"Narendra Modi campaigns in Rajasthan "
"Narendra Modi addresses four public meetings in Rajasthan "
"There would be unprecedented development in Rajasthan if BJP comes to power and Vasundhara ji is the CM: Narendra Modi "
"Uproot the Congress in every part of Rajasthan. Make the BJP win in every polling booth of the state: Narendra Modi "
"Rajasthan has done nothing for agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors in the last 5 years. Do you want such a Government again: Narendra Modi "
"How can my sisters and brothers of Rajasthan trust a Government that is trusted by no one: Narendra Modi "
"In Khetri, Narendra Modi visits place where Swami Vivekananda stayed"


Shri Narendra Modi continued his campaign across Rajasthan, addressing four public meetings across the state. Shri Modi’s first rally was held in Khetri and this was followed by rallies in Sri Ganganagar, Pilibanga and a rally in Bikaner in the evening.  Asking the people to support the BJP and make Smt. Vasundhara Raje ji the Chief Minister, Shri Modi said that there would be unprecedented development across Rajasthan if Ms. Raje becomes the Chief Minister and the BJP comes to power in the state. He called for uprooting the Congress in every part of Rajasthan and sought the support of the people to make BJP victorious not merely in every seat but in every polling booth across Rajasthan.

Shri Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the poor performance of the Congress Government in Rajasthan under Shri Ashok Gehlot. He said that ideal development is one where all three sectors (agriculture, manufacturing and services sector) are growing equally and contributing to the growth of the state but the picture in Rajasthan was one of complete lack of development. He went to say that under Smt. Raje’s tenure agriculture was growing above the national average but under the Congress government that has gone down. Similarly, Rajasthan that was growing at 9% under Smt. Raje is now growing at 4.9% and the services sector, notably tourism is suffering badly under the present government. Shri Modi recalled that both Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and Smt. Vasundhara Raje worked tirelessly to promote tourism but tourism arrival in Rajasthan has shrunk after the Gehlot Government came to power. “Rajasthan has done nothing for these sectors. Do you want such a Government again?” Shri Modi asked.

Narendra Modi campaigns in Rajasthan

Referring to the Rajasthan Government, Shri Modi said that a Government that cannot be trusted by anyone does not deserve to be elected to serve the people. Elaborating further, Shri Modi pointed that both the Supreme Court and the Rajasthan High Court have rebuked the Rajasthan Government and even the State Governor, who had a long association with the Congress expressed her displeasure with the State Government. “Not only that, the Chief Minister’s own party leaders do not trust his Government’s working. When there was violence in Bharatpur, the Shahzada came without telling everyone, except the media of course and sat on a motorcycle. And we all know with whom did he sit on the motorcycle. More than the CM he preferred to sit with such people…he prefers to go with history sheeters but not with his own Government! How can my sisters and brothers of Rajasthan trust a Government that is trusted by no one?”

Giving a fitting response to Shri Ashok Gehlot who has ridiculed the Gujarat model time and again Shri Modi said, “Bhagwan bachae, agar yeh Rajasthan model phir se laagu ho jaye,” (God save us if this Rajasthan model is implemented once again). He invited Shri Ashok Gehlot to visit Gujarat after 8th December to see the progress of Kutch district, which has desert but is now exporting mangoes. “Things can be done but the Congress does not believe in development,” opined Shri Modi. Shri Modi asked why the people of Rajasthan are not getting clean water and affirmed that the Gujarat government took several steps to ensure that over 9000 villages and Jawans on the India-Pakistan border get clean drinking water. Similarly, Shri Modi pointed that a war memorial has been built in Kutch but asked Shri Gehlot if he has built a war memorial for the brave patriots who hail from Rajasthan and have sacrificed their lives for the nation.

Narendra Modi campaigns in Rajasthan

In his speeches Shri Modi paid rich tributes to former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, crediting him for the Nuclear Tests in Pokhran and showing India’s might to the world. Elaborating further Shri Modi said, “Atal ji conducted Nuclear Tests. When we tested for the 1st time the world was shocked and sanctions were imposed on us. A weak PM would have shivered and felt scared but not Atal ji and the BJP. Atal ji ne kaha tumhare pratibandh ki aisi ki taisi aur do din baad phir test kiye! Duniya ko pata chala yeh doosri mitti ke log hain. And despite the sanctions, Atal ji did not let the value of the Rupee fall. The economy was strong but see what is happening under an economist Prime Minister.”

