All our efforts are aimed at building a New India: PM Modi in Jaipur

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There is something very special about the land of Rajasthan. This is a land of courage: PM
Be it living in harmony with nature or defending our nation, Rajasthan has shown the way: PM Modi
The Central Government and the State Government are working together for the progress of Rajasthan: PM Modi in Jaipur
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Our aim is inclusive and all-round development: PM: PM Modi
There is no tolerance towards corruption. All our efforts are aimed at building a New India: Prime Minister

I can feel how in accordance with its culture and tradition Rajasthan makes anyone its own. The shine and spirit of Rajasthan is there for anybody to see. May Rajasthan continue to shower its love and affection on all of us. I am sincerely grateful to all of you for your blessings and I salute this land of braves.


In Rajasthan the stories of Maharana Pratap’s chivalry, Sooraj Mal’s bravery, Bhama Shah’s renunciation, Panna Dhai’s sacrifice, Mira Bai’s devotion, Queen of Hadi’s sacrifice, Amrita Devi’s supreme sacrifice all together have formed a part of ethos of the region .

Sky-high forts, golden articles, colourful turbans, sweet language, lovely songs and dignified traditions, all these things are Rajasthan’s identity. Rajasthan has been playing the role model for the country since ages, be it in the area of production of grains by overcoming the challenging nature or protecting the nation. Brothers and sisters,

Rajasthan has been moving on the path of development with twice the force in the last four years. Both the government at the centre and state have been working hand in hand to raise the living standards of people here. I have got the opportunity to lay the foundation stone of 13 schemes worth more than Rs. 2,100 crore for Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Dhoulpur, Nagor, Alwar, Jodhpur, Chittor Gadh, Kishan Gadh, Sujan Gadh, Bikaner, Bhilwara, Mount Abu, Boondi and Bevar. All these projects aim at developing better and smart facilities in the cities and towns of Rajasthan. Be it for getting rid of the problem of traffic jam or a better sewage management system, all these projects are going to make life better in all these cities.


You might not have forgotten what was the situation four years ago. I would urge the people of Rajasthan that you people should never forget that under what kind of circumstances Vasundhara Ji had to take the charge four years ago; please never forget that what kind of situation the previous government of the state has left only then you will realise that how the work is being done today. What kind of rush was there to just install plaques in the names of politicians in Rajasthan? Every child of Rajasthan knows that what had happened to the refinery in Barmer which is being constructed these days. Today, the work is being done at a fast speed on this refinery. This is the style of working of this government under which things are neither delayed nor misdirected. Be it the central government or BJP government in a state, our single point agenda has been development. It is: development and development alone.

We continue to do the work of making the life of every citizen of the country healthy, safe and easy going through one scheme after another. This is our effort to find out and to understand that to what extent the schemes of the government have benefitted you people; a constant effort to improve them is also going on consistently. Just a while ago, some of the beneficiaries among you informed about the changes being brought into their lives. Not only the beneficiaries of central government schemes but also the beneficiaries of the state government schemes also shared their experience. The daughters those who are good in studies and who have got Scooty under Raj Shri scheme, the children those who have been benefitted under Palanhar scheme, the senior citizens who have been benefitted under pilgrimage scheme, no one can forget the spark in the eyes of all of those and I congratulate Vasundhara Ji for this concept.

It’s true that there is a section that loses its sleep with the mention of Bhartiya Janata Party. They catch fever just by listening the name of Modi Ji or Vasundhara Ji. They hate this kind of programmes. However, the biggest benefit of this thing is that when the common people of Rajasthan get to hear directly from these beneficiaries then they also become aware about the schemes and also how can they avail the benefits of this scheme. In a way, because of this thing these schemes don’t get stuck on papers, they reach to common people. Because of this a pressure is being created on government machinery, a public pressure is being created and people become aware and if any officer in any region is lousy then he also has to work fast. And that is why, this programme has caused more benefits for the beneficiaries than it has created publicity for the government. And I would like that the beneficiaries should talk about this thing again and again so that those who have been left behind should come forward to take advantage.

Friends, Whatever programmes have been made in the last four years, in all these the central focus has been on the poor, the exploited, the persecuted, the deprived, dalit, tribals, farmers, mothers and daughters. The government has been working with the target of doubling the farmer’s income by 2022 when it will be 75 years of our independence. And the son of soil of this land, my colleague Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, has been working to take forward the agricultural department. I still remember when there was an occasion to launch the soil health card scheme then it was inaugurated from Sooraj Gadh in Rajasthan. At that time the government had fixed a target that by this time we would distribute 14 crore soil health cards and I am happy that we have fulfilled this promise and more than 14.50 crore soil health cards have been distributed to the farmers of the country so far. Nearly 90 lakh farmers have received these cards in Rajasthan. With the help of these cards scientific agriculture have become easier and there is a direct impact on production. You would have noticed that after several years there is bumper crop in the country.


