Narendra Modi’s Sadbhavana fast in Mandavi 

CM demands Dr. Manmohan Singh’s resignation following to the verdict of SC regarding telecom scam 

CM announces Rs. 2165 cr development projects for Kutch 

20,674 people voluntarily observe fast with the CM 


Concluding his one-day Sadbhavana fast in Mandavi in Kutch Chief Minister Narendra Modi said the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has no right to be in power after the clear verdict from the Supreme Court today regarding the telecom scam.

“I am not demanding the Prime Minister’s resignation based on some baseless lies. TheApex Courthas made the matter clean. Now the people want the Prime Minister to come out of silence and give answer”, he said.

The people ofIndiahave never seen before the scams of such big amounts. The rulers in Centre have ruined the country in a bid to please a handful of vested interests. The Central government is not only trying to save Mr. Chidambaram but it is also trying to guard other looters of Rs.1,65,000 crore telecom scam in a bid to save its regime, said Mr. Modi.

Referring to the opposition party inGujarat, Mr. Modi said it is indulged in spreading lies to disturb the atmosphere of peace in the State.

It is noteworthy that as many as 20,674 people voluntarily observed fast with the Chief Minister today. A sea of humanity thronged the venue of fast conveying support to the motives behind Sadbhavna Mission. Chief Minister announced development projects worth Rs.2165 crore forKutchdistrict. At Kranti Tirth, the Chief Minister thrown open a touch-screen kiosk based on the life of Swami Vivekananda.

Talking about the development in Kutch Mr. Modi said once a drought-prone region ofKutchhas now become an exporter of bananas and kesar mangos. This year’s Ran Utsav has become instrumental providing income of Rs.25 crore to the people ofKutch, he added.

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Modi Govt's #7YearsOfSeva
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