Hon'ble CM's message for the people on Diwali & New Year

Published By : Admin | November 7, 2010 | 12:31 IST

Even as the first decade of the 21st Century has established the rule of political stability and prosperity in Gujarat, Chief Minister Narendra Modi wished that Diwali and New Year (Vikram Samvat 2067) bring more energy and brilliance in the lives of people of Gujarat.

In his hearty greeting and message, he said: Gujarat celebrating the golden jubilee of its foundation this year from May 1, 2010 has lent added vigour and strength to the people in their march to peace and progress.

Excerpts from his message:

Gujarat has always loved festivals and festivity, valued Nature as well as culture, lived in peace and amity. They take part in national or regional functions with equal 'clat and enthusiasm' be it Garba during Navratri or moonlit night during Kutch Rannotsav, Kite Festival or Commonwealth Games, be it Independence Day or Republic Day; be it Gujarat's Foundation Day being celebrated a Gaurav Diwas or General Elections reflecting the strength of Democracy' all hold special place in the name and fame of the state, showing beacon light to the nation.

This year, it is like adding extra luster and glitter to the golden jubilee celebration of the state, defining afresh the prowess of Panchamrit through Jal, Urja, Jnana, Raksha and Janshakti, helping 5.50-crore Gujaratis resolve to build a new Golden Gujarat for Tomorrow and take the state to new heights.

Having adopted an all round strategic Gujarat model, extending from North to South, East to West, the state's seacoast has become the Gateway to India for world trade.

In Gujarat's development lies the motto: 'Sarvajan Sukhay Sarvajan Hitay', be it empowerment of the poor, saving them from malnourishment, freeing them from the age-old shackles of moneylenders during Garib Kalyan Melas, involving participation of women, comprising 50 per cent of the population, in the process of development.

Enhancing the technical and professional skills of the youth has resulted in Gujarat's youth cornering maximum jobs in the country for the last seven successive years. Gujarat is on way to match developed nations in the human development indexes.

As a growth engine, Gujarat is set to lead the nation in the path to the progress, providing modern physical infrastructure and facilitating industrial growth, taking along the people as partners of progress.

With a resolve to 'Development of India with Gujarat', the state is also poised to provide the nation a model of 'Swaraj-se Surajya', from self-government to good governance in the 21st Century.

Gujarat has already impressed the Western world with its achievements through revolutionary water and energy resource management techniques and practices, has attained enviable records in agricultural production rates for the last seven years, attracting academics, experts and even planners from across the country to study the Gujarat pattern.

In its relentless fight against injustice and insecurity, Gujarat has emerged as the torchbearers of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Our police force and security personnel have thwarted terrorists' evil designs and maintained internal peace and security.

Looking to the Gujarat's rate of growth and the upbeat mood of the people, I have full faith the truth will ultimately win, despite a host of adversaries of the state being hell bent on a misinformation campaign who spare no effort to disturb and harass. It is time for the alert public to rise to the occasion!

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