"Shri Narendra Modi addresses a massive rally in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh"
"BJP is forming the government but we have to make the nation and before that we have to develop Amethi: Shri Modi in Amethi"
"I have come here to share your sadness and make your problems mine: Shri Modi in Amethi"
"I have sent Smriti Irani to reduce the worries of the people of Amethi: Shri Modi in Amethi"
"I can tell you that Smriti Irani has come here to undo what you did in 40 years. She has come here as a ray of hope for people here: Shri Modi to Congress leaders"
"In so many years they have ruined the dreams of 3 generations. I am here to sow seeds of hope among the youth: Shri Modi in Amethi"
"I have not come here for politics of revenge. That is not my path. I am here for politics of change: Shri Modi "
"I will create such an Amethi that Universities of the world will come here for case studies: Shri Modi in Amethi"
"We will bring water for the farmers and seek help of Mulayam Singh & I am sure he will help. This is above political differences: Shri Modi in Amethi"
"In his 10 years in Parliament he has said nothing about Amethi: Shri Modi on Congress VP"
"I can understand how a Mother thinks. I can understand that your efforts for 10 years are going in vain: Shri Modi to Congress President"
"Amethi loved you for years but now people have woken. I tell ECI to ensure free and fair polls in Amethi: Shri Modi to Congress"
"Take this in writing. In 2019 I will again come to Amethi and present my account of work done: Shri Modi in Amethi"
"I am leaving my younger sister to you. She will take more care of you than your own sister: Narendra Modi on Smriti Irani"
"Campaign ends in some time. Now it is in your hands. Voting is on 7th & is at 7 AM. Please vote in large numbers: Shri Modi in Amethi"

The Congress’ betrayal of the people who reposed their faith in it, and a startling revelation of the dismal development in Amethi, was shared by Shri Narendra Modi during his address in the region, on the evening of 5th May. From the lack of infrastructure facilities and inadequate and improper transportation systems to the acute poverty in the region, Shri Modi exposed the Congress’ appalling negligence towards its family bastion of Amethi, despite ruling the region for over 30 years. He also released the BJP’s Manifesto for Amethi, which incorporated effectual policies to develop the region and turn it into a ‘Progressive Amethi’.

Expressing deep concern for the abject lives of the people of Amethi, Shri Modi spoke of how the region lagged behind its counterparts across the country. Be it agriculture or trade, the region lagged far behind its neighbouring districts, not just the Nation. From the severe lack of basic amenities like water and sanitation to erratic power supply and insufficient educational institutions, Shri Modi shared a clear picture of the Congress’ utter disregard for its people, and spoke of Amethi was just a votebank for the Nehru-Gandhi family. Addressing the issue of lack of toilets in schools, which had led to the alarmingly low figures of girl child education, Shri Modi shared the initiative taken in Gujarat whereby 76000 toilets were constructed in schools so as to enable girl students to pursue their education.

He questioned the arrogance of the Central government in being accountable for their work, and stated how Smriti Irani had, within a short span of time, acknowledged and started addressing the problems of the people. Shri Modi also attacked the Congress for its lies and its attitude of blaming the State Government for its own incompetence. “They are telling lies when they say that providing power and other development is unto the state government,” said Shri Modi, as he asserted that if the BJP government was voted to power, it would solicit and ensure the State Government’s active participation in implementing favourable policies for the State.


Shri Modi made a scathing attack on the Congress Vice President’s unconcern for his people by stating how despite being the MP from the region, he had never bothered to address local issues in the Parliament, and get them solved.

Giving a ray of hope for the distressed people, Shri Modi released the BJP’s Manifesto for Amethi, citing the development strategy for the region, and spoke of how the Party’s reformist policies would work towards making a ‘Progressive Amethi’. In so many years they have ruined the dreams of 3 generations. I am here to sow seeds of hope among the youth. I have come here to share your sadness and make your problems mine,” affirmed Shri Modi.

Disclosing the reason behind choosing Smriti Irani as the candidate from Amethi, Shri Modi said that this was done, not to increase the burdens of the already burdened Rahul Gandhi, but to lessen the sufferings of the people of Amethi. “Smriti ji works with me. She is a Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat. We gave her a district close to MP border and I have seen the great work she has done in that district. Seeing her work I decided I will send her to the district which is least developed in UP. We wanted to present an alternative model,” said Shri Modi. Complimenting Smriti Irani’s competence, Shri Modi affirmed that if compared with the Congress family, she would know the nearby villages of Amethi better than the Family.

Shri Narendra Modi addresses a massive rally in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

He further attacked the arrogance of the Congress leaders by citing how one of them had questioned the identity of Smriti Irani. “Families that are devoted to public life cannot make such statements. I cannot ask anyone who are you. Everyone is a proud child of India,” said Shri Modi, while further adding, “When arrogance reaches a new level, one loses thought process. I will tell you who she is- she is my younger sister. I can tell you that Smriti Irani has come here to undo what you did in 40 years. She has come here as a ray of hope for the people here.”

