The world today strongly stands with India in its fight against terror: PM Modi
New India will crush the roots of terrorism and those who stand with it: PM Modi
It is extremely heartening to see that the entire country has come forward to help the families of our soldiers and the armed forces: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his first major public meeting in Rajasthan after the recent state assembly elections in the constituency of Tonk today. Paying his tributes to the martyred CRPF soldiers of the Pulwama terrorist attack, PM Modi said that he along with the entire nation stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the families of the brave martyrs of the country. He further added that the nation was extremely proud of our soldiers who killed one of the masterminds of the dastardly Pulwama attack within 100 hours and sent him to his rightful place.

PM Modi criticised the perpetrators of the Pulwama terrorist attack in the strongest possible terms and assured the nation that the attack will be avenged at the right time, with the rightful measures. He said, “Global peace shall not come to us until this factory of terror ceased to exist and flourish. And that is what we will do. The world today strongly stands with India in its fight against terror and the Modi government is ensuring that terrorists and their sympathisers are punished in every possible manner.”

In this regard, Prime Minister Modi highlighted how a baffled Pakistan is seeing India’s strong and multi-pronged response to the Pulwama terror attack. He said, “This is the New India. This India will no longer remain silent after being so viciously attacked. This India will crush the roots of terrorism and those who stand with it.”

Further expressing satisfaction and gratitude over the overwhelming financial and monetary help that the people of the country have given for the welfare of the families of the martyred soldiers, PM Modi said, “It is extremely heartening to see that the entire country has come forward to help the families of our soldiers and the armed forces. I am told that the people of Tonk have also contributed significant resources to help these families. I am very grateful and proud of each one of you who have come forward to help these grief-struck families of our martyrs.”

Prime Minister Modi further lashed out at the Congress government in Rajasthan for failing to fulfill its promises made to the farmers of Rajasthan during the Assembly elections. He said, “These people neither stand with the Jawan nor with the Kisan. They promised to waive off the loans of all the farmers of Rajasthan. But did they do it? Everyone in the state is witnessing their falsehood behing farm loan waivers. They have totally let down the farmers of our Rajasthan.”

Contrasting this poor state of governance in Congress rule with that of progressive decisions made by BJP government at the Centre, PM Modi described the PM-KISAN Yojana, a historical scheme for small farmers under which such farmers across the country will recieve an annual payment of ₹6,000/- directly in their bank accounts annually.


He said, “This scheme will transform the lives of our small and marginal farmers as it will free them from the need to take loans for their agricultural use and will provide financial security to them without any corrupt middlemen. Not only this, our government also recently increased the MSP of farmers’ crops to one and half times more than their cost. Such is the progressive way of governance of BJP governments, be it for farmers or for soldiers.”

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Inaugurates AIIMS, Fertilizer Plant and ICMR Centre
Double engine Government doubles the speed of Developmental works: PM
“Government that thinks of deprived and exploited, works hard as well get results”
“Today's event is evidence of determination new India for whom nothing is impossible”
Lauds UP Government for the work done for the benefit of sugarcane farmers

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi dedicated to the nation various development projects in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The Prime Minister congratulated the people of UP for the inauguration of AIIMS and fertilizer plant and for the new building of Regional Medical Research Center of ICMR in Gorakhpur. He recalled laying the foundation stone for AIIMS and fertilizer plant, 5 years ago and inaugurating both today, underlining the working style of the government of finishing projects once undertaken.

The Prime Minister remarked that when there is a double engine Government, then the speed of implementing developmental works is also doubled. He said when work is done with a good intention, then even disasters cannot become a hindrance. When there is a government that cares about the poor, vulnerable & disadvantaged, it also works hard and shows results by bringing them along. He said today's event is proof that when the new India is determined, nothing is impossible.

The Prime Minister said, in a three pronged approach, the Government stopped the misuse of urea by introducing 100% neem coating of urea. He said soil health cards are given to crores of farmers so that they can decide what kind of fertilizer is needed for their farm. He said the Government laid emphasis on increasing the production of urea. Closed fertilizer plants were also forced to reopen to increase the production. The Prime Minister informed that with the completion of 5 fertilizer plants in different part of the country, 60 lakh tonnes of urea will be available in the country.

The Prime Minister appreciated the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the unprecedented work done for the sugarcane farmers in the recent years. He lauded the Government for increasing the remunerative price for sugarcane farmers, recently up to ₹300/- and for paying almost as much as the previous governments paid to sugarcane farmers in the past 10 years.

The Prime Minister said after independence till the beginning of this century, there was only one AIIMS in the country. Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had approved 6 more AIIMS. The Prime Minister said work is going on across the country to build 16 new AIIMS in the last 7 years. He announced the goal of his Government is that every district in the country must have at least one medical college.

The Prime Minister said everyone knew the importance of the fertilizer plant in Gorakhpur for the farmers of this region and also for providing employment. He said that in spite of the importance of the plant, the earlier governments did not show any interest in reopening it. Everyone knew that the demand for AIIMS in Gorakhpur was being raised for years. But those who were running the government before 2017 made all kinds of excuses for providing land for the construction of AIIMS in Gorakhpur. The Prime Minister noted drastic reduction in the cases of Japanese Encephalitis in the area and growth of the medical Infrastructure in the area. “With AIIMS and ICMR Centre, the fight against JE will gain new strength”, he said.

The Prime Minister criticized the politics of display of authority, power politics, scams and mafia that brought misery to the people of the state in the past. He appealed to people to be vigilant against such forces.

The Prime Minister said today our government has opened government godowns for the poor and the UP Chief Minister is busy delivering food to every household. He added that about 15 crore people of UP are getting its benefit. Recently, PM GaribKalyan Anna Yojanahas been extended beyond Holi. Earlier governments had defamed the name of UP by giving protection to criminals. Today the mafia is in jail and investors are investing freely in UP. That's the double development of the double engine. That's why UP has faith in a double engine government, he added.