This is also a happy coincidence that when the government has fulfilled its promise to set the MSP one and a half times to the cost of production then I got the opportunity to hold my first public programme in Rajasthan. You will get one and a half times of the cost of production of the millet, maize or pulses that you will grow this year.


I would especially like to discuss this thing in detail with the farmers of Rajasthan. The cost of production of one quintal of millet is estimated at nearly Rs. 990, now the government has increased the MSP to Rs. 1950. It means more than double the cost. Similarly the cost of production of maize is around Rs. 1620 and the MSP for it has been set at Rs. 2430. The cost of production of corn has been estimated at Rs. 1130 per quintal and the MSP for it has been increased to Rs. 1700. The cost of production for Moong has been estimated at Rs. 4650 and its MSP has been increased to nearly Rs. 7,000. In addition to this, the government has set the MSP at one and a half times of the cost of production be it Tur Dal or Urad or Soyabeen or paddy. Not only this, the central government has been in regular touch with state governments to make effective arrange to ensure the purchase of agri produce. The government of Vasundhara Ji has been ensuring here that every single drop of farmer’s sweat is being respected. And I have been told that the government has procured farmer’s produce worth nearly Rs. 11,500 crore this time.

Friends, The government has been working on the entire system from seed to the market. Also, the government of Vasundhara Ji has been working with all its might to implement those schemes that have been formulated for farmers in the last four years. Under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, a claim worth more than Rs. 2,500 crores has been distributed to the farmers of the state so far.

Friends, The BJP governments have adopted the path of empowerment and improvement of the lot of poor people by moving away from the earlier methods. Its results are clearly visible. A reputed global body has recently released a report in which it has been stated that nearly 5 crore people in India have come out of the vicious circle of poverty in the last two years. Five crore people have come out of poverty. The reason behind the country getting rid of poverty is: clean intention and proper development. The support that this government is getting from you people, 1.25 crore people of the country, it is the result of the same support that nearly 80 lakh toilets have been constructed in Rajasthan under Clean India Mission.

During this period, more than 2.5 crore Jan Dhan accounts have been opened in Rajasthan out of the total 32 crore accounts opened for the poor people in the country. The task of providing houses to more than 6 lakh poor people of Rajasthan has been completed under PMAY and also by completing the earlier schemes. More than 70 lakh people in Rajasthan have got the insurance cover for a premium of one rupee per month and 90 paise per day.


More than 44 lakh entrepreneurs of Rajasthan have been provided bank loan without any guarantee under the Mudra scheme. In addition to this, free electricity connections to nearly 3 lakh people of Rajasthan have been given under the Saubhagya Scheme in just one year. Free gas connections have been provided to more than 33.50 lakh mothers and sisters in Rajasthan under the Ujjawala scheme. Ujjawala scheme has changed the lives of women.

Brothers and sisters,

I also got to know about a new thing while talking to the beneficiary mothers and sisters of this scheme. One sister told me that due to Ujjawala scheme she not only got the freedom from smoke but water was also saved. Water was saved because kitchen utensils were not becoming black because of use of cooking gas. In this way, this scheme is providing double benefits to the mothers of Rajasthan.


I am aware that the people of Rajasthan spend a good part of their time to meet the requirement of water. Vasundhara Ji’s government has made commendable efforts in this direction. I have been informed that the projects worth more than Rs. 4,000 crores have been completed in cities and villages under the schemes like chief minister’s water self-dependence mission. The facility of supply of potable water has been provided to more than 12,500 villages.

Brothers and sisters,

I have been informed by your popular chief minister that the Rajasthan government and BJP MLAs have demanded that Parvati, Kali Sindh and Chambal Link schemes be declared as national projects. I have been informed that a detailed project report has been sent to the Ministry of water resources and the scheme is being examined technically. This scheme will provide the irrigation facility for more than 2 lakh hectare land of Rajasthan. Not only this, this scheme will also provide drinking water to more than 40% population of Rajasthan living in 13 cities like Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur, Sawai Madhopur, Jhalawad, Kota and Bundi. Brothers and sisters,

I would like to assure you that the central government will treat this demand positively. A decision for the development of Rajasthan, and for easily providing water to the farmers of the state, to provide drinking water to the people of the state, will be taken with complete sensitivity.


