"Mahatma Mandir will be the center of inspiration, Sachivalaya- Vidhansabha will be the center of exertion and Panchamrit will be the center of results."
"I want to enable Gujarat to a dream… I want to create circumstances in which the entire world stands as witness… to Gujarat fulfilling these dreams."
"People are believed to be the descent of God. Their blessings have the same power as the benediction of God."

Place : Gandhinagar, Date :1-05-2010


Today is May first, opening of ‘The Golden Jubilee' of Gujarat state. We are beginning the ‘Swarnim Jayanti' with a firm resolve to illuminate our state with plenty of ambitious project in the coming year. This is an occasion to remember the great revolutionary, respected Bapu. Let's bow down to the statue of Induchacha and pay homage to martyrs and honour their families. When we think of nationhood over politics, only then one can think of constructing the Mahatma-temple. Politics is an activity of parties, whereas nationhood is an activity of nation. This is an occasion of national pride and national interest, which is greater than politics and can reach the top of Everest. Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, has existed for years, but still it is difficult to introduce it to any guest from outside and much more difficult is to find Gandhiji in it. A question may arise that why this was not done in the past. May be I am the chosen one by God for all these good chores. This decision of Mahatma Mandir, my dear friends, is not merely a building or a bhavan, but, it's a dream of my heart. And, today for the first time, I would like to share this dream of mine with the people of Gujarat. In the past when I had shared about Mahatma Mandir, my friends had asked me what temple means; is it going to be a home for Puja- Archana? Will Arti be done there? They had inquired such questions. At that time I told them to let the secret be. People brought up with a slave mentality, people strongly influenced by the culture of West, will find it difficult to understand what Temple is. When we see a shishu- mandir (kinder garten), we don't see there puja-archana (worship) taking place. Temple spreads message of Purity. When we see the law court we don't find any Arti, Puja, Deity, God and Offerings there. It has perseverance for transparency. If you see the Gandhi Mandir, the Kirti Mandir in Porbander, no flag is hoisted and no Arti is done there. Kirti Mandir spreads the message of age revolution. The concept of Mahatma Mandir is just the same as that of Law court (Nyay Mandir) and Shishu Mandir (Kinder garten).

I wish to make use of water from rivers all across the world, sand from each part of the world, the pious water and soil from each and every village of Gujarat, for the construction of Mahamta Mandir. It's but obvious that every Gujarati is drawn towards protecting the honour of Mahatma Gandhi and must have struggled somewhere to keep the honour of Mahatma Gandhi as he belonged to the land of Gujarat and is renowned as a father of the world. Once the construction of Mahatma Mandir is finished, it will be written that the water and soil of each part of the world is brought here. Anybody who visits and reads this will get a feeling that a part of his land and water belongs to this place. And, hence we will be able to touch the world. Any brother from any part of Hindustan, anybody visiting from Mizoram or Nagaland when comes here and reads this, will feel and say, it's amazing! This builds a relation.

Clubbing together all these ideas, Gandhi Garden was conceived. Gandhi Garden would be a place where 365 incidents from Gandhiji's life will be presented. Some incident might have occurred on first Jan, the other on second April, and the other on 3rd June but to find these 365 incidents of Gandhiji's life and clubbing these incidents together is what I have thought about. Gandhi Garden would serve as medium for mass education for those who want to understand Gandhiji and incidents from his life, the India's struggle for freedom and the simplicity and Gandhiji's love for nature.

During the Indian struggle for freedom, the spinning wheel had become a symbol of economic revolution. It is a symbol for economic development. One decision has been taken to place spinning wheel as the main facet of Gandhi temple. It will be of a massive structure, one that can be viewed from a distance which you must have not seen before. You might have noticed a small peak here. A salt peak will be made here. Gandhiji rooted out British Sultanate by taking a pinch of salt during Dandi March. This salt peak will be the symbol of the power of that pinch of salt. The salt plays a significant role for Gujarat. We say it with pride that there is no one in this country who hasn't tasted our salt. The Dandi movement and its pride, all these are conceptualized for Mahatma Mandir.

