As long as Modi is alive, no one can take away ST-SC-OBC reservation: PM Modi in Banaskantha
In the desperation of defeat, Congress is now making Maoist declarations: PM Modi in Banaskantha
The situation of the Congress, which ruled for 60 years, is very worrying: PM Modi in Sabarkantha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed public meetings in Banaskantha and Sabarkantha, Gujarat, marking the celebration of Gujarat's Foundation Day. PM Modi began his speech by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to seek blessings for his third term in the central government, emphasizing the significance of Gujarat in his political journey.

PM Modi commended the people of Gujarat for their discernment in not allowing political instability to take root in the state. He lauded their decision to reject short-term temptations and maintain stability, which has been instrumental in Gujarat's progress.

PM Modi criticized the Congress party for its lack of vision and commitment to serving the people, citing examples from past elections where Congress resorted to personal attacks instead of addressing substantive issues. “Even today Congress neither has issues nor the passion to work for the people. Do you remember, what were the issues of Congress in 2014? What will a Chaiwala do? But the country responded to them... Those who once occupied 400 seats were reduced to 40,” PM Modi added.

PM Modi underscored the importance of preserving the principles of the Constitution and ensuring social justice for all sections of society. He assured that the BJP government would safeguard the interests of ST-SC-OBC communities and prevent any attempt to politicize reservations based on religion.

PM Modi called out Congress for resorting to desperate tactics in the ongoing elections, including spreading fake videos and misinformation. “The party which ruled the country for 60 years has become a fake factory. What they called Mohabbat Ki Dukan is actually a fake factory. Congress' videos are fake, Congress' words are fake, Congress' promises are fake, Congress’ slogans are fake, Congress intentions are fake,” the PM remarked. He emphasized that the BJP stands firm against such deceitful practices and remains committed to serving the nation with honesty and integrity.

PM Modi urged the people of Gujarat to support the BJP in the upcoming elections, emphasizing the importance of voting in large numbers. He said, “To accelerate every work of welfare and nation-building, you must vote for the BJP on May 7th. Vote in large numbers at every booth. Remember, first voting, then feasting.”

Addressing his second public meeting in Sabarkantha, Gujarat, PM Modi highlighted the progress made in the region and reiterated his commitment to serve the nation with dedication and integrity. PM Modi reminisced about the timeless bond between him and the people of Sabarkantha, emphasizing that despite the changes over the decades, the love and familiarity remain steadfast. He said, "If your love hasn't changed, how can Modi change?"

Reflecting on his achievements, PM Modi highlighted the decisive steps taken by his government, including the historic decision to abrogate Article 370. "The Congress scared the country that if Article 370 is removed, there will be chaos. Article 370 is history now, and there is no chaos in the country. And the tricolor is flying high at Lal Chowk," he stated.

PM Modi also addressed issues such as terrorism, triple talaq, and CAA, emphasizing his government's commitment to national security and social justice. He criticized the Congress for its divisive politics and highlighted the failures of the opposition party during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “The situation of the Congress, which ruled for 60 years, is very worrying. They are openly trying to divide the country. The only strategy of Congress and its INDI alliance is to spread lawlessness and instability in the country. They want to set the country on fire, no matter what, to defame Modi. They did the same during the biggest disaster in the country, the Corona pandemic. Their COVID mission failed, their vaccination mission failed, so they tried to set the country on fire. When we brought the CAA law, they tried to set the country on fire again.”

The Prime Minister stressed upon importance of the first-time voters’ awareness and said, “The young voters casting their votes for the first time this time don't have the experience of those old days. When Congress was ruling, for those whose parents sent them out, electricity, water, school, everything was just a dream. From Ambaji to Umargam, there were no schools for science education in the entire tribal area. Today, see, there are schools everywhere. There are medical colleges. There is adequate electricity available now.”

PM Modi emphasized his government's efforts to address healthcare challenges, especially in tribal communities. Warning against the divisive politics of the opposition, PM Modi urged the people to vote for stability and progress. He called upon voters to support BJP candidates in the upcoming elections, emphasizing the need to defeat forces that seek to spread chaos and instability.

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi reiterated his commitment to serving the nation and called upon the people of Sabarkantha to support the BJP in the upcoming elections. He urged them to make the lotus bloom at every booth, ensuring a resounding victory for the BJP and the continuation of the Modi government's transformative agenda.

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