Effort in every booth will win BJP record seats, says PM Modi to party karyakartas
The festival of democracy is going on in Karnataka. The BJP has always celebrated elections as a festival of democracy: PM Modi
Many times, I refer to Karnataka because people need to know how the people of the state have made awe-inspiring progress, which I feel everyone needs to know to: PM Modi
We have to destroy the politics of bribery and appeasement to witness true development in the state and nation: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed Party Karyakartas and voters of Karnataka via video conferencing. Speaking to the Karyakartas, PM Modi said, “I will visit Karnataka in a couple of days to receive the blessings of the people of the state. BJP leaders who have campaigned in the state have said that they received a lot of affection from the people there. This shows people's confidence in BJP. The BJP has always celebrated election as a celebration of democracy.”

“Seeing the way how BJP Karyakartas have received support from the public makes me feel happy and I know that we will win the elections. The hard work and efforts of the BJP Karyakartas will definitely win us a majority in the upcoming election. Festival of democracy is on in Karnataka. You hail from the land of Bhagawan Basaveshwara who imparted the principles of democracy. You have the double pride of being a nationalist and a BJP Karyakarta,” he added.

Interacting with BJP Karyakartas in Karnataka, PM Modi iterated, “Information regarding how BJP is working for the bright future of the youth and people of Karnataka has to always be with the Karyakartas. The key to winning the election booth is to win the hearts of the families that vote at the election booth.”

Urging the Karyakartas to make the people understand how instability has caused losses to the people of Karnataka under Congress, the PM asserted that the aim of our opponents is to just win the elections but our aim is to free India of issues within the next 25 years.

PM Modi further exhorted to make people of the state know about the benefits of Double Engine Sarkar, he said, “Double Engine Sarkar means that the people get to witness the benefits of the scheme faster. The states where non-BJP parties are ruling, they modify these schemes for their own benefit. If there is no Double Engine government, the people face double the problem. If there is Double Engine government, there will be Double the speed of development for the people.”

Slamming the Congress party, PM Modi stated, “Congress doesn't talk about how long it took to make the 2nd AIIMS of India. It took almost 60 years. The Congress will never talk about this. From 1947-2014, there were only 380 medical colleges in India. After 2014, it has increased to over 600 colleges. That is because the BJP works with speed and scale, while Congress works half heartedly.”

When one of the Karyakartas, Arun Shett from Dakshina Kannada asked about the freebies culture of Congress party, PM Modi said, “Some parties have made the definition of democracy as just winning elections, and they will do anything to win them. They don't care about anybody's welfare. To appease the population, they spend a lot of money.”

Taking a dig at the opposition, Prime Minister Modi said, “BJP does not take shortcuts, it works towards the development of the nation and asset creation for the future. Shortcuts will cut you short. BJP doesn't think for the party, it thinks for the country. We have to destroy the politics of bribery and appeasement to witness true development in the state and nation.”

PM Modi urged BJP Karyakartas, supporters and volunteers to reach out to as many people as possible and aware them about the government’s transformative initiatives and schemes to ensure that the message of the party reaches to every people of the state.

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