Shri Modi affirmed that the Polling till date had not only ensured the ouster of the Congress and its allies but had also laid the foundation stone for the formation of a strong, stable and development-oriented government. He affirmed that the future looked bright under the BJP-led government, and appealed to the people to support the NDA government. “Take this in writing. In 2019 I will again come to Amethi and present my account of work done,” affirmed Shri Modi.

Speaking on the occasion, Smt. Smriti Irani cited the lack of educational opportunities for the girl child and attacked the Congress VP for his false commitment towards woman empowerment. She affirmed that the massive presence of the people reflected the yearning of the people who wanted the change, that the Nation too was desiring for. “The wave of change that is taking place in the nation, Amethi wants to be a part of that,” said Smriti Irani.





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An Epochal Mandate
May 22, 2014

Narendra Modi has reshaped the National Political Space

Political Movements at the National Level in India have broadly four schools of origin. The foremost historically was the Indian National Congress and its offshoots which include the present day Congress Party. The Communist movement that owes its origins to the erstwhile USSR and to some extent present day China has practically become irrelevant in India. The Socialist movement that traces its origins to Ram ManoharLohia and Jayprakash Narayan has since splintered into narrow regional or caste based parties with little national weight. Assorted regional parties and recent political upstarts can barely lay claim to any national space. At the national level the political space before India went polls in 2014 was largely dominated by the Congress Party with the BJP mostly looking like a Super Regional Party.

To fully understand the magnitude of the 2014 Lok Sabha results in favor of the Narendra Modi led BJP one needs to recognize how the National picture stands flipped with the BJP occupying the dominant National Political Space stretching all the way across the North and the West while recovering ground down South and making heavy inroads into the East. In stark contrast lies the Congress which is not only down to its all-time historic low tally but has also now been reduced to a super-regional party with practically no presence in the large heartland states.

Congress has been reduced to a super-regional party with no heartland presence

Consider the extent of the Congress wipe-out –

An Epochal Mandate

Starting from Jammu & Kashmir it has no representatives in the Lok Sabha in the Northern States of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and the National Capital Region of Delhi. It has been reduced to single digits in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. To the west it has zero MPs from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa while Maharashtra its erstwhile bastion managing only single digits presence. In the South the Congress has zero MPs from Tamil Nadu and Seemandhra it has been reduced to single digit presence in Karnataka and Telangana. The Congress has no presence in Lok Sabha from Jharkhand, Nagaland, Odisha, Tripura and Sikkim to the east. Even most Union Territories turned their back on the Congress. The Congress today suffers the ignominy of having no state with double digit MPs in the Lok Sabha even as it is being challenged by Jayalalitha’s ADMK and Mamata Banerjee’s TMC for the principal Opposition space in the Lok Sabha.

This is the magnitude of the damage inflicted by Narendra Modi’s campaign on the Congress Party.This however does not even begin to tell the story of how Narendra Modi has reshaped the BJP’s electoral landscape perhaps irreversibly so.

Narendra Modi has stitched a new Social Coalition

With a record 282 Lok Sabha seats out of the 543 Narendra Modi is the first non-Congress leader to have led his party to a simple majority in the Lok Sabha. This is a national feat that has so far been the exclusive preserve of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

If the magnitude of the win tells the story of the BJP’s national spread today it is the demographic complexion of the win that tells the real story of the BJP’s national depth.

An Epochal Mandate

The BJP won 40 out of the 84 Lok Sabha seats reserved for the SC community, almost 47% of seats with many dalit Women MPs winning from these seats as well. The BJP also won 27 out of the 47 Lok Sabha seats reserved for the ST community, almost 69%. The NDA alliance between the different parties garnered a staggering 62% of all SC seats and 70% of all ST seats. With 28 women Lok Sabha MPs the BJP also hit a new benchmark of 10% of its tally going to women.

Narendra Modi has not just led the BJP to victory on terms unimagined but has done so riding on the back of wave a demographic wave of aspirations unlike anything the BJP had ever managed in the past. Narendra Modi’s BJP has shattered all previous political stereotypes traditionally associated with the Vajpayee/Advani era BJP of the 1980s-190s and the erstwhile Jan Sangh. The social coalition that Narendra Modi has stitched is unique in its demographic complexion, its geographic spread, its gender mix and its mandate.

This Mandate of Hope and Aspirations must shape Narendra Modi’s Team

This is a mandate for Narendra Modi to realize the neo-aspirations of a large swathe of the population cutting across caste, regional and religious fault-lines. It has empowered him to take India in a new direction without bowing to any kind of parochial pressures, without giving into any kind of petty piques and without indulging anybody’s sense of entitlement to pelf or privilege in the next Government.

This mandate also marks the beginning of a new epoch in the broad political movement that gave birth to the Jan Sangh in the 1950s and the BJP in the 1980s. If its first generation was the Dr. SP Mookerjee, Pt. DeendayalUpadhyay era and its second generation was the Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L.K. Advani era, we now mark its third generation under Narendra Modi. Apart from the national mandate to govern India he now also has the political mandate to remake this movement to reflect his philosophy of Governance.

A billion dreams and aspirations now look up to Narendra Modi. As he goes about the process of forming his government it is these dreams and aspirations that must shape and influence the composition of his team and nothing else.