"Shri Narendra Modi addresses victory rally in Ahmedabad"
"In a democracy the mandate of the people is important and together we have to work together for the people: Shri Modi in Ahmedabad"
"This mandate is not given to us to make someone feel small. Even those who don't have a single MP, they are as important as others: Shri Modi in Ahmedabad"
"Posts come and go, but this election has laid foundations of Adhunik Bharat: Narendra Modi"
"Development is the only agenda that can save the nation: Shri Modi"
"Let us forget the past. Let us look ahead and make development a mass movement: Shri Modi"
"Desh Chal Pada Hai, Hume Kadam Milana Hai: Shri Modi"
"Last few years were not about pro or anti establishment. There was a vacuum and in that vacuum emerged a ray of hope and trust: Shri Modi"

Speaking to a massive crowd of supporters in his second victory rally, Shri Narendra Modi expressed gratitude and thanked the people for affirming their support for the BJP. Addressing the people of Ahmedabad on the evening of 16th May, within hours of the NDA’s landslide victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, Shri Narendra Modi assured them of his dedication and determination to work for the peace and progress of the Nation.

Shri Modi thanked the people of Ahmedabad for reposing their faith, despite the fact that he had been unable to address even a single rally in the city. He also thanked the people of the Nation for showing their support and showering their blessings, and stated how this victory was a first-of-its-kind in history since it is for the first time that a Party, other than the Congress, had gained an outstanding majority on its own.

Shri Modi spoke of how such massive support brought along added responsibilities on the Party, and assured the people of BJP’s dedicated focus on ensuring developing and people’s progress. He stated that post the declaration of the results, the need-of-the-hour was to involve everyone in the Nation’s development journey, and affirmed of his vision to engage every Party and Person in the growth story.

Shri Narendra Modi addresses victory rally in Ahmedabad

Shri Modi spoke of how the ‘politics of divide’ had ended today, and the stage had been set for the ‘politics of uniting and developing’. Shri Modi said that despite the disruptive efforts of certain factions at defaming Shri Modi, the Nation had voted solely for the good governance and development modules of the BJP. “It is the youth of India who led from the front in this election, rising above differences of caste and creed. People of India have voted for development. I am seeing the start of a Bhavya and Divya Bharat,” said Shri Modi.

He spoke of how the Election results had disproved the propaganda by vested interest groups, and applauded the people for showing their support for the BJP’s sole agenda of development. “Posts come and go, but this election has laid foundations of Adhunik Bharat. Development is the only agenda that can save the nation,” said Shri Modi.

He also recalled the ‘jan andolan’ attitude prevalent in the minds of the people during pre-Independence, and called upon the people to inculcate the same and work towards making development a mass movement. Shri Modi urged the people to keep development as the core of every pursuit and contribute unitedly in making India prosper.

Rejecting the claims of an anti-establishment victory, Shri Modi spoke of how this resounding win was centered around the ray of hope for the people of the Nation – their ray of hope to free themselves from the shackles of misgovernance. He also thanked the people of Gujarat for enabling him step ahead and work for the Nation. “Your right over me will remain. Just call for me and I will be there,” said Shri Modi.

Senior leaders from Gujarat BJP were present on the occasion.





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