In Khetri, Shri Modi visited the place where Swami Vivekananda stayed. He shared that Khetri holds a very important place in Swami Vivekananda’s life as it was here that he came as Narendra but went as Vivekananda. Shri Modi spoke of the plight of the copper industry and took on the centre for the weak economic situation. Shri Modi asked the Congress with what face and on what basis are they asking for the people to vote for them and if they have done anything good for Rajasthan!”

Large number of people attended the rallies in large numbers. Local BJP leaders welcomed Shri Modi on the various occasions.

Narendra Modi campaigns in Rajasthan

Narendra Modi campaigns in Rajasthan

Narendra Modi campaigns in Rajasthan

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Modi: From Enigma to Phenomenon

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Modi: From Enigma to Phenomenon

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PM to visit Himachal Pradesh on 5th October
October 03, 2022
PM to inaugurate and lay foundation stone of projects worth over Rs 3650 crore
PM to inaugurate AIIMS Bilaspur, whose foundation stone had also been laid by PM
PM to lay foundation stone of project for four laning of National Highway worth over Rs 1690 crore
Project will boost industrial development and tourism in the region
PM to lay foundation stone of Medical Device Park at Nalagarh and inaugurate Government Hydro Engineering College at Bandla
PM to participate in Kullu Dussehra celebrations

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visit Himachal Pradesh on 5th October, 2022 where he will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of projects worth over Rs 3650 crore. At around 11:30 AM, Prime Minister will inaugurate AIIMS Bilaspur. After that, he will reach Luhnu Ground of Bilaspur at around 12:45 PM, where he will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of multiple development projects and also address a public function. Prime Minister will reach the Dhalpur Ground of Kullu at around 3:15 PM, where he will participate in Kullu Dussehra celebrations.

AIIMS Bilaspur

Prime Minister's vision and commitment to strengthen health services across the country is being showcased again through the inauguration of AIIMS Bilaspur. The Hospital, whose foundational stone was also laid by the Prime Minister in October 2017, is being established under the Central sector scheme Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana.

AIIMS Bilaspur, constructed at a cost of more than Rs 1470 crore, is a state-of-the-art hospital with 18 specialty & 17 super specialty departments, 18 modular operation theaters, 750 beds with 64 ICU beds. Spread over 247 acres, the hospital is equipped with 24 hours emergency and dialysis facilities, modern diagnostic machines like ultrasonography, CT scan, MRI etc, Amrit Pharmacy & Jan Aushadhi Kendra and also a 30 bedded AYUSH block. The Hospital has also set up the Centre for Digital Health to provide health services in the tribal and inaccessible tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh. Also, specialist health services will be provided by the hospital through health camps in the inaccessible tribal and high Himalayan regions like Kaza, Saluni, and Keylong. The hospital will admit 100 students for MBBS Course and 60 students for nursing courses every year.

Development projects

Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of around 31 km long project for four laning of the National Highway from Pinjore to Nalagarh on NH-105, worth over Rs. 1690 crore. The project road is a major connecting link for the traffic from Ambala, Chandigarh, Panchkula and Solan /Shimla going towards Bilaspur, Mandi and Manali. About 18 km stretch of this four-lane national highway falls under Himachal Pradesh and the remaining portion falls in Haryana. This highway will ensure better transport facilities in Nalagarh-Baddi, the industrial hub of Himachal Pradesh, and will also give a fillip to further industrial development in the region. It will also boost tourism in the state.

Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of the Medical Device Park at Nalagarh, which will be built at a cost of about Rs 350 crore. MoUs of more than Rs. 800 crore have already been signed for setting up industries in this Medical Device Park. The project will significantly enhance employment opportunities in the region.

Prime Minister will also inaugurate the Government Hydro Engineering College at Bandla. Costing about Rs 140 crore, the college will help make available trained manpower for hydro power projects, in which Himachal Pradesh is one of the leading states. It will help in upskilling the youth and providing ample job opportunities in the hydro power sector.

Kullu Dussehra

The International Kullu Dussehra Festival will be celebrated from 5th to 11th October 2022 at Dhalpur Ground of Kullu. The Festival is unique in the sense that it is the congregation of more than 300 Deities of the Valley. On the first day of the Festival, the Deities in their well decorated palanquins pay their obeisance at the temple of the Chief Deity Bhagwan Raghunath Ji and then proceed to the Dhalpur Ground. Prime Minister will witness this divine Rath Yatra and the grand assembly of the Deities in the historic Kullu Dussehra celebrations. It will be the first time ever that the Prime Minister of the country is participating in the Kullu Dussehra celebrations.