International Buddhist Heritage Seminar to be organised at Baroda

Published By : Admin | January 12, 2010 | 13:05 IST

Mankind confronts with the reality of globalisation, though it is pervasive and invisible, challenges thrown by life are huge, pressures are immense. Sufferings arise from selfish motives-desires, urge for sensual gratification, sense of possession and desire to control the unfolding of events according to our wish. The essence of Buddhists teachings is growing relevance in the present era. Rising above the material world-I, me, mine world-, the lasting transformation comes out of meditative process. The path to cessation of sufferings is called 'The noble eightfold path', which is one of the fundamentals to Buddhist virtuous life.

The divine aura of Chants - Buddham Sharanam Gachhami – is renting in air here, since last many centuries. Availability of miniature and colossal Buddha idols belonging to Myanmar, Japan, China, Nepal, and Gandhar at the art-galleries of Vadodara Museum is unique. It is also important from many angles. It houses a classical Bronze image of Pralambpad Buddha, which is believed to be of 7th century A.D., and found from the earth of Gujarat. Religious literature attached to Buddhism, Pragna-Paramita on palm leaf is also found here. To mark the silver Jubilee of Maharaja Sayajirao Gayakvad-3, Jubilee- Garden was built. With an intention to spread teachings of Buddha- Samyak- Vani and Samyak- Vichar- and the path to cessation of sufferings is called the 'Noble eightfold Path (Ashta Marg), which is one of the fundamentals of Buddhist virtuous life, the idol of Buddha in meditative posture is placed in the garden. The same message is inscribed on the holy-seat. In essence, Vadodara is truly a repository of glorious heritage liked to Buddhist legend'.

According to the vision of the Chief Minister, an international seminar on Buddhist Heritage at Maharaj Sayajirao University Vadodara: From 15th to 17th Jan-2010 amidst the divine presence of H.D.H. Pujya Dalai Lama (14th). Normally the Sculptures and idols are not allowed to move outside the museum. But considering the importance of International event, where dignitaries and scholars from 15 nations are attending the event, with a special permission of the Government, some of the rare idols are being brought to Vadodara, from different museums of the State. Fragment of Samrat Ashoka’s inscriptions are at Sakkar-Baug Junagadh. Selective teachings of Buddha are inscribed on it. The Bodhisattva sculpture from Vadnagar Museum would be portrayed at the exhibition, along with its translation. The Abhay-Mudra, the bronze image from Bhuj Museum is also transported to the exhibition site. Spiritual masters, delegates, and followers can access the rich heritage available in Gujarat. The data may be useful to the scholars and researchers too.

Gujarat is a deeply religious State. Vadodara is considered to be the cultural capital of Gujarat. It is also making one of the most glorious Buddhist sites of western India. It takes us on a journey within ourselves, finding eternal peace and serenity that is inside us. Let us all visit the Exhibitions, where the Holy-Relics of Buddha may offer us an experience of divine-aura and vibrations.

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