""Journey towards social harmony has begun""
"Samata (equality) + Mamata (motherly love) = Samarasta (social harmony)"

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today declared that India has begun its journey towards social harmony. In the first-ever celebration of birth anniversary of Mahatma Ayyankali to be attended by the Prime Minister in New Delhi, Shri Narendra Modi said that a combination of 'Samata' (equality) and 'Mamata' (motherly love) would lead to 'Samarasta' (social harmony). In another illustration he said 'Sambhaav' + 'Mambhaav' would lead to 'Samarasta.'

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In his address at the 152nd birth anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Ayyankali at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi today, the Prime Minister said equality has been guaranteed by the Constitution, but can equality alone achieve social harmony? He said Samata and Mamata would lead to Samarasta.

The Prime Minister paid tributes to Mahatma Ayyankali, and said he was one of the great social reformers who played a vital role in cleansing our society of social evils. The Prime Minister said one of the reasons why our cultural heritage has been preserved for thousands of years, is that in every age, social reformers have emerged from within, who have struggled and won against social evils, liberated us from redundant practices, and inspired us towards development.

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Praising the efforts of Mahatma Ayyankali for social reform, the Prime Minister said just as the Dandi March of 1930 was a turning point in our freedom struggle, the Kayal Sammelanam of 1913, organized by Ayyankali two years before the arrival of Gandhiji in India, was a turning point in the history of social reform in India. The Prime Minister recalled how Mahatma Ayyankali had organized his public meeting on boats, after he had been denied permission to hold it on land.

The Prime Minister also highlighted that while Ayyankali struggled against social discrimination and fought for the rights of the oppressed, he never allowed bitterness to creep into the social fabric.

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The Prime Minister paid homage to great social reformers like Mahatma Ayyankali and Sri Narayan Guru.

The function was organized by the Kerala Pulayar Maha Sabha (KPMS).

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