On the first day of Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor’s Summit 2011, the Seminar on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Special Investment Regions(SIR), SEZs and Logistics Park was organized. Hon’ble Minister Revenue and Hon’ble Minister of State – Industries welcomed the speakers and the participants. Hon. Chief Minister specifically remained present to encourage and assure the MOU signatories. In the seminar, 12 MOUs worth Rs. 1,39,484/- crore were signed. The signatories were Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Corporation, USEL, HCC Ltd, Hitachi and Itochu consortium, JIFT water infrastructure, Mitsubishi, Mahindra Lifespace Development and ITNL Transportation Ltd. These projects are expected to generate employment to the tune of 1,29,000.

It was brought out clearly by the CEO-GIDB that the developments of the DMIC and the SIRs is a certainty and these are historical developments and is happening for the first time in India. The SIRs are going to be global hubs of economic activity. They will not only influence the Gujarat’s economy but will impact the Indian economy and the world economy.

Dholera SIR became the special focus of discussion. It was felt that the progress in the planning and execution of various aspects of Dholera SIR has been done in a very fast manner. It is emerging as the world’s biggest planned development with world class infrastructure, premium civic amenities and best policy practices. It was also discussed that the Government of Gujarat is fully committed for developing the SIRs. It was also noted that there is full support of the Government of India, its departments and agencies particularly, the DIPP and the DMICDC. It was further noted that the developments of the dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) and the DMIC are a certainty now and Gujarat is going to be the biggest actor as well as the beneficiary of these projects.

Mr. Amitabh Kant, MD, DMICDC expressed full support of the Government of India and emphasized that Gujarat has made exemplary progress in the work of DMIC and the Dholera SIR. He explained that the development of Dholera SIR would be a smart eco-city with water recycling, water treatment, mass rapid transit systems, solar energy and will have high quality infrastructure and civic amenities. He stated that PPP will be a preferred route to create infrastructure in Dholera SIR.

Mr. Subhas Thakrar, President of Londan Chamber of Commerce stated that India is a big market for the world and Indian Community has started looking at the global market. He further said that Gujarat is a pioneer in such big developments. It was also noted that the London chamber has entered into a long term MOU with GIDB for co-operation on business exchange.

Mr. PN Shukla, Director, DFCCIL made a detailed presentation on Dedicated Fright Corridor development which will be a backbone for the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development and Logistics Parks. He stated that the need is realized to have separate freight corridor from passenger rail lines. The multi modal multi axel DFC will have fast movement of cargo and the rail speed would be 70 KM per hour and the train size would be of 1.5 km. He expressed that the DFC need connectivity with the Ports developed in Gujarat. He also stated that DFCCIL has planned to invest 12,000/- crore rupees in Gujarat for the development of Logistic Parks. Due the fast cargo movement the Logistic cost which is presently `12% would be reduced to 7-8% which will have substantial impact on the economy of the State.

Mr. K. Ramchand appreciated the commitment shown by the Government for the development of DMIC and SIR in the form of creating a legal framework and master planning of Dholera SIR and for the infrastructure.

MR. Tim Gamon, Director, Halcrow made a presentation on Development of World Class infrastructure and civic amenities. He stated that essential elements of world class infrastructure have been incorporated in the master planning of the Dholera SIR which they have done.

Mr. Hum Kim of Asian Development Bank stressed upon the need of thinking Big and effective execution in India and added that he is impressed that Gujarat is showing a way to the entire country in this regard. In his concluding presentation Mr. AK Sharma, CEO, GIDB presented the updates on the progress of the Dholera Sir including Government action particularly on allocation of 28000 hectares of land. He also explained the legal framework and the administrative mechanisms put in place for execution of these mega projects.

The participants, particularly the young entrepreneurs were curious to know the scope for their participation in these developments.

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India to have over 2 billion vaccine doses during August-December, enough for all: Centre

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