To empower the poor, the government has been giving more attention to the areas like health, nutrition and education. I had announced an ambitious scheme like national nutrition mission when I had come Jhunjhnu last time. Presently, this scheme has been implemented throughout the country in an effective manner. In addition to this, the encouragement that has been given for the delivery of babies under the supervision of specialists and immunization of mothers and infants, it has also resulted in a sharp decrease in the maternal mortality rate. I would like to especially congratulate the mothers and daughters of Rajasthan and the government of Rajasthan that the results of the efforts made by you people in this direction are now visible at the ground level. Rajasthan has been certainly taking the Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao programme to a very high level. A massive pledge of Ayushman Bharat has been taken by taking into the account the poor people’s concern about diseases. Under the scheme, the free treatment of upto Rs. 5 lakh per annum for a serious condition will be ensured for nearly 50 crore people. The work on this scheme is being done at a fast pace and very soon it will be launched.

Brothers and sisters,

The objective of every scheme of the BJP governments is balanced development of the country and to provide every individual a life of dignity, safety and self-respect. Presently, an unprecedented people’s movement is going on in the country, it’s name is national village self-rule mission. The work has been done with a new energy by considering different parameters for village development. It is being ensured that every person in the village has bank accounts, that every house has a gas connection and electricity connection, everybody is being immunized, that each one of them should have safety coverage and that every house should have LED bulbs. Also, 1,500 village of Rajasthan will be given the complete benefit of these schemes by 15th of August this year under this scheme.


Be it a village or a city, the work to develop every part of the country is being done at a fast pace with the motto of Sabka Sath – Sabka Vikas. Smart facilities are being developed at a fast speed in the 100 large cities of the country. Our Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Ajmer are among these cities. The central government has approved more than Rs. 7,000 crore for making smart the several dimensions of these cities related to roads, traffic, electricity and water and also the other aspects of administration. Rajasthan government has been working on these projects at a fast speed.


The tasks that are being executed today could have been done earlier as well. However, you are very much familiar with the intent with which previous governments have worked. And it is the result of the same intent that these days people have started calling the Congress a Bail Gadi. It’s not a bullock cart but a tool for getting bail. Because several top politicians of the Congress party and several chief ministers are on bail these days. However, the BJP governments are working day and night to strengthen the trust with which you have given the mandate to BJP and rejected the Congress culture. We have been moving forward with the pledge of making a New India. The country is going to complete 75 years of its independence in 2022 but before that 70 years of organisation of Rajasthan will be completed in the March next year. Making of a New India is not possible without a New Rajasthan. In such a situation, there is a golden opportunity for our brothers and sisters in the state for nation building and for the development of Rajasthan.


This year happens to be the birth centenary year of Paramvir Chakra awardee Shaheed Piru Singh Shekhawat who made supreme sacrifice for the country. Seventy years of his sacrifice will completed after a few days. I salute this great soul who sacrificed his life. Today, our country is able to face the world with confidence because of the bravery, valor and patriotism of such great souls. However, it is unfortunate that our political opponents did not spare the army. It was okay to raise the question on the government, however, they have also committed the sin of raising the question on the army’s capability. It never happened before. The people of Rajasthan, the people of the country would never forgive those people who resort to this kind of politics.


Those who want to do dynastic politics they can do it. However, our determination to take the safety and self-respect of the country to the top will not change and our policies are transparent. And this is the reason that the issue of one rank – one pension which had been stuck for years was solved by this government.

Brothers and sisters,

Today, our country is at an important juncture. We have started moving in a new direction and several difficult objectives have been achieved and we have moved forward to set several new goals. I have full faith that the government will succeed in realizing its every pledge because of the active participation of all of you. I conclude my speech by once again congratulating the people of Rajasthan for the schemes that have been started today.

All of you please join me chanting:

Bharat Mata Ki Jay (victory to mother India).

Bharat Mata Ki Jay (victory to mother India).

Thank you very much.

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PM Modi articulated the fundamental issues that should shape the electoral discourse. "The Lok Sabha elections are about shaping the future of the country. How will the future of the country be determined? I ask you, should there be a discussion about the economy in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about industries and small industries in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about national security in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about agriculture and forest produce in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about new opportunities for the youth in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about highways, expressways, and infrastructure in the elections or not?"

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