PM launches AMRUT, Smart Cities Mission & Housing for All Mission
The aspirations of migrants from rural areas have to be balanced with the changing global environment: PM
Urbanization should be viewed as an opportunity & urban centres should be viewed as growth engines, says PM
A House is a turning point in the lives of poor which leads towards a better life: Shri Modi
Prime Minister releases logos, taglines for AMRUT & Smart Cities Mission

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today said that for the first time in the country, the people, and the urban leadership would play the pivotal role in deciding the future course of their cities. He was speaking at the launch of three major urban development initiatives: AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation); Smart Cities Mission; and Housing for All (Urban), at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi.

The Prime Minister explained that for the first time in India, a challenge was being floated, in which the citizens of urban India could contribute in the formulation of development visions of their cities. Those cities which were able to competitively meet the required parameters would be developed as smart cities. Hence, the Prime Minister said, this competitive mechanism would end the top-down approach, and lead to people-centric urban development.

The Prime Minister said these urban development schemes were not prepared by the Government alone, but involved perhaps the biggest consultation exercise ever taken by the Union Government, involving all stakeholders and examining global best practices. The Prime Minister gave a simple vision of a smart city, as one which was a step or two ahead of people's aspirations. Technology, transportation, energy efficiency, walk-to-work, cycling etc were some elements mentioned by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister said the Government is sensitive to consumer protection, and towards ending undue harassment, especially with regard to housing. He said one Bill towards this end has already been introduced in Parliament.

Stating that public representatives and leaders are remembered by the good work they did in their terms, the Prime Minister urged urban leaders to contribute to doing something for the good of the people. He said the people assembled in Vigyan Bhawan today, had on them the collective responsibility for better quality of life for 40 percent of India's population that either lived in cities, or were dependent on cities for their livelihood. He said the aspirations of migrants from rural areas, and slum dwellers, have to be balanced with the changing global environment. He said ensuring a good life for them is our responsibility. In this context, this 2-day workshop presented a good opportunity to work out strategies for the future.

Recalling the Emergency, which was imposed 40 years ago on this day, the Prime Minister said the dreams and aspirations that inspired people to struggle against the emergency, should be a beacon for this gathering. He said all schemes for urban development should move forward based on people's participation.

The Prime Minister said that urbanization should be viewed as an opportunity, and urban centres should be viewed as growth engines. He said if this had been done 25-30 years ago, it would have led to good results today, but better late than never. He said schemes which had a clear vision and were people-centric, were the need of the hour. He called for replication of best practices from across the country. In particular, the Prime Minister mentioned Hyderabad's tax collection system, Karnataka's efforts for solid waste management, and Chhattisgarh's work to eliminate open defecation.

Mentioning the challenge of rising population, he said all possible avenues should be explored to find the resources for urban development.

The Prime Minister said a House was a turning point in the lives of poor, which led towards a better life. He said the Government's effort was to not just provide a house, but to provide the right environment to live life to the fullest.

Citing the existing housing shortage of 2 crore units, the Prime Minister said that India was completing 75 years of independence in 2022, and by then, it was our responsibility to provide a house for everyone.

The Prime Minister said today there is a lack of holistic vision about urban planning, and expansion is driven not by the administrators of a city, but by property developers. Through AMRUT, the aim of the Government is to give cities themselves the chance to plan their future growth.

The Prime Minister appreciated people for their interest and work in the Swachh Bharat initiative, as well as the positive role played by media in generating awareness.

The Prime Minister said urban and rural development in our country should be complimentary. One way of doing this was to ensure waste water management in urban areas, so that the treated water could be returned to rural areas for irrigation. Similarly solid waste management could generate compost which could act as organic fertiliser for the surrounding rural areas.

The Prime Minister released logos, and taglines for AMRUT and Smart Cities Mission; and guidelines for AMRUT, Smart Cities Mission and Housing for All (Urban). The Prime Minister also visited an exhibition on best practices in urban development.

The Minister for Urban Development Shri Venkaiah Naidu, and the Minister of State for Urban Development Shri Babul Supriyo, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khattar, and the Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Nirmal Kumar Singh were present on the occasion.

