International conference on ‘Asian World Heritage City’ begins in A'bad

Published By : Admin | April 19, 2010 | 18:50 IST

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, while inaugurating an international conference on Asian World Heritage City in Ahmedabad today, pursued his vision of making Ahmedabad the World Heritage City. The stone of monuments and archeological structures, and the vibrant cultural heritage is uniting the universe. He described Ahmedabad as an awe-inspiring example, which has nature-loving lifestyles coupled with rich cultural legacy.

Every town has its own cultural identity. He called upon the scholars to discover Lord Krishna's Dwarika, which had submerged in the ocean.

An international conference- Asian World Heritage City – was inaugurated by CM. The Three-Day conference is being jointly organised by UNESCO, Archeological Survey of India and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. It has attracted around 25 scholars and archeological-experts from France and Japan.

On this occasion, UNESCO's Programme Director Shri Nichol Plume and Municipal Commissioner Shri I.P.Gautam presented the Ahmedabad Heritage City's proposal document to A.S.I. Director General Shri G.Sengupta.

Chief Minister, on the occasion, released a Coffee-Book prepared by Times of India- “Ahmedabad Connecting People”, and “Stone Building of Gujarat' by Sept.

Expressing his gratitude towards UNESCO and Archeological Department, CM highlighted rich cultural legacy and the heritage of Ahmedabad City, which is not limiting itself to the span of 600 years. The historic importance of the city and its social awakening process heralds it a unique identity, which is very well-known across the world, added CM.

Shri Narendra Modi highlighted the Pol-Culture of Ahmedabad; it is unique in every aspect, be it archeological, cultural or physical. People live like a family, which is the soul of Pol-Culture. The ventilation system and the strong cultural bonding offer valuable insights.

Chief Minister described Udavada, which present Parsi Community's culture, as the symbol of social harmony, also paying equal respect for all the regions. Among five beloved devotees of Guru Govindsinh, one of the devotee belonged to Dwarika. CM gave details of restoration works taken place at Lakhpat, under that the Gurudwara reconstruction has been authenticated by UNESCO. To discover the legendry Dwarika town, which has submerged in the ocean, he asked the scholars and academicians to discover Lord Krishna's Dwarika.

Chief Minister outlined State's initiatives, which highlight the sites linked to Buddhists' legend. The museum of Vadodara has potential to attract researchers, which also features the holy relics of Bhagvan Buddha.

Traversing from ancient to ultra modern, there are various concepts and insights that may offer valuable tips of tackling the climate change, time has come to find ways to co-exist with nature, preserve the nature. CM emphasised the need for taking up massive efforts for water conservation.

Gujarat has captured world's attention, added CM.

Shri Nichol Plume of UNESCO, A.S.I Director General Shri G.Sengupta also lauded the unique features attached with the social fabric of Ahmedabad. It also matches world heritage city features and qualities.

Earlier, Mayor Kanajee Thakor delivered welcome address.

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