Text of Prime Minister's statement to the media during his visit to Australia

Published By : Admin | November 18, 2014 | 07:00 IST

His Excellency Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friends from Media

I thank Prime Minister Abbott, the people and the Federal and the State Governments of Australia for a wonderful visit so far.

Prime Minister Abbott and I have spent the last week together – at the East Asia Summit, the G20 and for this bilateral summit. This reflects the broad framework of our relationship, defined by a growing partnership in the cause of a peaceful and prosperous world, and a strong and broad-based bilateral relationship.

This is a natural partnership, arising from our shared values and interests, and our strategic maritime locations.

India and Australia have a great economic synergy. There are huge opportunities for partnership in every area we can think of – agriculture, agro-processing, resources, energy, finance, infrastructure, education, and science and technology.

The economic climate in India has changed. I believe it will be a lot easier to convert opportunities into concrete outcomes. Prime Minister Abbott and I discussed what we should do to impart real momentum to our economic partnership.

Reconstituting the CEO Forum is an important step. We have agreed to speed up negotiations on the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. I also asked for easier access for Indian business to the Australian market and quicker investment approvals.

India will hold a ‘Make in India’ show in Australia in 2015. Australia would also be holding Business week in India in January 2015. We also agreed on seeking early closure on the civil nuclear agreement, which will give Australia a chance to participate in one of the most secure and safe nuclear energy programme in the world. Cricket and hockey are natural glue between our people. I know yoga is enormously popular here. We need to connect our people more. I am pleased with the new Cultural Exchange Programme signed today. India would establish a Cultural Centre in Sydney by February 2015. We plan to hold a Festival of India in Australia in 2015 and tourism weeks in Australia.

The Social Security Agreement is a really positive development. It will help in making our business relations stronger, especially in the Services Sector.

I greatly welcome the New Framework for Security Cooperation. Security and defence are important and growing areas of the new India-Australia partnership - for advancing regional peace and stability, and combating terrorism and trans-national crimes.

This morning's visit with Prime Minister Abbott to the Australian War Memorial reminded us of the need to strive together for a better world. In conclusion, I would like to say that it has been nearly three decades since the last Prime Ministerial visit from India. The fact that we have exchanged visits in two months is a sign of better times to come.

I am deeply honoured by the opportunity to speak to the Parliament and also look forward to spending the evening at the Melbourne Cricket Ground with Prime Minister Abbott.

Thank you once again.

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Manipur Sangai Festival highlights the spirit and passion of the people of Manipur: PM Modi
November 30, 2022
“Manipur Sangai Festival highlights the spirit and passion of the people of Manipur”
“Manipur is exactly like an elegant garland where one can witness a mini India”
“The Sangai Festival celebrates the biodiversity of India”
“When we make nature, animals and plants part of our festivals and celebrations, then co-existence becomes a natural part of our life”

Greetings! Heartiest congratulations to all the people of Manipur for successfully organizing the Sangai Festival!

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Sangai Festival was organized after two years. I am glad that this event came out in a grander form than ever before. It shows the spirit and passion of the people of Manipur. Particularly, the way the Manipur government organized it with such a broad vision is really commendable! I appreciate Chief Minister N. Biren Singh ji and his entire government for the same.


Manipur is a state full of natural beauty, cultural richness and diversity, so much so that everyone wants to visit here at least once. Manipur is like a beautiful garland made up of different types of gems sewn together in a single thread. That's why, we can see Mini India within Manipur. During this 'Amritkaal', the country is moving forward with the spirit of 'Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat'. In such a scenario, the successful organization of the Sangai Festival on the theme of "Festival of Oneness" will give us more energy and a new inspiration for the future. Sangai is not only the state animal of Manipur, but also has a special place in India's social values and traditions. Therefore, the Sangai Festival is also a great festival to celebrate the biological diversity of India. It also celebrates India's cultural and spiritual ties with nature. And at the same time, this festival also arouses social sensibility necessary for a sustainable lifestyle. When we make nature, animals and plants a part of our festivals and celebrations, then co-existence becomes a natural part of our lives.

Brothers and Sisters,

I am told that this time the Sangai Festival was organized not only in the capital city but also in the entire state, elevating the spirit of "Festival of Oneness". From the Nagaland border to the Myanmar border, diverse colours of the festival were seen at around 14 locations. This was a commendable initiative! When more and more people are associated with such events, only then its full potential comes to the fore.


There is a centuries-old tradition of festivals, celebrations and fairs in our country. Through such festivals, not only our culture gets enriched, but the local economy too gets a tremendous boost. Events like the Sangai Festival attract investors and businesses as well. I am confident that this festival will become a powerful medium of such gaiety and development of the state in the future as well.

With this spirit, thank you very much everyone!