CM comes down heavily on UPA for anti-people policies

Published By : Admin | September 14, 2012 | 19:43 IST

Shri Narendra Modi continues his attack on the anti-people policies of the Congress-led UPA 

Shri Modi comes down heavily on UPA for diesel price hike, rationing of LPG cylinders for households and promoting ‘pink revolution’ 

Diesel price hike comes on a day when Shri Modi announced relief for farmer brothers who have suffered due to late arrival of monsoon


Continuing his pointed attacks on the UPA’s disastrous and anti-people policies, Shri Modi took on the Congress-led UPA on a number of issues during the course of the Vivekananda Yuva Yatra. There has been immense support for Shri Modi from the people for speaking up for the common people.



Mincing no words, Shri Modi tore apart the Rs. 5/- diesel price hike by the UPA. He said that the hike comes in a time when farmers are facing problems due to late monsoon. He added that it is not only diesel prices that will rise but also farmers and others will get affected adversely.

Incidentally, on the day when the UPA announced a diesel price hike, Shri Modi announced relief for farmers due to late monsoon. He announced a 100% relief on payment of interest on crop loans and 50% relief on electricity bills for farmers.


Shri Modi was unequivocal in opposing the decision of the UPA to ration subsidized LPG cylinders for households.

Addressing the Swami Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra, Shri Modi stated that households should see TV or read papers to see the loot going on in their daily lives. He affirmed that while a family requires 2 gas cylinders per month, making it 24 in a year, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s UPA Government issued orders stating that each family can only get 6, which means they will face hardships and may also have to procure them from black market.

This observation received massive support from the audience.


Posing a direct question to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shri asked him to answer why over Rs. 15 crore is bring spent to promote slaughtering of animals and the ‘pink revolution’. He asked the Prime Minister to answer in the form of an ad, as the Congress has been doing in newspapers these days.

He further questioned the PM whether eh can reject claims made on Government sites that just like the White and Green Revolution, India wishes to usher in a ‘pink revolution’ or meat and mutton!

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