Landmark Breakthroughs in Human Development Index (HDI)

Published By : Admin | December 29, 2008 | 08:34 IST
"By Practicing Development Based Politics , Gujarat Shows the Path to the Nation"
"Uninterrupted Journey of Development and Progress under the Dynamic Leadership of Narendrabhai Modi"
"Qualitative Changes in Social - Infrastructure Development - Service Delivery Mechanism"
"With active participation of the people in battling out Mal Nutrition, Unemployment and Penury"
"Accords Top Priority to Safety and Security"
"Development of Down Trodden and Deprived Classes"
"Strong Political Will Financial Stability - Inclusive Growth And Development Public Agenda- Loyal and Committed Government"

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi took over the reigns of power for the third consecutive term on 25th Dec-2008, present State Government completes one year today.

During the last one year, the pace of development has witnessed unprecedented acceleration; many HDI (Human Development Milestones) milestones are registered. By realising agenda of public aspirations, Shri Narendrabhai Modi has won the trust of the people by practicing development base politics, where as the nation is gripped in pessimism .Tremendous faith is generated in the heart of people for Development Base Politics. When it comes to Gujarat, no goal is impossible, no hurdle is in surmountable.

When Gujarat can do it, why not the others? Gujarat has emerged as a ray of hope, by creating positive environment. Integrating the energy and strength of people for development has been transformed in to mass public movement. Inspite of the worldwide Global recession and financial crisis, people doubt the system and the governance itself has come in to question in the other parts of the country, State Government has created a global identity by the strength and capacity of 5.5 Crore Gujaraties. It has happened due to Strong Political will, racing international economic progress, strategic view for all inclusive development, which has culminated in to a mega success. Gujarat has become a benchmark of development.

Agenda defined by people, Government is fully committed to fulfil this agenda, and realise the dreams people. The uninterrupted Journey of progress and prosperity is to attain sublime height in the year 2010; When Gujarat celebrates its Suvaran Jayani- Golden Jubilee of attaining Statehood.

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi had asserted his conviction and commitment by attaching top priority for significant the development and growth in Human Development Index. He had vowed to achieve remarkable change in Infrastructure and service sector also. The one year journey is filled with many landmarks and breakthroughs. The concise brief is as under.

Healthcare: For architecting Healthy Gujarat, visionary planning is done and concrete steps are taken to realise the dream of healthy and disease-free Gujarat, State has tightened its belt for impacting significant change in Health parameters of HDI. By implementing slew of measures to improve efficiency of healthcare, tremendous thrust is given to healthcare infrastructure. Focus is on ameliorating living standard of poor, middle class and common man.

When people witnessed the positive change, they started contributing for the mass movement for the healthcare. They have come forward, and they have voluntarily shouldered the responsibility of the ongoing health campaigns.

Nirogi BAL Varsh: Healthy Child year: The healthy child year is being celebrated, by taking all steps to take optimum care of child from foetus stage to teen age. Thrust is on the good mental and physical health of the child. Taken the plank with passion, love and commitment, significant change is being noticed.

Battle against Mal nutrition: Health department has taken necessary steps to address the issue of Mal Nutrition in Poor pregnant Mothers, kids, and Girls. Strategic plans are afoot for multilayered 360 degree solutions for the problem.

Balbhog Yojana: Ambitious Scheme covers around 40 Lakh Poor pregnant Mothers, Kids, Teenage Girls. Balanced and Nutritious food, Vitamin Chocolates, Fortified Floor, Iodinated Salt and other facilities are offered to tackle Mal Nutrition.At village level, people have accepted the responsibility of distributing Milk and Sukhadi to Pregnant mothers and Kids.

Chiranjeevi Scheme: To reduce Mother and Infant Mortality rates, the Chiranjeevi Scheme has promoted the mindset for Institutional deliveries, around 2.5 lakh such deliveries has taken place. Beneficiaries are the BPL expectant mothers.-Chiranjeevi Scheme has saved the lives of more than 1000 mothers and 11000 new born babies.-Around 862 Gynaecologists have joined in the work of service to humanity.-Institutional delivery rate rose from 54% to 80 %,( in urban Area it has touched 95% mark)-The –“108 Emergency services “is a blessing for us, in a revolutionary initiative 400 EMRI Ambulance-108- has been pressed in to service. As many as 400 Trauma Care Units are functional, extending prompt services to more than 3 lakh people.-108 EMRI service ensured 42.5% safe deliveries, pregnant mothers got new life, 800 deliveries ware done in the Ambulance itself.-The State wide network of 108-EMRI has offered tremendous benefit to the interior rural parts; it is a boon for the accident patients and the poor people.

Medical Education:-Nod to 6 new medical colleges, realising the dream of medical education within the state.-Due to limited seats, the admission level used to remain at 95% level, seat addition to the tune of 700 is likely to offer admission to students scoring 75-80% of marks. The middle class and poor students can get education within the state at affordable expenses.-Due to sanction given for new Dental colleges, 260 seats have been added.-In the tribal areas like Dahod, Rajpipala and Vyara, 3 Nursing Colleges have been operationalised.

