Indian Youth has Potential to lead the Universe : Shri Narendrabhai Modi

Published By : Admin | January 3, 2009 | 10:42 IST

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi called upon the youth to accept the challenges of life with their inner grit and gumption. The potential of youth needs to be channelised for the welfare of the mankind. Hindustan would emerge as an entity in the world, if our youth is determined to carry out the ventures of life successfully.

International Youth convention was organised at Hari-Dham Sokhada, where the 76th Atmiya Mahotsav is being celebrated with religious fervor and gaiety. Chief Minister inspired the youth to utilize their strength for the development of mankind and for the progress of the nation.

Chief Minister went on to add, Gujarat is No-1 in blood donation, eye donations, and many other humanitarian activities. Considering the importance of body donation in medical sector, our youth have set an example by taking it with missionary zeal. The ideals of welfare of the mankind are enshrined in our culture. Our Rishis and saints have always motivated us for the same.

In the 21st Century, knowledge is power, with the knowledge intellect and potential of our youth, India is bound to emerge as a Vishwa-Guru. We have a rich and glorious cultural heritage. Our youth would take a lead in the universal initiatives of human welfare, said C.M.

Rising above the narrow mindset of becoming something, Chief Minister inspired the youth to cherish a dream of doing something unique. Nothing is impossible, when our young force will awaken their soul power to struggle against all odds. Do not visualize life in pieces, have an integrated and global outlook. You have to conquer the evils of consumerism. Your strength and potential needs to be channelised for the same. 21st century belongs to us, said C.M.

His Divine Holiness and head of Yogi Divine Institute Hariprasad Swami showered his merciful blessings,” We are lucky that we are borned in India. If you surrender your self before almighty, you will always conceptualize positive thoughts. You will never get victim of negativity. If you think positive, you will definitely experience the spirit of accomplishment. Forget and forgive is the motto of life. It will solve all the problems. Saint Shri Sugnya Swami highlighted the objective of the Mahotsav. The Atmiya Mahotsav is the life of Swamiji, is the motto of Swamiji. During the blood donation camp, 15428 units of blood were collected in fewer that 12 hours of time. Many youth could not donate blood due to limited preservation capacity. They also took an oath to donate blood regularly. Chief Minister felicitated the blood donors.

Eminent leaders, M.L.A.s, M.P.s, top officials and youth in big numbers attended the convention.


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