Narendra Modi calls for promotion of Sanskrit language and rich knowledge and culture buried in ancient texts

Ahmedabad, Tuesday: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today called for research in synthesis of priceless Sanskrit language with modern science and promotion of the ancient treasure buried in the past for the welfare of the society.

Speaking at a function to mark presentation of awards to Sanskrit scholars at Gandhinagar, he said that Sanskrit is one of the richest languages of the world. It has the inherent strength for emotional integration of people and influence the society. Sanskrit is the most scientific and computer savvy language for transliteration.

He said that Government of Gujarat has undertaken several steps for greater application of Sanskrit. This cultural function is one of such steps.

Mr. Modi said a treasure trove of scriptures and valuables documents written in Sanskrit remain buried due to 1,200 years of slavery. The language developed 1,200 years earlier still holds good. He said that Vedic Mathematics finds acceptance in modern Europe, but so-called secularists in India feel ashamed of chanting Sanskrit. Our seers, saints and ancestors have compiled and collated priceless knowledge of the Vedic period about the then lifestyle and its link with economic activities. It is high time we should dig them out.

He said that Sanskrit has the power of synthesis of ancient and modern sciences. Astrology of the Vedic period is widely accepted as part of Sanskrit literature even today. The concept of space, universe and planets were defined thousands of years earlier but is still valid. Sanskrit and archaeology have also a close link.

A grand cultural programme in Sanskrit on the occasion of Asadhasya Pratham Divase, Tridalam-2012, was jointly organized by Gujarat Government’s Sanskrit Sahitya Academy and Sanskrit Bharati.

The Chief Minister presented ‘Sanskrit Gaurav Puraskar’ to Jayanand Dayalji Shukla, Bhagwatlal Bhanuprasad Shuklaand Indravadan Bhanushankar Bhatt, besides Lakshmesh Vallabhji Joshi and Mihir Pradeep Upadhyay were honoured with Gaurav Pursalar of Rs. one lakh and Rs.50,000 respectively.

Earlier, Youth Services & Cultural Activities Secretary Bhagyesh Jha presented a detailed account of different schemes of the government for the promotion and publicity of Sanskrit language and rich literature in the state. Somnath Sanskrit University Vice-Chancellor Vempatty Kutumbshastri also had a word of praise.

Prominent among those present there include Cultural Activities Minister Fakir Vaghela, Gandhinagar Guardian Minister Jaysinhji Chauhan and Shri Girishbhai Thakar.

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