Till a decade ago, Gujarat and agriculture were considered much like chalk and cheese. The state was drought hit 7 out of every 10 years and with no perennial rivers apart from the Narmada, the farmers only turned to the rain Gods for water.

A decade later, the picture has altered completely. Today the farmer is prospering and at a time when the nation’s agriculture is growing at 3%, Gujarat’s agriculture is soaring at 11%!

This quantum leap wouldn’t have been possible without a determined effort by the Government to bring about a paradigm shift in agriculture systems of Gujarat. It was a vision, backed by spotless implementation. Today, as the month long Krishi Mahotsav surges on, Gujarat’s farmers are getting opportunities that could not even dream of a decade ago! Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi addresses the farmers every evening each time on a different theme that celebrates the farmer, celebrates agriculture and celebrates Gujarat!

29th, May 2012- Shri Narendra Modi speaking on Gujarat's success in cotton production
25th May 2012- Gujarat has created strong pre-harvest and post-harvest infrastructure, leaving nothing to the vagaries of climate or any other factor. This is a win-win situation for farmers.
23rd May 2012- Krishi Mahotsav is a celebration for a cause, that of a qualitative change in the lifestyle of the farmer. This is one speech you wouldn’t want to miss.
22nd May 2012- Shri Modi sharing an insight on how the Sardar Sarovar project has brought sparkles of joy in the lives of Gujarat’s farmers.
21st May 2012- Through innovative ideas such a impetus to horticulture or to convert solid wastes into compost manures, Gujarat has brought a paradigm change in the agrarian pattern, much to the joy of its hardworking farmers.
19th May 2012- How does using latest technology enhance agriculture growth? Know about Gujarat's fusion of agriculture and technology that delivered stellar results.
18th May 2012- Shri Modi speaks on seeds and Gujarat's achievement of having enough stock of quality of seeds for Kharif crops.
17th May 2012- Krishi Mahotsav travels to South Gujarat. Shri Modi visited mega Krishi Mahotsav at Nana Pondha village, Valsad district.
16th May 2012- Gujarat is a dedicated follower of the mantra ‘Per Drop More Crop'! In this interaction, Shri Modi is talking about need of drip irrigation and farm ponds.
15th May 2012- Know about Gujarat's growth in organic farming in the words of Shri Narendra Modi.
14th May 2012- Gujarat's milk production has grown by 68%! Hear the story behind this record growth in the last decade.
12th May 2012- Shri Modi at the zonal Krishi Mahotsav in Petlad, Anand district.
11th May 2012- Gujarat will never let lack of credit affect a farmer's growth. Know about Gujarat's mammoth financial assistance so that our hardworking farmers attain record success.
10th May 2012- Shri Modi speaking about the stress on agriculture and training in the filed of agriculture.
10th May 2012- Speech of Shri Modi when he attended zonal Krishi Mahotsav in North Gujarat, a land transformed by Gujarat's agrarian turnaround.
9th May 2012- Learn more about Gujarat's advances in horticulture in this talk by Shri Modi.
8th May 2012- Gujarat cares as much for its 2.5 crore animal population as it does for its vibrant people. Here, Shri Modi is speaking on animal husbandry. 
7th May 2012- Shri Narendra Modi talking about soil health cards and efforts to take Krishi Mahotsav across the length and breadth of Gujarat.
6th May 2012- Shri Narendra Modi kick off Krishi Mahotsav in Junagadh.
Keep visiting this page for knowing about more facets in Gujarat’s agriculture journey in the words of none other than its dynamic Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

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