Picture story - 2014

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D Historic Election Campaign of 2014 where people came in record numbers to hear Narendra Modi speak

2 A glimpse from election rally in Hyderabad


3 Scorching heat or rain, weather was no deterrent for Narendra Modi on his path towards a better India


The reverberating support of people during the election rallies

5 Narendra Modi’s ‘selfie’ after casting vote - the most popular ‘selfie’ during the 2014 Elections

6 A sea of supporters welcoming Narendra Modi in Varanasi as he files his nomination

7 Newly elected PM, Narendra Modi thanking his constituency Vadodara, after his historic win in 2014 elections

8 PM Modi greeting the new CM of Gujarat, Smt Anandiben Patel

9 Narendra Modi seeking the blessings of his mother as he prepares to take charge of the office as the PM of India

10 Shri Narendra Modi taking oath as the 15th Prime Minister of India

11 The PM meeting the Navy officers during dedication of INS Vikramaditya to the nation

12 The PM during the dedication of warship INS Vikramaditya to the Nation

13 The PM blessing the child on his arrival at Bhutan

15 PM Narendra Modi in a cheerful moment with other BRICS leaders in Brazil

14 The PM waving to his fans in Bhutan

MY GOV LAUNCH JULY 26 PM Narendra Modi launching the MyGov initiative to make people partners in good governance

16 Girl students tying Rakhi to the PM on Rakshabandhan

17 The PM blessing a girl student on Rakshabandhan

INDIPENDENCE DAY 15 AUG The PM addressing the Nation from the ramparts of Red Fort on Independence Day 2014

JAN DHAN YOJNA 28 AUG The PM awarding the young winner for his contribution during the launch of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

18 The PM interacting enthusiastically with students at Taimai Elementary School in Tokyo, Japan

19 PM Narendra Modi with 99-yr old Saichiro Misumi, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's oldest living associate in Japan

20 The PM drumming some beats with Japanese Ceremonial drummers during his visit at TCS Japan

21 PM Narendra Modi with the Hon President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee

MAKE IN INDIA 25 SEP The PM launching the ‘Make in India’ initiative

26 The PM introducing Chinese President Xi Jinping to the‘Charkha’ at Sabarmati Ashram

25 Narendra Modi and President Obama sharing experiences before having bilateral talks at the White House

24 The PM addressing the enthralled gathering of Indian Community at Madison Square Garden in New York

23 “You are the future”, avowed Narendra Modi addressing a young gathering at the Global Citizens festival in New York

22 PM Narendra Modi addressing the UN General Assembly on his visit to USA


27 The PM addressing the students & teachers at the Convocation ceremony at AIIMS, Delhi

28 PM Narendra Modi congratulating scientists at ISRO on the historic success of the Mars orbiter mission

diwali oct 23 PM Narendra Modi celebrating Diwali 2014 with Jawans at Siachen Base Camp

ASEAN NOV 12 PM Narendra Modi at the ASEAN Summit in Myanmar

30 PM Narendra Modi greeting the Indian community at the Allphones arena, Sydney

29 PM Modi being greeted by Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott on his visit to Australia

G 20 15 NOV At the G20 Summit with other World leaders

31 PM Narendra Modi and PM Tony Abbott in a discussion at Canberra, Australia

32 The PM at the beautiful shores of the Indian Ocean in Fiji

33.5 PM Modi and other leaders at the SAARC summit held in Kathmandu.

33 PM Modi enjoying the cultural heritage of Northeast at the Hornbill festival, Nagaland.

MANN KI BAAT AIR DEC 14 PM sharing ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the Nation through All India Radio

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No ifs and buts in anybody's mind about India’s capabilities: PM Modi on 77th Independence Day at Red Fort
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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Gaya, Bihar
April 16, 2024
RJD is the biggest face of jungle raj in Bihar... RJD has given only two things to Bihar - Jungle Raj and Corruption: PM Modi
Two days ago, BJP released its 'Sankalp Patra'. This is the first time, some party's 'Sankalp Patra' is being called a 'guarantee card': PM Modi
PM Modi on BJP’s Sankalp Patra: Three crore houses for the poor, free ration for five years, and free treatment up to Rs 5 lakhs for those above 70 years

Amidst the ongoing election campaigning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Gaya, Bihar. Seeing the massive crowd, PM Modi said, “This immense public support, your enthusiasm, clearly indicates - June 4, 400 Paar! Gaya and Aurangabad have announced today – Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!”

"Just two days ago, the BJP released its Sankalp Patra. This is the first time that the Sankalp Patra of any party is being called a guarantee card. Because over the past 10 years, everyone has seen Modi's guarantee, which means a guarantee of fulfilment,” added PM Modi.

Talking about how the Congress and RJP exploited the poor, PM Modi asserted, “For decades, the Congress, which ruled the country, squandered opportunities, wasting the nation's time. We have lifted 25 crore people out of poverty. For decades, Congress and its allies showed dreams of bread and shelter to the poor. The NDA government has provided pucca houses to 4 crore poor. Jitan Ram Manjhi is a witness to how the Congress and the RJD exploited the names of Dalits, oppressed, and backward classes for their own political selfishness. The NDA has given rights and dignified lives to Dalits, oppressed, and backward classes.”

Focussing on development projects, PM Modi stated, "In our agenda, there is both development and heritage. You also know how long the North Koel project was pending. It's the NDA government that has put it back on track. The completion of this project will be a significant boon for the farmers of Gaya and Aurangabad, providing irrigation facilities. Under our government, Gaya Ji has also been included in the list of 12 ancient historical heritage sites under the PRASAD scheme." He further said, “This pace of development is just a trailer. I have much more to do for the country.”

Slamming the Opposition for doing politics over Ram Temple, PM Modi iterated, "Tomorrow is Ram Navami, a festival where the rays of the sun will specially bless the forehead of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya. However, the people of the INDI Alliance are also troubled by the Ram temple. Those who once questioned the existence of Lord Ram are now speaking all kinds of language against the Ram Mandir! To appease a community, these people have even boycotted the consecration ceremony. A leader of this alliance, Congress's Shehzada, has openly declared that he will destroy the Shakti of Hinduism. Their other companions call our ancient tradition Dengue Malaria. Can you tell me, are these people worthy of winning even a single seat?”

Accusing the RJD of casting the state in a negative light, PM Modi remarked, “RJD has ruled Bihar for several years but they don't have the guts to discuss the work done by their government. RJD has only given two things to Bihar - Jungle Raj and Corruption. It was during their era when kidnapping and ransom became an industry in Bihar. Our sisters and daughters couldn't step out of their homes. Areas like our Gaya were engulfed in the flames of Naxal violence. RJD forced many families to leave Bihar out of compulsion.”

He went on to say, “I say, eradicate corruption, and they say, save the corrupt. They think that the people of Bihar, the youth of Bihar, will fall for their words. In the era of smartphones, the smart youth of Bihar will never align with the goons of Jungle Raj. If RJD were in power, even your mobile phone battery wouldn't get charged. Those who want to charge mobile phones with their lanterns do not want the country to progress.”

Lashing out at the opposition, PM Modi said, “Those who insult Sanatan should listen carefully: even in the Constituent Assembly that drafted India's Constitution, 80-90% of the members were Sanatanis, and these Sanatanis collaborated with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to create such an outstanding Constitution. For the opposition, the constitution will be a political tool, but for us, the constitution is the cornerstone of our faith.”