"Shri Narendra Modi addressed rallies in Bihar"
"Nothing is happening for you and your children. If something is happening it is for one family: Shri Modi in Bhagalpur"
"IB is very important in our security apparatus. For political reasons, you created tensions between CBI and IB: Shri Modi to Congress"
"When SC said give grains to poor you didn't do so. Despite SC saying so...and you gave it to alcohol makers at cheap rates: Shri Modi to Congress"
"What is the first thing you did in 2004? You recalled governors who were appointed. This is your commitment to democracy: Shri Modi to Congress"


Shri Narendra Modi addressed massive rallies at Bhagalpur and Araria in Bihar on the evening of 15th April, and highlighted how the Congress had ruined the Nation with its false promises and misleading claims. Shri Modi also spoke of the Congress’ inherent trait of misusing government agencies for personal gains, and called for the need to end this misrule by wiping out the Congress.

Referring to the recently released book ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, Shri Modi spoke of how it had exposed the unauthorized hierarchy in the Prime Minister Office. He recalled the article of Freedom of Speech, given in the Indian Constitution by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, and stated that the book clearly conveyed that the Congress had nearly taken away this freedom of the Indian Prime Minister. Shri Modi expressed regret at having given statements against the PM in the past, and contended that the Nation had been ruined only by the actions and inactions of the Mother-Son duo sitting in Delhi.


He also spoke of how the Congress Vice President still had a childlike approach towards the Nation’s problems, and was, sadly, yet to develop the maturity to run the Nation and ensure the progress of its people. Shri Modi asked the Congress VP to stop making references to ‘toffees’, and instead focus on earning trophies for the Nation, an achievement that Gujarat has through its innumerable laurels from national and international organizations.

Shri Modi also questioned the Congress President’s claims of respecting institutes of repute, and cited instances where the Congress had misused Government agencies for their personal gains. Right from the arbitrary removal of Governors by the UPA government after it came to power in 2004, to the Centre’s refusal to follow the Supreme Court’s decision of giving away grains to the poor, and even creating tension between the CBI and IB for their ulterior motives, Shri Modi spoke of instances where the Congress had shown utter disregard for Government agencies and institutes of repute.

Further, criticizing the Congress for its blatant lies and misleading claims, Shri Modi cited the example of NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) whereby the Congress Party had promised jobs for crores of people but only a few lakhs across the country had benefitted from the scheme. This, and the Congress’ miserable failure in tackling the concerns of price rise, unemployment, corruption, poverty etc. was also shared by Shri Modi.

Applauding the presence of massive crowds at the rallies, Shri Modi spoke of how states across the country were competing to vote in large numbers, and lead the way in wiping out the Congress rule. He affirmed the Nation’s firm determination to end the misrule of the Mother-Son duo in Delhi, and urged the youth to send more than 300 Lotuses to Delhi and ensure a strong and stable government in India.


Shri Narendra Modi addressed rallies in Bihar




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