"PM to graduating students: This is not the end of learning
""India needs to step up medical research to keep pace with a changing world""

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, delivering the Convocation Address at the 42nd Convocation of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, in New Delhi today, said "This is not the end of your learning – rather you are now going from a closed and protected classroom, to an open classroom."

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Therefore, he added, they should keep the student mindset in them alive, so that they could scale great heights in their profession. He urged the graduating students to follow the examples set by the doyens of the medical fraternity who were being given lifetime achievement awards today. He said the student mindset keeps one energetic throughout life.

1 (16)-684 1 (18)-684 Highlighting the importance of the "convocation" (deekshant) in a student`s life, the Prime Minister said the first reference to a convocation was found in the "Taittiriya Upanishad" Shri Narendra Modi said a small action of a doctor, or a small interaction with a patient can provide life to that individual – since doctors are trusted a lot by society.

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He urged them to keep this in mind in their daily conduct. He said some doctors become popular because they bond with the patient, thereby giving the patient the confidence and strength to fight the disease.

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Explaining to the graduating students through several illustrations, that many people and sections of society, had done something, or made sacrifices, so that they could become doctors, the Prime Minister urged them to keep this in mind in their profession.

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He exhorted them to work with patients with the spirit that the patients have a `right` over them. He expressed hope that society would gain from their work, and the dream of a healthy India would be achieved.

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The Prime Minister said that while Indian doctors have made a name for themselves across the world, India needs to step up medical research, to keep pace with a fast-changing world. Therefore, he urged the young doctors to record case-histories in specific areas as they go about their profession. He also urged them to work towards achieving a higher number of publications in scientific journals.

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He urged the graduating students to keep a cheerful attitude towards life, even as they fulfilled their responsibilities as doctors and medical professionals, in all seriousness.

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The Prime Minister suggested that students from poor backgrounds, from nearby schools, could be invited as "special guests" to such convocation programmes. Such events could serve as unique inspirational moments for them, he said.

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The Prime Minister also presented lifetime achievement awards to eminent professionals in the field of medical science, and medals and prizes to meritorious students.

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Telephonic conversation between PM Modi and PM Lotay Tshering of Bhutan
May 11, 2021

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had a telephone conversation today with the Prime Minister of Bhutan, Lyonchhen Dr. Lotay Tshering.

The Bhutan Prime Minister expressed solidarity with the Government and the people of India in their efforts against the recent wave of COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister conveyed his sincere thanks to the people and Government of Bhutan for their good wishes and support.

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