Healthy Child Healthy society:-Children are real future assets of our nation, as many as 11.15 Lakh Children have been immunised for B.C.G, D.P.T., O.T.C and Polio Vaccines.-School Health Check up Drives covered 1.25 Crore children. 600 Kids were given medical aid to save them from life threatening diseases.-Around 5 lakh families living below poverty line, were offered Insurance Cover

Beti Bachavo Abhiyan: Save the Girl Child campaign:-Public Movement for sensitizing the society that no discrimination is made on gender basis.-The gender birth rates were 1000/802 girls, which has rose to 1000/ 882 girls. By the year 2010, the rate is targeted 1000/1000 girls.-The Kishori-Shakti Yojana, upgrading primary education, Jyotigram, free bus journey for the girl students, and various steps are taken, as a result of it the girls have won many awards and medals for their outstanding performance in education and sports. Significant improvement is being noticed in anaemic conditions.

Gujarat is on the Path of Inclusive Growth:-Province specific problems solutions: Identifying 45 parameters of backwardness, the 30 Talukas were considered as Highly Backward Talukas. Under a special programme, such Talukas would have development projects, so that they may also become developed one.-The In charge secretary takes care of one Taluka each: Special Budgetary allocation of Rs 2 Crore for every Taluka.

The Vanbandhu Welfare Package:Strategic and foresighted development planning of 43 Tribal Talukas, an ambitious Vanbandhu welfare package is launched with huge budgetary outlay of Rs 15000/ Crores.-19 Model Ek Lavya residential Girls schools are operationalised.-During one year, 18500 families got benefit of electrification through Kutir-Jyoti Yojana.-Electrification of 50 Peta-paras- the residential village clusters.-All the families are going to get dwelling units, safe drinking water, electricity, pucca roads up to their home by the end of the year.-Agro-engineering College in Godhara, Dahod .Agro- engineering Polytechnic at Dediyapada. Dahod got Agro- Polytechnic, 3 new Nursing Schools, and a veterinary College.-The income of every tribal family is to be doubled, concrete efforts to increase agricultural income through policy driven steps.-10000 Tribal families get benefit of Integrated Dairy development programme, gets milking cattle under the said scheme.-11000 tribals who were not having their own home, they are provided dwelling units.-Under Concrete and visionary planning, 75000 tribals to get clean drinking water.-Rs 50 crores project for cultivating Medicinal plants.-Under the Dudh Sanjivani Scheme, the 2.5 Lakh School children will get milk, free of cost.-Construction of Good new roads in 217 K.M. in the tribal areas.

Sagar Khedu Package:An ambitious package to uplift the Fishermen residing in the 39 odd Talukas on the sea shores, Government has launched the Sagar Khedu package with budgetary provision of Rs 11000 crores.-19 new I.T.I Institutes, 23 Primary Schools have started their operations in the region.-The budget provision has been doubled for the schemes that promote fisheries. Rs 50 Crores are already allocated.-Diesel Subsidy to the tune of Rs 2.5 Crores for the Fishermen.-For the safety and security of the fishermen, Satellite based vessel tracking system is introduced and life jackets are made available, with the financial aid of Rs 26 Crores.- Biomedical identity cards for the Fishermen.-Opened up 50 new Marine police stations.

Shaheri Garib Samrudhdhi Yojana:To ameliorate the living conditions of 50 lakh labourers and poor people residing in the urban areas, a special 5 year package is implemented with the huge outlay of Rs 13000 Crores.-Under the SCOPE project, 22000 youth was given vocational training, providing employment opportunity too.-Construction of 16000 sanitation units.-Around 55000 Urban Poors are provided dwelling units.-Basic facilities and amenities improved in the slum areas.-Under the Scheme, 141 towns cities to get Project worth Rs 900 Crores.-Happy outcome of Nirmal Gujarat Varsh, epidemics are reduced.

Women Empowerment:-Right to have property for female members in the families.-Priority in allotting dwelling units under the Government schemes.-Special privilege for women purchasing property, stamp duty is abolished: Around 4 lakh women now own the property on their names.-Social status for Anganwadi workers: Mata Yashoda Awards: Gifts-Saris: Gets Rise in Honorarium Rise of Rs 500 for Anganwadi workers, Assistants get the rise of Rs 250/ per month.-13000 more Sakhi Mandals are established; as many as 55000 Sakhi Mandals are doing economic activities.