Mahatma Gandhi taught us to interact with nature. He was a nature lover. By living his relationship with nature all through his life he showed us the ways to maintain this relationship with nature. Here we are trying to erect two windmills so that the world can learn how to live with nature and how to fight with global warming. Even after so many years, once again, Mahatma Gandhi will continue to teach us these crucial lessons through this ‘Mahatma-Mandir'. This is a dream. There is even a bigger dream that I intend to share with everybody. I don't know, may be some people might mock at my dream if I share it. It might evoke strange reactions from people. I remember when I became the Chief Minister for the first time my friends from Chamber of Commerce had invited me for a welcome. As a Chief Minister I was just seven days old and in my infant stage I had to address them. In my address I mentioned that the nation needs thousands of tons of electricity. Our country is lurking in darkness. Why not go in the way of producing thousands of watts of electricity by importing coal on the shores of Gujarat. Why shouldn't we produce twenty thousand megawatts of electricity and provide it to our country. I mentioned this in my speech. Friends from the industry made a mockery of it. They thought Gujarat is on the verge of ending. This man has no idea of what he is talking about and how come he has reached here. Entire Gujarat's electricity is just five thousand megawatts and this person is talking about producing twenty thousand megawatts? I became an object of mockery, friends. All these people clapped and mocked and said the BJP will be dead soon. Brothers and sisters you'd be proud to know that today we are on the verge of generating more than twenty thousand megawatts of power from imported coal at our seashores.

People who do not believe in dreams might mock at our dreams and make fun of it, but I want to see these dreams… I want to enable Gujarat to nurture dreams… I want to create circumstances in which the entire world bears witness… to fulfilling my dreams. In addition, for that very reason, I want to proclaim bravely those dreams on the foundation day of Gujarat. Friends, I foresee a day unaware of who rules Delhi Sultanate. Who will rule Gujarat; I have no clue, but a day will come when peace-meetings will be conducted all over the world. A War-free humanitarianism and humanity embodied with mind power will be the subject of discussions. Peace missions will take place. International treaties will be formed. Someday world might be in search of a place to hold peace meetings and our Mahatma Mandir can be a place for it.

The water of every ocean, water from every part of the world and water from every river of the world has been sprinkled on this Mahatma Mandir. Moreover, this place has its name after the person, who dedicated his entire life for peace, humanity, non-violence, and for the well-being of the world – Mahatma Gandhi; a person with dignity, ascetic values, and a person who led the entire world. This pious land will be a place where peace meetings will be conducted and will be resolved and concluded without any external disturbance in comparison with that of New York and Washington under the shadow of UN, where owing to the fear of the external danger, the discussions on peace usually fail. Nevertheless, the peace meeting held at Mahatma Mandir will encourage the entire world to follow a path of peace and non-violence. I am visualising this dream. I do not know who will do it. However, the dream that I am visualising is big, and, that is, my Mahatma Mandir will be a holy place for the peace summits of the world. This will be a pilgrimage for all those seeking a path of non-violence and peace across the world. It is my dream to move the world in this direction and this Mahatma-Mandir will be the epitome of hope for it. This is not merely a building or a structure but a small effort on this land to keep alive the mantras of life given by Bapu and make it reach to each and every individual in the society.

Those who live in Gandhinagar I want to tell them that just think where you are sitting. Straight from Mahatma Mandir is Central Vista and just opposite to Mahatma Mandir is ‘Sachivalaya'. Mahatma Mandir will be the eyewitness to each and every task carried out at Sachivalaya. This is to be made exactly like one you find in the other developed nations of the world. Take an example of Delhi; see the view of Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate. I have suggested the same view for Mahatma Mandir. Straight opposite to Mahatma Mandir will be Vidhansabha-Sachivalaya and just behind it- ‘Panchamrit Bhavan' the third construction for which I've given instruction – a building composed of five types of power. I have a very straightforward philosophy for this design - Mahatma Mandir will be the center of inspiration, Sachivalaya-Vidhansabha will be the center of exertion and Panchamrit will be the center of results. The construction will take place in accordance to restrict the deficiency among all the three– inspiration, exertion and results.

Today is 1st May. Since last few days, you might have read in newspaper that the CM is making everybody happy on this occasion of Swarnim Jayanti. Vidya-Sahayak, Sahayak, Anganwadi workers, police and Karma yogi of sachivalaya-vidhansabha are benefitted with hike in salary. The state budget will bear an extra burden of Rs.2300 crores, all this is published in corners to corners of the newspapers. Today I wish to give you a New Present. Until now, Gandhinagar remained a township. It was a place of an administration carried out through government budget and its employees. However, from today, Government has decided to give Gandhinagar an independent identity of ‘Mahanagarpalika'. And administrator for the same has also been arranged. As we have Ahmedabad Mahanagarpalika, Vadodara Mahanagarpalika, Surat Mahanagarpalika we will have a Gandhinagar Mahanagarpalika and its operation will commence from today, 01st May 2010. We present you your own city. Until now we have kept the city clean, now it is your turn to keep this city clean. Let the people take the responsibility. Let them do their duty. Let us accomplish the message given by Bapu.

