Shri Modi addresses Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Bhuj

 Shri LK Advani joins the Vivekananda Yuva Parishad in Bhuj

 PM has given a new definition of UPA as a Government OF the Foreigners, BY the Foreigners and FOR the Foreigners: Shri Modi

 Shri Modi makes 2 major announcements for youth of the state on bank loans and apprenticeship allowance. Both met with resounding cheer at the venue

 There is immense respect among the youth for Swami Vivekananda today: Shri Modi

 Due to FDI in retail many youngsters will loose their jobs: Shri Modi

 Had the Congress taken Sardar Patel’s Disha the country would have been different. Gujarat has adopted Sardar Patel’s Disha and we don’t need any other Disha: Shri Modi

 CM takes on Congress for their false promises of creating jobs for youngsters

 The more muck you throw, the more the Lotus will shine: Shri Modi

 I thank Advani ji. Despite the heated political atmosphere in Delhi he came here: Shri Modi



Addressing a packed Vivekananda Yuva Parishad gathering in Bhuj, Shri Narendra Modi ripped into the policies of the UPA Government. Quoting former USA President Abraham Lincoln’s phrase, Shri Modi affirmed that in the wake of the events in Assam and the Centre’s decision to roll in FDI in retail, Dr. Manmohan Singh has modified it and given a new definition of the UPA as a Government OF THE FOREIGNERS, BY THE FOREIGNERS AND FOR THE FOREIGNERS! He further expressed surprised on the PM’s silence on the Assam issue despite being an MP from that state.

Shri Modi spoke about the success of the Bharat Bandh yesterday against the policies of the UPA and spoke about against the FDI in retail saying that it would leave our youngsters jobless. Speaking about the lies and canards being spread daily, Shri Modi affirmed that the more muck is thrown, the more the lotus will shine.

On the occasion Shri Modi announced that the Government would be a guarantor for youngsters who seek a bank loan. He added that if the student failed to pay the bank loan the Government would bear the burden. This announcement was made with record cheers from the audience.

He also announced that the state Government would give an addition Rs. 1500 per month to youngsters during their apprenticeship period. Currently they are paid Rs. 1490 and Shri Modi shared that he had written to Prime Minister Dr. Singh on the issue but received no response, which is why he is taking this step. Shri Modi came down against the anti-people policies of the Congress and remarked that one had heard of gold, silver diamond getting stolen but the UPA has looted the coal of the nation. He asked whether Gujarat should be given in the hands of those who have already ruined Delhi, to which the unanimous answer was ‘NO!’ He tore into the Congress habit of making false promises and shared that in 2004 and 2009 they had made promises to give jobs to youth but what happened? On the other hand, estimates from the Centre suggest that Gujarat tops the list of employment generation with 72% of nation’s jobs being created here.

Speaking on the series of Congress ads to change the Disha and Dasha of Gujarat Shri Modi said that those who do not know their own Disha and have taken the nation to disastrous directions in the past cannot give direction to Gujarat. He further said that had the nation taken the Disha of Sardar Patel things would have been different but Gujarat has adopted Sardar Patel’s Disha and thus we don’t need lessons of direction.  Just like Rani Lakshmi Bai used to say, “I will not give my Jhansi” to the colonial rulers, Shri Modi urged the people of Gujarat to say that they wont give their Gujarat in the hand of such people (referring to anti-Gujarat elements).

Paying rich tributes to Swami Vivekananda, Shri Modi stated that there is immense respect among the youth for Swami Vivekananda and that was further illustrated by the phenomenal response to the formation of the Vivekananda Yuva Kendras across 14,000 villages of Gujarat. Shri Modi expressed surprise at those who were opposing the usage of Shri Vivekananda’s name in this Yatra and opined that each one has the freedom to follow the ideals of those they feel are great. The Congress does so, the Communists do so and we should have the choice of doing the same with our inspirations, he pointed out. He also recalled how Swami Vivekananda drew the world’s attention to India during his Chicago lecture in 1893.

In his speech Shri Modi spoke about the state Government’s determination to promote a culture of sportsmanship among the people, especially the youth. He affirmed that without sports there cannot be sportsmanship and thus stressed on the importance of sport. He said that the Government has created a sports university and plans to build a sports school in every district. Former Deputy Prime Minister and senior BJP leader Shri LK Advani spoke on the occasion. He shared anecdotes of his relation with Kutch and paid rich tributes to Swami Vivekananda. Shri Modi thanked Advani ji for gracing the Yuva Parishad with his presence despite the heated political atmosphere in Delhi. Several other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

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PM greets people on occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi
July 17, 2024

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has greeted the people on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi.

The Prime Minister posted on X;

“Greetings on Ashadhi Ekadashi! May the blessings of Bhagwan Vitthal always remain upon us and inspire us to build a society filled with joy and prosperity. May this occasion also inspire devotion, humility and compassion in us all. May it also motivate us to serve the poorest of the poor with diligence.”

“आषाढी एकादशीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा! भगवान विठ्ठलाचे आशीर्वाद नेहमीच आपल्यासोबत असू देत आणि आपल्या सर्वांना आनंद आणि समृद्धीने परिपूर्ण समाजाची उभारणी करण्याची प्रेरणा मिळू दे. या उत्सवामुळे आपल्यामध्ये भक्तीभाव, नम्रता आणि करुणा वाढीला लागू दे. अतिशय प्रामाणिकपणे गरिबातील गरिबाची सेवा करण्यासाठी देखील आपल्याला प्रेरणा मिळू दे.”