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PM Modi addresses a dynamic crowd at a public meeting in Agartala, Tripura
April 17, 2024
Today, we champion the Act East Policy, driving forward the region's development: PM Modi
Congress-Communists are so opportunistic that here in Tripura they have an alliance, but in Kerala, they are enemies of each other: PM
HIRA model of development of Tripura is being discussed in the entire country today: PM Modi
500 years later, Ram Navami arrives with Shri Ram seated in Ayodhya's grand temple: PM Modi

In Agartala, Tripura, Prime Minister Narendra Modi electrified the crowd ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. With unwavering zeal, he unveiled the Viksit vision for the North East, promising growth encapsulated in BJP’s Sankalp Patra. Emphasizing the region's integral role in the nation, PM Modi reaffirmed the commitment to uplift the North East, resonating deeply with the people of Tripura.

Commencing his engaging address, PM Modi extended his heartfelt greetings on the Holy festival of Ram Navami. In his speech, the PM in an emotional state of mind expressed, “500 years later, Ram Navami arrives with Shri Ram seated in Ayodhya's grand temple. From a humble tent to this majestic abode, his blessings by the sun's rays mark a historic moment.” The PM added,” here in the sacred North East, where sunlight first touches, we witness this symbolic dawn of a new era. As the sun's rays illuminate, so does the resolve for a Viksit Tripura and a Viksit Bharat, propelling the nation forward on this auspicious day.

Taking pride in the North Eastern states and Tripura singularly, PM Modi exclaimed, “The North East plays a pivotal role in India's 21st-century development. Despite decades of independence and Congress rule, the region's potential was overlooked. In Tripura, communist governance brought destruction rather than progress. Today, the government in Delhi prioritizes the North East and our Tripura. Beyond politics, it's about love and priority for me.”

In anticipation of PM Modi's third term, a glimpse of what's ahead for Tripura was shared by the PM, “BJP vows to build 3 crore new houses nationwide in 5 years, benefiting Tripura as well. This is just a glimpse of BJP's decade-long commitment to Tripura and the North East. The party's Sankalp Patra for the next 5 years promises prosperity. Free ration for all beneficiaries will continue, guaranteed by Modi. Additionally, every elderly person above 70 will receive free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Yojana, a significant announcement in BJP's Sankalp Patra.”

“The HIRA model on which our government has worked for the development of Tripura is being discussed in the entire country today. HIRA means Highway, Internet way, Railway and Airway! I promised you this and I have fulfilled it,” PM Modi added.

“Thanks to the development of railways, Tripura has been connected by more than a dozen trains in the last 10 years. The work of electrification of the state's railway lines has been completed rapidly. Our own government has started Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport in the capital Agartala,” PM Modi lauded Tripura's accelerated development efforts.

Amidst it all, PM Modi highlighted how the North-East languished under the 'Loot East Policy' of the Congress-INDI Alliance. A decade ago, he put an end to this damaging approach. “Today, we champion the Act East Policy, driving forward the region's development. With over 50 visits in the last decade, Modi reaffirms unwavering dedication to its growth,” the PM mentioned.

Launching a blistering attack on the opposition, PM Modi observed, “For Tripura, BJP signifies the politics of development, contrasting with the communists' history of destruction and Congress's legacy of corruption. Corruption thrived under CPM and Congress opposition rule, turning Tripura into a hub of violence and malpractice. Now, former adversaries unite to preserve their vested interests.”

“These Congress-Communists are so opportunistic that here in Tripura they have an alliance, but in Kerala, they are enemies of each other. In Kerala, Congress calls Communists terrorists and Communists call Congress very corrupt,” PM Modi expressed while exposing the realities of opposition parties.

“From Tripura, I want to shed light on the corruption games played across the country. The Congress yuvraj fled to Kerala post-election defeat in UP, only for the Kerala CM to criticize him. In retaliation, the Congress Yuvraj demands the CM's imprisonment for alleged corruption. It's ironic how the same Congress, known for lambasting investigating agencies, now calls for action against the Kerala CM. They silence criticism, yet demand action when criticized. We vow to hold corrupt individuals accountable, consistently exposing the truth about the Kerala CM's government. However, when action is taken, Congress accuses Modi of wrongdoing, revealing their true colours. While we fight corruption, Congress aims to protect the corrupt,” PM Modi shared his extreme discontent.

In his conclusive remark to the massive crowd, PM Modi affirmed with certainty that, “Every vote you cast for BJP will strengthen Modi's guarantee for the prosperity of Tripura.” The PM also thanked each and everyone in the crowd for their valuable presence.