Bengal wants to ask the TMC - why you are inducting those who fired in Nandigram to your party?: PM Modi
In all these years, Bengal politics has been criminalised, corruption institutionalised, and administration and police politicised: PM Modi in Bengal
Mamata didi promised parivartan in West Bengal. Everyone trusted her with her promise, but in 10 years, all they received was nirmamta: PM Modi
PM Modi says many international conspiracies to defame India coming to light
In a play on the red card in football, PM said Bengal is soon going to show the 'Ram card' to Trinamool: PM Modi
TMC govt rebirth of erstwhile Left rule, rebirth of corruption, crime, violence and attack on democracy: PM Modi in Bengal

Speaking at a public meeting in Haldia, West Bengal today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he was reviewing the situation in Uttarakhand following a glacier burst incident at Joshimath in Chamoli district today. PM Modi took stock of the rescue and relief work underway. The entire nation is praying for everyone's safety there, he said, adding that he was monitoring the situation constantly and was in touch with State CM Trivendra Rawat ji, Union Home Minister and NDRF officials.

Talking on several key infrastructure projects, PM Modi said, “Development of modern infrastructure in West Bengal has been a constant priority of the Central Government. Work on the metro project in Kolkata is going on at a cost of Rs 8,500 crore. In Budget 2021, the Central government has widened the ambit of these projects. The government is also going to spend thousands of crores to build national highways in the state.”

“From the LPG import terminal, LPG will be easily available in the entire east Indian region, including Bengal. Also, a special focus has also been provided to our tea-farmers and we've allotted Rs 1,000 crore for them in this year's budget. It will help West Bengal's tea-farmers, especially women farmers,” he said.

Asking a question to the people of West Bengal, the PM, said, “Your state was developed even during British rule. The state of infrastructure was stronger compared to the rest of the nation. The region had opportunities and there was no competition. Bengal has always shown the way to the nation. Why then, Bengal lost its speed of development?”

PM Modi added, “The politics in the state is responsible for the state of West Bengal. There hasn't been developmental politics in the state, thwarting its growth. In Bengal, if you ask Mamata didi about your right then she gets frustrated. She even gets annoyed if slogans of 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' are raised.”

“Mamata didi promised parivartan in West Bengal. Everyone trusted her with her promise, but in 10 years, all they received was nirmamta. What they have is rebirth of the Left. Rebirth of criminals. Rebirth of attack on loktantra,” he asserted.

Prime Minister Modi launched a scathing attack on the global conspiracy to defame India. He said that people who are conspiring to defame India have stooped so low that they are not sparing even Indian tea and Yoga. He asked why Mamata didn’t ask question to them who were maligning the image of the nation.

“In the first year of Mamata Government, it became clear that what Bengal had got was not 'parivartan' but revival of left and that too with interest. Revival of left meant revival of corruption, crime, violence, and attacks on democracy. TMC has criminalized politics, institutionalized corruption and politicized administration and police. Bengal wants to ask TMC why are they admitting people in their party who shot at poor people and farmers in Nandigram,” asked the Prime Minister.

Attacking the Mamata Government, PM Modi said, “The Central govt ensured that the poor people had enough food during the COVID lockdown. However, the TMC govt failed at delivering it to the needy. Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the poor patients of West Bengal are also deprived of the facility of free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh in hospitals across the country.”

“Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, over 10 crore small farmers have received Rs 1.15 lakh crore in their accounts. I am sad to say that WB farmers could also have received the support, but the govt in the state did not allow the scheme to be implemented,” he added.

Speaking at the public meeting, PM Modi said, “I promise the farmers of West Bengal that if we form the government in the state, we will pay you the remaining amount, at par with other Indian farmers, directly into your bank accounts. You will receive all benefits from the Central government.”

Drawing a comparison between Bengal’s love for football and TMC, PM Modi said, “Bengal loves football and in that terminology, I want to say TMC has committed many fouls- Foul of corruption, foul on governance and foul on faith. In a play on the red card in football, PM said Bengal is soon going to show the 'Ram card' to Trinamool.”

“The TMC tolabaz and syndicate are only for few days...parivartan is inevitable this time in Bengal,” he said. Also, he said that TMC government rebirth of erstwhile Left rule, rebirth of corruption and attack on democracy.

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PM interacts with CEOs and Experts of Global Oil and Gas Sector
October 20, 2021
Our goal is to make India Aatmanirbhar in the oil & gas sector: PM
PM invites CEOs to partner with India in exploration and development of the oil & gas sector in India
Industry leaders praise steps taken by the government towards improving energy access, energy affordability and energy security

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi interacted with the CEOs and Experts of the global oil and gas sector earlier today, via video conferencing.

Prime Minister discussed in detail the reforms undertaken in the oil and gas sector in the last seven years, including the ones in exploration and licensing policy, gas marketing, policies on coal bed methane, coal gasification, and the recent reform in Indian Gas Exchange, adding that such reforms will continue with the goal to make India ‘Aatmanirbhar in the oil & gas sector’.

Talking about the oil sector, he said that the focus has shifted from ‘revenue’ to ‘production’ maximization. He also spoke about the need to enhance  storage facilities for crude oil.  He further talked about the rapidly growing natural gas demand in the country. He talked about the current and potential gas infrastructure development including pipelines, city gas distribution and LNG regasification terminals.

Prime Minister recounted that since 2016, the suggestions provided in these meetings have been immensely useful in understanding the challenges faced by the oil and gas sector. He said that India is a land of openness, optimism and opportunities and is brimming with new ideas, perspectives and innovation. He invited the CEOs and experts to partner with India in exploration and development of the oil and gas sector in India. 

The interaction was attended by industry leaders from across the world, including Dr. Igor Sechin, Chairman & CEO, Rosneft; Mr. Amin Nasser, President & CEO, Saudi Aramco; Mr. Bernard Looney, CEO, British Petroleum; Dr. Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman, IHS Markit; Mr. Olivier Le Peuch, CEO, Schlumberger Limited; Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman & Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited; Mr Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Limited, among others.

They praised several recent achievements of the government towards improving energy access, energy affordability and energy security. They appreciated the leadership of the Prime Minister towards the transition to cleaner energy in India, through visionary and ambitious goals. They said that India is adapting fast to newer forms of clean energy technology, and can play a significant role in shaping global energy supply chains. They talked about ensuring sustainable and equitable energy transition, and also gave their inputs and suggestions about further promotion of clean growth and sustainability.