Education:-A revolutionary and positive Change is witnessed.-Through Kanya Kelavani Public movement, there is a qualitative change in the Standard of Education.-100% enrolment, drop out rate reduced up to 2.98 %.-Free Bus journey for the girl students residing in villages.-Appointment of 9670 more Vidhya-Sahayaks. Total 1 lakh Vidhya Sahayaks are appointed.-13000 Gram Mitra in Education sectors.-Special priority for Girl Child education in the 30 highly backward Taluka: 6 new schemes introduced.-Taluka wise distribution of Prizes of Rs 17.67 Crores from Kanya Kelavani Nidhi.- Under “SCOPE” programme, 30000 students were given English language proficiency training.-9 polytechnics and 14 engineering colleges are sanctioned: Seat addition of 5567 seats in Engineering faculty.-I.I.T for Gujarat.-Gujarat Technology University is established.-Gujarat Knowledge society introduced 38 Vocational courses.-Technosathi scheme introduced in 149 Municipalities.-Pandit Din Dayal Petro-University starts its operations.-Education of Yoga from school level.- Massive employment opportunities for the youth, 2.20 lakh youths gets opportunity of employment.-By upgrading Government it is, 5000 more seat are added.-20 -New I.T.I start educational training.- 37 I.T.I were upgraded as Centre for excellence.-Employment Exchanges of Gujarat are topping for providing employment in the country.

Infrastructure to provide safe drinking water:-The 4126 water scarce villages and 76 towns find permanent solution of drinking water scarcity.-During summer season, no village will have to wait for water tankers.-3246 ponds deepened.-65% population linked with Water supply grid.-1296 villages and 10cities get drinking water through Sardar Sarovar canal based Drinking water project.-10 Water supply schemes sanctioned at the project cost of Rs 1540 Crores.-3592 Gram Water Committees formed at villages.-2414 water distribution schemes sanctioned.-In the Tribal region, 23915 water connections. 42153 more water connections in process.-464 village colonies in the coastal acres get drinking water through water pipelines.-63 new reverse osmosis plants.

Gram Awas:-1.15 Lakh poor and labourers get dwelling units.-739 Gram Panchayats bags Nirmal gram awards.-10.14 Lakh land less labourers gets insurance cover.- Created 1800 posts in Talati cadre.-Implementation of E-Dhara Project in 225 Mamlatdar offices.-Simplification of revenue laws.-8 lakh families are covered under Fortified floor scheme, oil and idolized salts made available to defeat mal nutrition.-7 lakh Bogus Ration Cards cancelled.-8626 Fair price shops get converted in to a village mall.-With public participation, 6930 new Check dams ware constructed. 24 big check dams were also constructed. 208 step wells were revived.-Sardar Sarovar Hydro power station produces electricity worth Rs. 187 Crores.-The schemes for Schedule castes get 37% rise in financial outlay to promote educational and employment oriented schemes.

Social security:-88 Evening Courts for delivering speedy Justice: Disposal of 2.25 lakh cases.-Gujarat has lowest crime rate in the country.-The culprits responsible for Ahmedabad Bomb Blasts are behind the bars.-Gujarat is only State in the world, where Forensic Science University is established.-Appointment of 3800 Lok Rakshaks.-Appointments of 318 Police Sub Inspectors.-Advance Approval to fill up 7800 posts of P.S.I and constables.-Strategic Pragati-Path scheme to give linkage of roads to the ports.-Network to connect Railway and Ports.

Strong Network to achieve Targets of Human development index:-Sustainable and stable economic progress.-Economy is strengthened.-Due to financial discipline, and ideal financial management practices, the revenue deficits of Rs. 657 Crores have been converted in to revenue surplus of Rs 2150/ Crores.-The 11th 5 Year plan has taken a giant leap, the volume of the plan is Rs. 106000 Crores, it outnumbers the sum total of all the previous 5 year plans.-Gujarat is growing at 10.6%: Gujarat in the line of leading Asian Countries.-Industrial growth rate is 11%-achieves Revolutionary growth rate in agriculture sector, it is 12%-The Income of agriculture was Rs 9000 Crores, taking giant strides, the record break jump is noticed, and Agriculture produce income touches 48000 Crores mark.-The 23% share of country's total capital investment in industries comes to Gujarat.-Ideal and cordial atmosphere: Man day's loss is negligible, it is 0.54% only.-Top priority to social security.-Despite the Global recessionary trends and meltdowns, the uninterrupted journey of Gujarat's progress and prosperity gains momentum.-Strategic and foresighted planning to convert the crisis in to an opportunity.-Gujarat could architect a network for delivering speedy justice, evening courts, addition in working hours of courts, reducing vacation periods, out of 1.10 lakh cases, only 22 lakh cases are pending.-Clean and transparent administration.-A step beyond good governance, Gujarat is poised for proactive governance. With technological interventions, Gujarat has realised the goal of Good-governance.-Three tear network of grievance redressal, Swagat On line Redressal programme is a success: 92% complains finds prompt solutions.-With strict and prudent regulations, corruption is eradicated: Minimum grey areas.-Clean Image of the government: Image of Corruption free government-With extraordinary feat of leadership and political will, discipline and transparency are maintained-Small ministry-The Efficiency of PSU increased-To ease the hardship of farmers, land revenue laws are simplified-First in Asia: E-Gram Vishva Gram Network covers 13096 Gram Panchayats offering broad band connectivity to the villages.-The Sanklap Jyot Yatra is touring length and breadth of the sate from 1st may 2008, it has covered 140 towns: Lakhs of citizens take pledges.-The Development base public movement has given new directions to the national politics; the contours of politics are changed for better.

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