"Shri Narendra Modi addresses rally at Kasargod in Kerala"
"I have come here with a message to serve you. We have seen their friendly fights now we want you to place your trust in us: Shri Modi"
"Reason of Kerala decline is the friendly match between UDF and LDF: Shri Modi"
"Congress is like a watermelon. It is green from outside and red from inside and Left carries red flag: Shri Modi"
"There is lots Kerala can give to the world- things like herbal medicines. But sadly, it is exporting its skilled and intelligent youth: Shri Modi"
"Same Kerala known for tourism is now heading towards being nursery of terrorism: Shri Modi"
"Do PM, Kerala CM, Defence Minister have the courage to answer my questions on the killing of fishermen: Shri Modi"
"What did Mr. AK Antony say in Parliament when our soldiers were killed? What you said made people in Pakistan happy: Shri Modi"
"Delhi is more interested in Defence Deals and not Defence Power of the nation that explains the problems we are facing: Shri Modi"
"This is God's Own Country but youth from Kerala are leaving the state. What is forcing them to do so: Shri Modi"


A deep concern for the people of Kerala – God’s own country – and the misrule the state has witnessed for several years, was shared by Shri Narendra Modi during his address at Kasargod in Kerala, on the afternoon of 8th April. Citing the ‘friendly match’ between the LDF and UDF parties that had ruined the State of its tremendous growth potential, Shri Modi urged the people to vote for the BJP and take a step ahead in restoring Kerala’s lost glory.

Expressing concern over the ruling government’s lack of foresightedness in tapping the potential of ‘God’s own country’, Shri Modi said that the reason for Kerala’s decline, despite its natural and cultural strength, was the friendly match between the UDF and LDF. He spoke of how these parties took turns to rule the state, make their own policies, while ignoring the doings of the other. This tactic, Shri Modi, said was a clear attempt at fooling the people, reigning over them and ruining the State. “The reason of Kerala’s decline is the friendly match between the UDF and the LDF. They have an unwritten agreement - UDF then LDF then UDF then LDF. Each is silent on the other and these games go on,” said Shri Modi.

The untapped coastal potential that could rightly serve the need of salt for the entire nation, as also its potency to export agricultural produce and herbal medicine, was rightly referred to by Shri Modi, who said that instead of exporting these and encashing the prospects, the State was ‘exporting intelligent minds’ (referring to the youth who had to go to other States in search of jobs). He also shared the concerns of those who worked in foreign lands, and questioned the Indian minister from Kerala (referring to Shri Shashi Tharoor, who is the Indian Minister of State for Human Resource Development) if these concerns of exploitation of the Kerala youth in foreign lands was duly being addressed or not?

The Centre’s insensitiveness in addressing the concerns of farmers, particularly towards the production of areca nut, was also duly raised by Shri Modi who spoke of how Gujarat had taken steps towards empowering these farmers. He also highlighted how Gujarat had adopted an inclusive approach for the development of the fishermen community, and this could be replicated for the betterment of the community in Kerala too.

Shri Modi condemned Kerala CM’s Shri Oommen Chandy’s remarks that Shri Modi’s concern for the fishermen reflected ‘cheap behaviour’, and affirmed that he will continue to show support for the interests of the fishermen community, come what may. Criticizing the lack of concern for the community on the part of the State and Central government, Shri Modi sought answers from the Kerala CM and the Centre, as to in which jail were the Italian marines who killed the fishermen of Kerala lodged.

Shri Modi also condemned the rising terrorist activities in Kerala, and said that instead of exploring the tourism and holistic healthcare prospects and thereby giving a boost to ‘God’s own country’, the State had now emerged as a ‘nursery for terrorism. He strongly disapproved of Defence Minister Shri A K Antony’s statement of terrorists in Pakistani uniform having killed Indian soldiers, and asked him if he was supposed to defend Pakistan or his motherland India, and urged him to take steps for India’s safety.

Shri Modi exposed the Congress’ custom of misleading the people by citing how many of their promises, including their fight against terrorism, got repeated in their Manifestos of 2004 and 2009, which clearly reflected their inconsideration towards the grave concerns of our country. Terming the Manifesto as ‘Dhokha Patra’, Shri Modi questioned the Central government why they did not take the lead to equip the Army with necessary ammunition, despite the fact that the Army Chief had cited acute shortage of the same. “Congress is like a watermelon. It is green from outside and red from inside and the Left carries the red flag,” said Shri Modi.

He also raised many such concerns of the Navy and Air Forces, which had a direct impact on the security of India, and questioned Shri A K Antony as to why the Centre had been inactive towards the safety of every Indian. Delhi is more interested in Defence Deals and not Defence Power of the nation, and this explains the problems we are facing,” said Shri Modi.

Putting forth the BJP’s focus on easing the worries of Kerala, Shri Modi urged the people to vote for BJP and end the misrule of the LDF and the UDF.

Shri Modi thanked the people for turning out in large numbers for the rally and extended Vishu wishes.

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