Shri Modi addresses 8 public meetings in a day

CM speaks at Mundra, Nakhatrana, Bhabhar, Siddhpur, Balol, Savli, Karelibaug, Dehgam

Dynasty politics, nepotism, casteism and divide & rule are a part of the Congress DNA: Shri Modi

Congress arrogance has reached sky high and the party has lost all shame: CM

Shri Narendra Modi throws more light on UPA’s ‘friendly’ attitude towards Pakistan for a deal on Sir Creek

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had discussed Sir Creek with Asif Ali Zardari during the latter’s visit to India in April 2012 and agreed it could be resolved soon: Shri Modi

In September 2012 on the way back from Tehran PM had said Sir Creek deal is doable and the process should be pushed further: Shri Modi

Defence Minister AK Antony had said in Porbandar that talks are on to resolve the issue with Pakistan: Shri Modi

Do not mislead the nation. Assure the people that no decision has been taken to give Sir Creek to Pakistan! Reaffirms Shri Modi

Why has Mrs. Sonia Gandhi campaigned only in areas where Congress candidates are rich? Why has she not gone in areas where the candidate is not so rich? Asks Shri Modi


On Thursday 13th December 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed 8 public meetings across Gujarat. He spoke at election rallies in Mundra (Kutch district), Nakhatrana (Kutch), Bhabhar (Banaskantha), Siddhpur (Patan district), Balol (Mehsana district), Savli & Karelibaug (Vadodara district) and Dehgam (Gandhinagar district). Shri Modi affirmed that till now he has only filled the ditches of 50 years of Congress rule and that his work for a Bhavya & Divya Gujarat will commence after the elections.

Shri Modi said that it is important to know the true character of the Congress. He pointed, “Dynasty politics, nepotism, casteism and divide & rule are a part of the Congress DNA.” He added that the Congress arrogance has reached sky high and the party has lost all shame.

He further warned the Prime Minister against the giving of Sir Creek to Pakistan. He gave further instances where the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister of India have said that a deal of Sir Creek is possible. He was speaking at an

He asked the Prime Minister, “Is it not true that when Asif Ali Zardari was on a visit to Ajmer (in April 2012) you had lunch with him in Delhi? That time he raised the issue of Sir Creek. In Tehran things went ahead and on this issue you said in front of the world that a deal is doable

(Read the complete transcript of PM’s statement where he says deal on Sir Creek is doable)

It is not only Prime Minister but also the Union Defence Minister who has expressed optimism about a deal on Sir Creek. Shri Modi, “In August our nation’s Union Defence Minister came to Porbandar. He said in Porbandar that talks are on with Pakistan on Sir Creek and there will be a way ahead”

Likewise there was a conference on 2nd December where it was discussed that leaders from Sindh and Gujarat need to be involved in any talks on the Sir Creek issue.

Shri Modi shared these instances in the light of the Prime Minister’s ‘denials’ on Shri Modi’s questions about Sir Creek. Last evening he had asked the Prime Minister not to mislead the nation and categorically assure the people of India that he has taken no decision to give Sir Creek to Pakistan. He added that he had raised the issue even in April 2012 during a CM’s conference but the PM had remained silent then. On the Prime Minister’s response that the dialogue on Sir Creek started from 1998, Shri Modi asked the PM not to mislead the nation by bringing Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s name and added that Atal ji had not even allowed it to be discussed in the 2001 Agra Summit.

Warning the people about giving away Sir Creek, Shri Modi avowed that giving Sir Creek would be a sell out of Indian interests and a threat to our security. He said that he did not wish to raise the issue at this time but when it came to light that there is a meeting on 15th December where even members from Sindh are coming as a part of the Pakistani delegation and that this will be the last meeting on the issue he had no option but to express his views.

Shri Modi affirmed that with the CWG scam the UPA sold Indian sports, in the 2G scam they sold our technology, they sold the nation’s coal too and now UPA is selling the nation itself!

The Chief Minister talked at length about the development of Kutch and North Gujarat over the last decade and came down heavily on the UPA over its anti-Gujarat attitude. Shri Modi shared that earlier people wanted to leave Kutch but today it has become a tourist hub and the world also know ‘Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuch Nahi Dekha’ (If you have not seen Kutch, you have not seen anything). Likewise, he asked that did anyone imagine that farmers would grow pomegranates in Banaskantha district? He also pointed that he has got the Narmada to the region.

Shri Modi affirmed that the arrogance of the Congress is sky-high and that they are not bothered about the people. This explains why the party has not said a word on price rise despite failing to fulfill their promise of bringing down in 100 days. He shared that the Government is not giving any money for irrigation schemes when it is the Centre that is supposed to give large part of the money and further promised, “Delhi many not give you anything but I will give you water and fulfill all works”

Referring to Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s comments that he only hears one name in Gujarat, Shri Modi pointed out that for years all the nation heard is the name of the Nehru family and that if any other name is taken, the Congress feels disturbed. He informed Mr. Rahul Gandhi, “Rahul Baba, my father was not the Prime Minister of India. He was not even the Sarpanch of a village. This is not the voice of one person but the voice of the people!” He asked Mrs. Sonia Gandhi why has she only campaigned in those areas where the Congress candidates are rich and did not visit any place where the candidates are not rich?

Shattering the lie of Mr. Rahul Gandhi that the water in Gujarat has high fluorine content, he said Mr. Rahul Gandhi does not have a sense of history or geography and that he should go back to the time when there was Congress rule in Gujarat when fluorine content was so high that even youngsters looked old! Today the Gujarat Government took steps in irrigation and the Government of India’s own records say that the water table has risen from 3m to 13m. He shared that the NDA Government had made budget provisions towards making the water fluoride free but after the UPA came to power they stopped this initiative. Shri Modi took on the Congress leaders for their lies on Gujarat’s power situation and the state of employment in Gujarat.

Shri Modi recalled that in a time when the Congress dominance over politics was complete, former PM Rajiv Gandhi said that if a out of a rupee only 15p reached the poor. Shri Modi questioned which was the Hand that embezzled the 85p. He talked about how the Gujarat Government got Garib Kalyan Melas where over 85 lakh people availed of development works of up to Rs 15,000 crore across 1000 Garib Kalyan Melas. He affirmed that if the Gujarat Government is criticized it is on development whereas if the UPA is criticized its on scams, loot, corruption etc.

The public meetings were attended by a record number of people, who came to express solidarity with Shri Modi and the BJP.

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