Brothers and sisters, I wish to thank all my citizens of Gujarat as Advaniji yesterday said that in 50 thousand places, in 18000 villages of the state, people have welcomed this Swarnim Jayanti with an enthusiasm and ‘jaynaad'. When these many people have shown their enthusiasm to welcome the Swarnim Jayanti then I have faith that the spirit of enlightenment has risen among the people. With this spirit I can guarantee and I see the prosperous and a powerful Gujarat for tomorrow.

Today is the foundation laying ceremony, but just to inform you its work will commence today itself. Though, tomorrow is a Sunday, tomorrow there will be ‘no holiday', because I want to organize a programme in this auditorium on 1st May 2011. I have requested them to at least finish the first phase as it won't be possible to finish the entire work. It is my wish to arrange an exhibition of photographs and films of the programme carried out throughout the Swarnim Jayanti year in various places and different states. Nevertheless, the advantage will be all yours. Today we have started this task with the collection of water and soil and I want your hard efforts in this. I want to connect people. Friends, humans are believed to be the incarnation of God and their blessings have the power as similar as benediction of God. It is because of their blessings that Gujarat is marching ahead with tremendous efforts, fresh vigour, with new power of commitments and efficiency. May Gujarat illuminate the world through its new shine and may every Gujarati be an example of inspiration for the human life. With this resolve, I wish Mahatma Mandir becomes the epitome of hope for the World and I wish its construction is completed soon. My best wishes for the Swarnim Jayanti to all of you.

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat

Jay Jay Swarnim Gujarat

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat

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September 27, 2023
“I have also been connected to the country and the world through my YouTube channel. I also have subscribers in decent numbers”
“Together, we can bring transformation in the lives of a vast population in our country”
“Awaken the nation, initiate a movement”
“Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Icon to receive all my updates”

My YouTuber friends, today I am extremely happy to be here among you as a fellow YouTuber. I am also just like you, not any different. Since 15 years, I have also been connected to the country and the world through a YouTube channel. I also have subscribers in decent numbers.

I have been told that a big community of about 5,000 creators, aspiring creators is present here today. Some work on gaming, some educate on technology, some do food blogging, while some are travel bloggers or lifestyle influencers.

Friends, for years, I have been observing how your content impacts the people of our country. And we have an opportunity to make this impact even more effective. Together, we can bring transformation in the lives of a vast population in our country. Together, we can empower and strengthen many more individuals. Together, we can easily teach and make crores of people understand important matters. We can connect them with us.

Friends, although there are thousands of videos on my channel, the most satisfying for me has been when I talked to lakhs of students in our country through YouTube on subjects like exam stress, expectation management, productivity.

When I am amidst such a big creative community of the country, I feel like talking to you about some topics. These topics are connected with mass movement, the power of the people of the country is the basis for their success.

The first topic is cleanliness - Swachh Bharat became a big campaign in the last nine years. Everyone contributed to it, children brought an emotional power to it. Celebrities gave it heights, people in all corners of the country turned it into a mission and YouTubers like you made cleanliness more cool.

But we don't have to stop. Till the time cleanliness does not become India’s identity, we won’t stop. Therefore, cleanliness must be a priority for each one of you.

The second topic is - Digital payments. Due to the success of UPI, India today has 46 percent share in digital payments of the world. You should inspire more and more people of the country to make digital payments, teach them to make digital payments in simple language through your videos.

Another topic is Vocal For Local. In our country, so many products are made at the local level. The skill of our local artisans is amazing. You can promote them also through your work, and help in making India's local turn global.

And I have one more request. Inspire others also, make an emotional appeal that we will buy the product that has the fragrance of our soil, which has the sweat of a labourer or artisan of our country. Whether it's Khadi, handicrafts, handloom, or anything else. Awaken the nation, initiate a movement.

And one more thing I'd like to suggest from my side. Along with the identity that you have as a YouTuber, can you add an activity. Consider putting a question at the end of each episode or provide action points to do something. People can do the activity and share it with you. This way, your popularity will also grow, and people will not just listen but also engage in doing something.

I really enjoyed talking to all of you. What do you say at the end of your videos... I will also repeat it: Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Icon to receive all my updates.

Wishing you all the best.