The Virtues of Non-Violence and Compassion are the Basic Elements of “Jain Shashan,” which can give lasting solutions to the present crisis: Shri L.K.Advani

Shri L.K.Advani inaugurates the “JITO Global Summit”

Inaugurating the “JITO Global Summit,” Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi asked to launch a public movement of awakening self esteem of the people, and make them proud about the glorious cultural legacy of India. He also expressed his confidence that the cultural roots and bonds are very strong, entire world is experiencing the vibrancy of our culture, he cordially welcome the delegates of Jain Community in the Summit. Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Shri L.K.Advani inaugurated the Jain International Trade Organization-JITO-Summit today.

“21st century is the century of Knowledge. The brave person, who worships the weapons, is called a “Vir”, and the person who preaches non-violence is called a “Mahavir”. Our Traditions and culture shows the path to the world for peaceful coexistence. Entire world can take a leaf out of our rich cultural legacy, added the Chief Minister. The message of” Live and Let Live” has spread across the world, and for the larger benefit of the community, “Live and give compassionate existence to others” adds new dimension to it. The Vision of our Rushies Sages and Thinkers- can predict the crisis and offers lasting solutions to the most complicated problems faced by the world.

The knowledge and science centered Western World derives the vision of welfare from the preaching of our sages.

Rising above the vote-bank politics, Gujarat is the only State which has enacted a Law for Gauraksha. Gujarat would transcend the new horizons of development, which has a sound and strong foundation of cultural and moral values, in the 21st Century.

Shri Lal Krishna Advani:

Leader of the opposition in the Parliament, Shri L.K.Advani said, “The JITO has realised the ideals of humanity, welfare, education, economic reforms, social upliftment, along with spiritual progress. The principals of Truth, Non-Violence, and selfless devotion are recognized the world over. The Jain organization has carved out a niche for itself, but the principal virtue is the social service.” He condemned the terror attacks on Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Gauhati and the recent brutal attacks in Mumbai. He expressed his concern for the worrisome changes in the environment. The ideals and principles of Bhagvan Mahavir guide us towards the lasting solutions.

Shri Advaniji described Gujarat as the Role-Model for the other States. Gujarat is the world-class investment destination. Gujarat is role-model in Good-Governance, development and internal security. He stressed the need to initiate immediate steps for tackling the global meltdown.

Eminent Jain Leader, Shri Shrenik Kasturbhai and renowned Industrialist Shri Gautam Adani, Shri Sudhir Maheta of Torrent were felicitated by the Chief Minister and Shri Advaniji.

Shri Nayapadmsagar Maharaj showered the blessings; he gave compliments to Shri Narendrabhai Modi for his visionary leadership acumen.

President “JITO”, Shri Utkarsh Shah delivered welcome address.

President Apex JITO, Shri Hemant Shah highlighted the theme and objective of the Summit.

Information bureau, Government of Gujarat, Date: 10/01/2009

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