Shri Modi addressed 4th AGM and Business Council of JITO

Published By : Admin | October 28, 2012 | 14:57 IST

CM stresses on the importance of staying connected with our roots while scaling new heights of progress.

In West it is said ‘Live and Let Live’ we say ‘Jivo Ane Jivado’. We go a step ahead and support others to live: Shri Modi

We often hear talk of tolerance but we go a step ahead and espouse acceptance and respect: Shri Modi

Shri Modi slams Centre’s attempts to promote pink revolution.

On the afternoon of Sunday 28th October 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed the 4th Annual General Meeting of JITO and the JITO Business Conference in Ahmedabad. Shri Modi spoke of the development strides made by Gujarat and said that we should scale new heights of progress but stressed on the importance of staying connected with our roots.

In the West They Say ‘Live and Let Live’ in Gujarati we say ‘Jivo Ane Jivado’

Shri Modi stated that we are the land of Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya and Mahatma Gandhi who always spoke of non-violence. He pointed out that those who speak of tolerance are the same people who have taken the world through 2 World Wars while we are those who never destroy any culture.

The Chief Minister pointed out that we hear ‘Live and Let Live’ but in our culture we say ‘Jivo Ane Jiva Do’ – we go a step ahead and support others to live. He affirmed that a word we often hear is ‘tolerance’ but our culture is ahead of tolerance and espouses acceptance and respect of others.

He recalled the example of Galileo who had the threat of facing the gallows because he said something that was not accepted that time but was eventually proven later. On the other hand we have Charvak Rishi who was accepted despite having a point of view that was not in line with what was dominant then. He added that nobody in our nation ever said- you would face the gallows if you don’t agree with me.

CM Talks About Brazen Promotion on Pink Revolution

Shri Modi took on the Centre over their efforts to promote to Pink Revolution. He pointed that our UPA Government declares its determination that India is Number 1 in beef exports and added that transport subsidy and a subsidy of Rs. 15 crore is given to open slaughterhouses by the Centre whereas cotton duty is imposed for the farmer who cultivates cotton.

He shared that if one wants to do mutton export tax is waived off for 5 years but companies who have come to invest in Vibrant Gujarat are faced with IT notices. Shri Modi asked in what direction they are taking India towards.

With The Same System One Can Bring Change!

In his speech Shri Modi pointed out that with the same system it is possible to bring change only that one needs noble motives, clear intent and coherence in policy. He recalled that when he took over as Chief Minister the revenue deficit was Rs. 6600 crore and today without a single tax being raised the state if revenue surplus.

Similarly, the total budget for Gujarat was Rs. 6000 crore in 2001 but recently the Water Scheme he declared only for bringing Narmada Waters to Saurashtra is worth Rs. 10,000 crore and the package for Tribal communities stands at Rs. 40,000 crore.

He pointed out that when India was plunged into darkness the entire media including the international media was writing about it and adding that Gujarat is a state that was shining with uninterrupted electricity. Shri Modi said that he did not feel happy but sad when he read this that in the 21st century this is written about a nation. He took on the UPA over the issue of the coal scam.

Shri Modi said that he has no son-in-law so who will he loot for?

Shri Modi Stresses on Importance of Skill Development

He affirmed that we are the youngest nation in the world and the youth can play a pivotal role in our nation’s development. Shri Modi recalled a NDC meeting where the Prime Minister spoke about 500 types of skill development initiatives being launched by the Government. He said that China has 50,000 such programmes and here our PM is talking about 500!

Shri Modi then spoke about the importance of skill development and the steps taken by the Gujarat Government to promote skill development in the state.

He pointed that the UPA Government started a pilot project of providing broadband connectivity to 3000 villages while for the last 3 years 18,000 villages of Gujarat enjoy broadband connectivity. Was this not pilot enough, he asked?

Speaking about Gujarat’s success in solar power, the Chief Minister said that the Central Government came up with their policy after the Gujarat Government did and offered Rs. 19 per unit whereas the Gujarat Government offered Rs. 13. Still people came to Gujarat because there is trust. He talked about Asia’s largest solar park in Charanka and said that for environmental protection we should walk on the path of Lord Mahavira.

Gujaratis Were Known As Best Tourists Now Gujarat Is A Vibrant Tourist Destination

On the path breaking development of Gujarat’s tourism sector Shri Modi affirmed that earlier Gujaratis were known as best tourists but now the state is a full-fledged tourist destination. He added that tourists from all over the world are coming to Gujarat and Gujarat’s tourism growth rate is exceeding that of India’s tourism growth rate.

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