Religion based reservation will ultimately break the nation: Narendra Modi

Published By : Admin | January 4, 2012 | 08:50 IST

Gandhinagar, 4 January, 2012

Speaking at state level Bakshi Panch (Other Backward Class or OBC) convention, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today said that introduction of religion based reservation will ultimately break the country. He said religion based reservation will not stop here, tomorrow they will introduce such reservation in municipalities, assembly, Lok Sabha and there will be a situation like two different nations working jointly. Modi said these people(Congress) have already done this in past. Those who didn’t feel shame in breaking the Hindustan in two parts can’t feel shame anymore while parting the society. They are not bothered.

Speaking on central government’s decision to give reservation on the basis of religion, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said, it is an action that would break the country. Modi congratulated Gujarat BJP’s Bakshi panch morcha for playing a role to save the country. Modi said, not only Bakshi panch communities, but all communities will join this movement because it is a movement for truth.

Modi said, this development will impact the entire country on such a large scale, that one can’t imagine. He said the vote bank politics has ruined the nation. “As many as 60 years have passed, but even small nations that received freedom after us are ahead of us,” he added.

Modi pointed out that a team that gave us the Constitution of India had no member from Jan Sangh, BJP, RSS, VHP or Bajrang Dal. In fact they were associated with or known to Congress party, but they all together decided that in this country there could not be a reservation system based on religion. “They had a vision to see that the country would face division if religion based reservation is allowed,” Modi added.

Modi said, they(the central government) have announced 4.5% quota but their one leader announced that if their party comes to power in Uttar Pradesh, they will take this figure to 8%. Modi as a BJP man said, “only we can fight on this issue, otherwise look at the situation of five states that are going to witness elections, in those states all parties including Samajwadi Party and BSP are promising even more quota for religion based reservation. On one side there’s a morcha of those who want to break this nation, and on the other side are those who want to unite the nation.”

Modi said, “first they used OBCs for their vote bank, later OBCs started getting education, and now a younger generation of OBCs has realized that they were used as tools in the game of power, the game in which their two-three generations were ruined.”

Modi said, “all segments deserve development, but snatching away somebody’s right and catering it to other can not be tolerated. Expression of anger is needed against such tactics.”

Modi appealed Bakshi panch morcha members to pass resolutions in every village against religion based reservation. He said each community should raise voice in their mouthpiece literature.

In reference to his Sadbhavana mission fast slogan ‘Sauno sath, sauno vikas’ (all together, development for all) Modi said, “while we are going ahead with this slogan, they have for past sixty years practiced a dogma of ‘divided the society and rule’. While their path is about clashes between two castes, and provoke the segments, our path is ‘six crore Gujaratis’. Modi said he too belongs to OBC, but he has never uses such identity, as he believes in the mantra of ‘six crore Gujaratis’”.

“There was a time when these people were speaking the mantra of ‘Kham Kham Kham’ and captured power in Gujarat, and now when they are no more useful, they have thrown them like a used piece of sugar cane.”

Modi said, “while our path is for development with unity, they don’t want to work hard for development, they are not able to do development, and therefore they are just throwing pieces, and playing vote bank politics.”

He said, Sadbhavana mission is to kill the vote bank politics, and it is only a mantra of his mission that he announced on the first day of Sadbhavana fast.

Modi raised a question that Women’s reservation bill was not passed with same zeal because there they didn’t find good votebank.

“We had 50 talukas in state where science stream schools were not present. These were the areas of backward communities. Even after provision of reservation they were never capable to make benefit from it thanks to lack of basic infrastructure. We worked in that direction and today Gujarat’s all talukas are having science stream school. This is the basic work of development that we completed,” Modi said.

“When we go to remote villages in the heat of the month of June and ensure 100% school enrollment of girl child, only beneficiaries are backward people, minority people, that is the basic work,” Modi added.

Modi said how Gujarat figured in top performing state in 15-point minority development scheme.

He said there was some feeling in some communities that due to reservation system they were not able to get engineering admission. Sensing this, we increased engineering seats from 13000 to 90000. Now no one has problem in getting the admission. This is the basic work and direction that we have taken, but they (the UPA) don’t want to go on this path.

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