PM visits Badami Bagh cantonment in Srinagar

Published By : Admin | July 4, 2014 | 19:46 IST

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today visited the Badami Bagh Army Cantonment in Srinagar. He addressed the Army Jawans and officers. Praising the valour and courage of the soldiers, the Prime Minister asserted that self-reliance in defence offset manufacturing was essential for the security (aatma-raksha) of the nation. Praising the Indian defence forces, Prime Minister said that strong armed forces were necessary for an atmosphere of peace, amity, harmony and brotherhood in the country, and this was the foundation on which India would achieve new heights of development. Therefore, Shri Modi said, he accorded highest priority to modernization of the defence forces. He said today the world was looking at India with hope, and we could interact on equal terms with all developed countries.

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Shri Modi said the spirit of sacrifice and selflessness of the defence forces was an inspiration for all Indians. He added that this spirit would ensure them victory at all times. He said the people of India trusted them and believed that no power on earth could defeat them. 
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The Prime Minister reiterated his Government's commitment to building a National War Memorial, in memory of soldiers who had laid down their lives for the motherland. He said the welfare of the armymen and their families was the concern and collective responsibility of all Indians, and his Government would take all good decisions in the interest of the jawans. 
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Earlier, the Prime Minister paid homage at the martyrs memorial at Badami Bagh cantonment. He also wrote in the visitors' book at the memorial, and visited the nearby 1200 year old Shiva Temple...

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Cabinet approves inclusion of additional activities in National Livestock Mission
February 21, 2024

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved further modification of National Livestock Mission by including the additional activities as under:

  1. Establishment of entrepreneurship for horse donkey, mule, camel with 50% capital subsidy up to 50 lakhs will be provided to the Individuals, FPO, SHG, JLG, FCO and Section 8 companies. Also the state government will be assisted for breed conservation of horse, donkey and camel. The Central Government will provide 10 cr. for establishment of semen station and nucleus breeding farm for horse, donkey and camel.
  2. Establishment of entrepreneurs for Fodder seed processing Infrastructure (Processing & Grading unit/Fodder storage godown) with 50% capital subsidy up to Rs.50 lakhs to the private companies, start-ups /SHGs /FPOs /FCOs /JLGs / Farmers Cooperative societies (FCO), Section 8 companies establishment of Infrastructure like construction of building, receiving shed, drying platform, machinery etc. including the grading plants as well as seed storage godown. The remaining cost of the project needs to be arranged by the beneficiary through bank finance or self-funding.
  3. For increasing the fodder cultivation areas, the state government will be assisted for fodder cultivation in the non —forest land, waste land/range land/ non arable as well as forest land "Non-Forest Wasteland/Rangeland/Non-arable Land" and "Fodder Production from Forest Land" as well as in the degraded forest land. This will increase the fodder availability in the country.
  4. The Livestock Insurance programme has been simplified. The beneficiary share of the premium for the farmers has been reduced and it will be 15% as against the current beneficiary share of 20%,30%, 40% and 50%. Remaining amount of the premium will be shared by the Centre and the State at 60:40 for all states, 90:10. The number of animals to be insured has also been increased to 10 cattle unit instead of 5 cattle unit for cattle sheep and goat. This will facilitate the livestock farmers to get their valuable animals insured with by paying minimum amount.


The NLM was commenced in 2014-15 with four Sub-Missions (i) Sub-Mission on Fodder and Feed Development (ii) Sub-Mission on Livestock Development (ii) Sub-Mission on Pig Development in North-Eastern Region (iii) Sub-Mission on Skill Development, Technology Transfer and Extension having 50 activities.

The Scheme was re-aligned during 2021-22 and was approved by CCEA in July, 2021 under Development Programme with an outlay of Rs.2300 crore.

The present re-aligned NLM is having three Sub-Missions viz. (i) Sub-Mission on Breed improvement of Livestock and Poultry (ii) Sub-Mission of Feed & Fodder and (iii) Sub-Mission on Innovation and Extension. The re-aligned NLM has 10 activities and target towards entrepreneurship development, feed and fodder development, research and innovation, livestock insurance.