CLSA too expressed similar misgivings on the state of the Indian economy under the UPA and wrote that the India story is virtually over, adding that there is little confidence among investors that things will turn up. Even on reforms, CLSA echoed the general perception and wrote that reforms will have to wait till 2014 when the current ‘dysfunctional’ Government’s tern ends. In contrast, CLSA lauded the growth trajectory of Gujarat and termed it the poster child of economic development in India!


On the Economy, Modi offers the Big Idea!

A glimpse into Shri Modi’s dynamic and visionary approach towards the economy can be seen in his interview with the Economic Times. Shri Modi had affirmed that the Government has no business to be in business and that the role it should play is that of a facilitator. He went on to say that his Mantra is ‘No Red Tape, only Red Carpet Towards Investors.”

Shri Modi’s approach towards the economy has received praise from various quarters. Writing in Firstpost, Venky Vembu wrote that on the economy, while the Prime Minister offered tired clichés, Shri Modi offered the Big Idea, which he has successfully implemented in Gujarat.

Shashi Shekhar writes that Shri Modi articulates a clear and coherent stand on economic issues.


Domestic and International Praise for Gujarat Model of Development

While the Centre receives constant brickbats for the poor handling of the economic situation, Shri Modi’s work in Gujarat has drawn praise from numerous bodies based both in India and overseas.

A USA Congressional Think Tank lauded the growth in Gujarat and called Shri Modi, ‘the King of Governance.’ USA’s oldest and most reputed think tank, Brookings Institution and the Financial Times  too have lauded the growth trajectory of Gujarat. Most recently, the 2012 Global Prosperity Index 2012 released by the Legatum Institute revealed that Gujarat scores highest among social capital in India and stands at 15th position when compared to 142 nations, scoring higher than several developed nations. In March this year he was on the cover of TIME in a story titled, ‘Modi Means Business.’ CLSA termed Gujarat under Shri Modi as among the fastest growing states with a growth model that is most unique.

At home, Gujarat was recently declared the Big State (Overall) in the India Today State of the States Award 2012. This is the second consecutive time Gujarat has won the award. A report by ASSOCHAM revealed that Gujarat tops the list of states with highest share of outstanding private sector investment, both domestic and foreign.

Time and again, Shri Modi has shown that with a solid vision and determined execution, it is possible to usher in all round development for the people. No wonder under his leadership Gujarat has scaled newer heights of progress in the last decade.

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