Our dream is to make Gandhinagar a solar city –Shri Narendra Modi

Published By : Admin | January 22, 2011 | 05:37 IST

There will be a time when a person in Gandhinagar with his house would be able to generate solar power on his roof top, and the government will be there to buy it. This would help to earn extra income for the people of Gandhinagar, said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi while dedicating 1 MW demonstration solar power plant at Pandit Dindayal Petroleum University near Gandhinagar.

“We have commissioned this project in 106 days. The coast incurred is Rs. 15 crore. This is world's first solar project where three types of technologies are present. This is the first project that can be monitored from any part of the world. One would be able to monitor how much power is being generated from remote place,” Shri Modi said.

“This only one project would generate 15 lakh unit power annually. The human kind will be saved from generation of 1500 ton carbon dioxide annually due to usage of this plant,” he added.

“This facility can provide power to 1500 plus Air Conditioned houses. Our dream is to make Gandhinagar a solar city. We are going ahead in that direction. There will be a time when each person would be able to generate power on roof top and the government would buy it. This will be an extra income for the people of Gandhinagar.”

Shri Modi said the project is important because it will be helpful for human resource development. It is also important because it's an example of generating solar power in Indian condition.

While dedicating The Institute of Seismological Research in Gandhinagar, Shri Narendra Modi today said that the first decade of 21st century is a decade of institutes in Gujarat.

“In 1960s there was a time when major institutes were established in Gujarat. This includes institutes like ISRO and IIM. But after 1960s this trend was not as strong. However the 21st century's first decade 2001-10 is an era of institutions.”

“Two days back I went to Hyderabad. The people were excited the way we are using Bhaskaracharya institute of satellite (BISAG) in the state. We received an award of best satellite technology user state.”

“I just took a round of seismology institute and I can say that this institute will give a great contribution to the world in the area of Seismology. We had IIT, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University where we are sitting at present, and a long list of universities in this decade. This is an era of institutionalization.”

“Good governance cannot be driven by an individual. Good governance means to institutionalize the idea. And Gujarat has attempted to institutionalized each idea. We are doing this in one corner of India, but I am satisfied that after all we are contributing this to the nation.”

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi further said “When Gujarat was hit by major earthquake in 2001 and responsibility of post-earth quake works was on my shoulder, I requested then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee for setting up a Seismological institute in Gujarat, and the central government gave us assurance of providing Rs. 200 crore for this purpose, but it was unfortunate that subsequent government had opinion that this was not needed.”

“I told central government that fine if they didn't want to do in Gujarat (because it is BJP ruled), but they could at least set up such institute somewhere else in the country if not in Gujarat, may be in Congress ruled state. However it is unfortunate that those in centre don't have longer vision.”

“Here I am not giving a political comment. But I want to make a point that there's strength in science, and that has to be recognized well. Our young boys are doing good research. They the youths involved in scientific research know that they are not going to get coverage in newspaper or magazine of their works, but they are working with great spirit because they know their hard work will serve the society. If this institute of seismology was set up by central govt, I could be happier. After the central govt escaped from this project, I had to make choice whether I should do this or drop the project, but it was God that asked me to go ahead with the project, and I have done it. The institute is here with the best facilities on ground to serve the nation and the world.”

While inaugurating ‘the International Symposium on the 2001 Bhuj Earthquake and Advances in Earthquake Science' at Raisan campus of The Institute of Seismological Research on Saturday, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi asked researchers to come to Gujarat to do PhD on post-earthquake works in Gujarat.

“I want to give a message that if any university youth from Gujarat or outside the state, wants to study earthquake rehabilitation, policy framework and related issues for doing PhD, this is the time to do such research work,” Shri Modi said adding that such research would be a great help to future generations.

Shri Modi also offered to become host and sponsor of the students wanting to do PhD on post-Gujarat earthquake related issues.

He said, “the Gujarat government will arrange an accommodation for such students and will also provide scholarship to encourage research in this area.”

Shri Modi said such research would also possibly throw light on Gujarat government's shortcomings in the area of post-earthquake works, however that too will be helpful for future.

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