Hon'ble CM's message to people on Independence Day

Published By : Admin | August 15, 2010 | 12:33 IST

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has greeted the people on the occasion of Independence Day. With a stern resolve he said that his Government will never submit to the entities who are playing with the safety of common man and security of the Gujarat state.

Appealing people to recognize the protectors of terrorists hiding behind many masks, he said that Gujarat will never put up with those who have enter on to the field for defending the terrorists and trying to take into the clutch a government that is fighting against terrorism.

Praising the works of police force of Gujarat Shri Modi said that today when terrorism, moism and naxalism is threatening the internal security of the nation, Gujarat's policemen have put their life on risk, decoded the nation-wide nexus behind bomb blasts and place behind bar about 400 terrorists by working day and night. Their efforts have earned a safe atmosphere for Gujarat through which Gujarat could move ahead on the path of progress. Not only the government but the people also commend the works of police, he said.

Following is the text of Chief Minister Shri Narnendra Modi's address to the people on the occasion of the Independence Day:-

Dear brothers and sisters of the state,

My greetings to you all on the 64th anniversary of our independence.

Today we are breathing the air in a free nation. But behind our freedom lies the devotion of lakhs of people who for the pride of the nation, spent their youth in jails and sacrificed their lives. It was as if an array of sacrificing life for the freedom of our country. Take for instance, the struggle at Palchitariya in Sabarakantha where hundreds of our tribal brothers sacrificed their lives. Freedom fighters, society-builders or the leaders of people's movement all dedicated their lives in their own way for securing a freedom for us. Today is the time to salute their deeds and to take inspiration from these great people. Along with Mahatma Gandhiji and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, there were many other fighters also. These people took lead in freedom movement. Let us remember them and resolve to realise their dreams today.

Nation got independence because some people 'sacrificed' their lives but nation will get good-governance only if some people will 'live' their life and move ahead determinedly.

On 64th anniversary of independence of the nation, Gujarat is also celebrating golden jubilee of its formation. Scaling new heights - is the objective behind the celebration of Swarnim Jyanti. Let us all take new pledges, add hard work to these pledges and present new successes in the foot of Gujarat state.

In a journey of 50 years, for the first time, Gujarat has seen a decade where nature also supported it greatly. There was no sign of drought during this decade. Enough rainfall at all places. as if the nature has started showering grace upon Gujarat. And our farmers have also not let this opportunity pass by. God bestowed blessings and men laboured a perfect balance between these two was found in Gujarat. And as a result, Gujarat has taken a lead in agricultural production. There was a time when the names of Panjab, Hariyana and the regions adjoining Ganga-Yamuna were discussed, when there was a talk on agriculture. For Gujarat, 'drought' was the only destiny. We came out of it. People of Gujarat, especially my farmer brothers are farsighted and so that we have taken up a movement to conserve water. Farmers are now competing to implement drip irrigation method. It improves farming while saving water and power. I congratulate them for their farsighted efforts. It is not a small thing that Gujarat is now adding to the food stock of India.

The other thing of pride for us is our success in the field of science. Gujarat is the only state in the country where we have broadband connectivity even in villages. With E-Gram-Vishva-Gram Yojana, we have attained success in connecting common men with entire world through the medium of technology. Satellite system can be used in education and in fisheries. It can also be used in constructing small check-dams. We want to translate the usage of technology into progress.

Education has a high importance in the process of growth. We have stir up a campaign of Kanya Kelavani. Enrolled lakhs of teachers. Built more than 50,000 class rooms. Many villages did not have education above class-7. Now, we have added class-8 in primary education. So that children don't need to go to other villages for further study after class-7. This experiment has received a great success. Number of students dropping education after class seven has come down to nil. We can see what a great result a small experiment can bring.

Brothers and sisters! We have called a battle against malnutrition. How can we afford that a child in Gujarat is suffering from malnutrition? We are continuously raising the issue of high price in front of Indian government and at the same time we are also making elaborate efforts against malnutrition and poverty in our state. It is only with healthy children, Gujarat will have a healthy future.

'Beti Bachavo' abhiyan has become exemplary for entire nation. Rate of infant death was a matter of shame for our country. So was the case for Gujarat. But we have gone against it also. A pregnant mother delivers a dead child in 21st century was a painful thing. We carried out many experiments. Chiranjivi yojana is one of them. This scheme received many praises. Today we have become successful in bringing down mother-infant mortality rate significantly and moving ahead for better.

We are focusing on Human Development Index. Providing basic needs to the common men is our concern. We are hearing the talks about poor and poverty since the time of independence. Everybody must have done something or other in this regard. But we have found a unique remedy  Garib Kalyan Mela. It has been proved as a magical drug to bring the poor out of the disease of poverty. Benefits extended by government are now reaching directly in the hand of real beneficiaries. It has put an end to middlemen who were siphoning the benefits meant for the poor. Functioning of Garib Kalyan Mela has sensitized entire administration. Poor are now working hard with a spirit of coming out of poverty. If we can line up everything society, government, schemes, budget; we can produce a momentum against poverty. And it is possible that in coming future, this wonder drug of Gujarat become helpful to the poor of entire nation.

