Shri Modi addresses large publics meeting in Ahwa and Vapi

Yesterday Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said Congress gave Gujarat an Adivasi CM. But how many times did he even visit the Dang when he was CM? I have visited this area maximum number of times: Shri Modi

CM speaks of development initiatives for Tribal communities in Gujarat over the last decade.

We have made Saputara the apple of Gujarat’s eye. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan invites people to visit Saputara! Says Shri Modi

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was trying to reap political dividends in the name of Tribal communities but Congress Governments failed to provide even drinking water to them: Shri Modi

Congress says ‘Modi privatizing education’ but in their many years in power they did not create any facilities for child for children of Tribal communities in the Umargam to Ambaji stretch to study science at Class XII level: Shri Modi

Congress has no issue in this election: Shri Modi

On Saturday 8th December 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed a huge gatherings in Ahwa (Dang district) and Vapi (Valsad District). The Chief Minister spoke about the comprehensive steps taken by the Gujarat Government for the development of the Tribal communities of Gujarat. “I want to work for the development of Gujarat and the well being of our Tribal communities,” he said.

Speaking further about the development of the Tribal regions of Gujarat Shri Modi spoke about how Saputara has emerged as a tourist in Gujarat. “Do you hear Mr. Amitabh Bachchan calling people to Mahabaleshwar or Mount Abu? But he invites people to Saputara!” he affirmed, adding that Saputara is now the apple of Gujarat’s eye (Gujarat Ki Aankohn Ka Tara, Saputara). He pointed out that the Gujarat Government saw Saputara as a tourist destination while no Congress governments could even think about the same in their many years in office.

The Chief Minister said that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was trying to reap political dividends in the name of Gujarat’s Tribal communities but said that the Congress failed to provide them even with drinking water. Shri Modi shared that during the Congress rule only 4% Tribal areas has drinking water connection whereas that number has shot up manifold in the last decade! Shri Modi also pointed that Congress failed to provide water for irrigation purposes to the Tribal communities while today the Government has given even water for irrigation to the Tribal areas. Shri Modi stated that earlier no one bought corn from farmers in this area at Rs. 10 but now it is not even available at Rs 26. Similarly, no one imagined the Tribal area will have dairies and added that many women from the Tribal communities are involved in dairy initiatives that are giving them another source of livelihood.

Shri Mod talked about the success of the 108 service and how it has made a big difference in the lives of people- many youngsters in the Tribal areas have been saved from snake bites due to it. Giving a befitting reply to the Congress lie that the ‘Modi is promoting privatization of education, Shri Modi pointed out that during the Congress rule of so many years they even failed to provide facilities to study science at Class XII level for the Tribal stretch of Umargam to Ambaji whereas this has totally changed over the last decade. He further affirmed that today more youngsters from Tribal community are studying overseas than ever before and are even learning to fly aircrafts!

On Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s statement that it was the Congress who gave a Chief Minister from the Tribal community, Shri Modi questioned how many times did the Chief Minister visit Dangs when he was CM? He said that he has visited Dang more than any Chief Minister in the past and has even urged parents to send their children to school during Kanya Kelavani Abhiyan in Tribal areas. Likewise, it was the Government under Shri Modi that thought of creating a Waghai Taluka so that the fruits of development reach more and more people. He took on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s claim that the roads in Gujarat were not upto the mark. Shri Modi declared that the Rs. 15,000 crore Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was talking about became Rs. 18,000 when the money was spent on development and today the package has become Rs. 40,000 crore! He asked Mrs. Sonia Gandhi what happened to the Congress promise to bring prices down in 100 days and questioned why she could not say a word on rising prices when she visited a Tribal area yesterday.

Shri Modi shared that a Congress leader called him a Vanar (monkey) but said that he accepted this title from them. “If the Congress has read the Ramayana properly they would know the strength of the Vanar Sena,” he affirmed. He also said that the Dang has a historic link with Shri Ram and Shabhri Mata and that the Government is taking active steps to spread the rich historical and cultural legacy of this area with people across the world.

He said that people from all over the nation are working in Gujarat. Shri Modi shared that the Gujarat Government would be a guarantor for any youngster who seeks a loan to start a new initiative. “I am doing this because I have faith in the youth of Gujarat” he avowed.

Shri Modi recalled the Congress Chintan Baithak where they discussed removing fertilizer subsidy. He pointed out that this would make things very difficult for the farmers and asked the Prime Minister to stop corruption rather than saying we have no money to give farmers for fertilizers. The Chief Minister talked about the adverse effects of FDI in retail on the small traders and stated that lakhs of people would lose their jobs due to this.

On the basis of the development initiatives of the BJP Government for the last 11 years, Shri Modi strongly urged the people to elect the BJP and give him another chance to serve them. A large number of people attended the public meeting.

Pariksha Pe Charcha with PM Modi
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PM interacts with leaders of pharma industry
April 19, 2021
PM Modi appreciates the crucial role of the pharma sector in the fight against the pandemic
It is because of the efforts of the pharma industry that today India is identified as ‘pharmacy of world’: PM Modi
Despite all the challenges, the Indian pharma industry has also registered a growth of 18 percent in exports last year, which shows its potential: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with leaders of pharmaceutical industry via video conferencing. The Prime Minister appreciated the crucial role of the pharma sector in the fight against the pandemic.

PM Modi appreciated the way the pharma industry is working even in such trying conditions.

PM Modi remarked that it is because of the efforts of the pharma industry that today India is identified as ‘pharmacy of world’. He said essential medicines were made available to more than 150 countries around the world during the pandemic. The Prime Minister stated that despite all the challenges, the Indian pharma industry has also registered a growth of 18 percent in exports last year, which shows its potential.

Noting the second wave of the virus and rising number of cases, PM Modi commended the pharma industry for their efforts to increase production of several necessary drugs. He appreciated them for reducing the price of injections like Remdesivir. To keep the supply of medicines and essential medical equipment going smoothly, PM Modi urged the pharma industry to ensure seamless supply chains. PM Modi also extended government’s support for facilities like Logistics and Transportation.

He urged the industry to conduct more and more researches on threats which can occur in the future along with Covid. This, he said, would help us take the lead in combating the virus.

Seeking cooperation from the pharma industry, PM Modi assured that government is undertaking reforms for new drugs and regulatory processes.

The leaders of the Pharma industry appreciated the proactive help & support received from the Government. They highlighted the efforts made over the last one year in ensuring availability of drugs keeping manufacturing and logistics operational. Operations at the pharma hubs for manufacturing, transportation, logistics and ancillary services are being maintained at optimum levels. The participants also share inputs on the measures being undertaken to meet the overall medicine demand in the country despite the unprecedented increase in demand for some drugs  the COVID Treatment Protocol.

The meeting was also attended by Union Health Minister Shri Harsh Vardhan, MoS (Health) Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Union Minister Chemical and Fertilizer Shri D.V. Sadananda Gowda, MoS (C&F) Mansukh Mandaviya, Principal Secretary to PM, Dr V K Paul Member (H) NITI Aayog, Cabinet Secretary, Union Health Secretary, Union Pharmaceutical Secretary, Dr Balram Bharagava, DG ICMR, amongst other officers from Ministries / Departments of Central Government.