We want to grow. But is growth possible without security? We can not reap the fruits of growth without a secure atmosphere. We are determined to march ahead for the safety of common men. Hordes of vested interests are throwing hurdles against our growth. They are trying various tricks. Many games are being played to take this government into clutch. On today's auspicious day of 15th August, I want to assure you that this government is committed for the safety of common men of the state. And it will never submit to the entities playing with the security of the people.

Today, maoists, naxalists and all other terrorists are like cordoning the country. I want to laud the Gujarat police. I want to congratulate it as nobody in the country was able to stop bomb blasts that were happing through out the nation. But because of the bravery of Gujarat police, nexus of these gangsters could be detected which then lessened the events of bomb blasts. Policemen putting their lives on risk have arrested more than 400 terrorists and successfully get them sentenced. Today I especially want to congratulate Gujarat police jawans and want to assure them that not only government but all 5.5 crore people of Gujarat is with them in their back up. Let us all move ahead resolutely with the aim of securing human life from terrorism, maoism, naxalism and all sort of crimes.

I have to say that there is an entire battalion of protectors of terrorists. They have many faces. Sometimes, people talking sweet; also enter into the field to defend terrorists. Tricks to safeguard terrorists and for chopping this government are played. Like the terrorists, protectors of terrorists are also spread throughout the world. We need to recognize them. They can never be tolerated.

We can not revert back from our resolution. People have selected us for the security of common men. We can not leave this path. We want your support and blessings. How everyone can get his share of joy and peace is our concern today on the day of independence. I proudly want to announce that in Gujarat we have created an environment of joy and peace. It is a matter every Gujarati can talk about with pride.

What a time Gujarat has seen in past? Small or more pranks, riots, firing, stabbings, troops of police. There was not a single decade when we had not seen such unfortunate scenes. Panic, panic and panic don't we remember those days when with a spreading of canard we were closing the shutters of our shops? Whereas, during 2001 to 2010, we have not seen any such incidents even in the days of festivals - like Rathyatra, Mahoram, Ramzan, Shravan, Ide or Janmashtami. We have experienced the power of peace and brotherhood. Everyone has contributed during this decade for the maintaining of peace and brotherhood. I want to thank all five and a half crore Gujaratis for this peaceful journey. Let us march ahead with the power of peace and brotherhood.

Sea line of Saurashtra like a salt-bed. There was a time when people were avoiding Saurashtra. Today, we are coming back to Saurashtra. Throbbing with progress, this coast line has made its relation with the world 'vibrant' once again. Rann of Kutch' once people were trying to escape from it. Today, people are queuing to settle in Kutch. Brothers and sisters, today, the same heavy heat is proving as asset for the growth of Gujarat. We have used sun heat to produce solar energy and earned a fortune by turning the odd into opportunity. We are capturing new milestones in the field of energy. We shall contribute largely to the world and world will have its sight towards us. Had anybody dreamed of 24 hours power supply? We still have to grow a lot. I want to make a turnaround in Gujarat and want to put it in parallel with the developed cities of the world.

'You have also become a participant' and a guide - of this progress. We can reach too far with the collective efforts. And so, need of the hour is that we all convert Swarnim Jyanti as an opportunity. Gujarat has given a lot to us. May this year be one when we perform our part and give something back to Gujarat.

My young friends, Gujarat is laboring 'today' for the good of your 'tomorrow'. My friends, we want to move further so that your future can illuminate, you scale new heights in the world of education, and your name be taken in the world for your skills in your profession.

I also want to encourage women power. Mothers, sisters' don't make your life dependable on others. Take your economy in your hand. My concern is to involve you in decision making. We want 50 percent of women to administer public activities and we have initiated for that. If 50 percent of population consists of women, why should not women manage 50 percent of administration? With this noble motive we are moving further.

We don't want any front of life untouched. We want to give people an assurance that this government is standing in support to them throughout their lives from birth to death. Whenever there is difficulty in your life, government should come in the help. And this government is here, always on your doorstep, in the service of its people.

Let us all imbibe this serving attitude in our mind and recall the sacrifice of great heroes of India to attain new heights of development. Let us all remember great people like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, sought their blessings and make our state even more powerful and prosperous. Let us all develop Gujarat for the development of India.

We are here in the service of mother India. We want to work hard for wiping the tears of every poor eye. Gujarat is not interested in selfish motives. It is concerned with the joys and sorrows of all the countrymen. Taking our State to even further heights of growth is a true service to mother India. 'Param Vaibhav Sammpanna Bharat Mata' (Supreme prosperous mother India) is our dream. And we want to do something to realize this dream with the same body, mind and intellect.

Once again, I salute to freedom fighters.

Once again, I salute to all those who live out their life for nation.

Once again, I extend my well wishes to all who are determined to lead their lives for the good of the country. Let us all celebrate Swarnim Jyanti of Gujarat' 64th Independence Day with joy and zeal.

My heartily greetings and well wishes to you all on the occasion of Independence Day.

Jay Hind.

Vande Mataram.

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