After inaugurating a two-level flyover in CTM area of Ahmedabad on Wednesday, Chief Minister Narendra Modi went to the nearest Bus Rapid Transit System(BRTS) bus-stand, bought ticket and traveled to Danilimda where he was scheduled to visit to open a community center.

“The government will soon start an air-conditioned BRTS bus service which will facilitate the labour class people to enjoy the luxury which is generally limited to the elite classes only”, he said.

A number of public facilities were thrown open to people by the Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi here, which include a two-level flyover in CTM area, a bus terminus in Juna Wadaj area and a Dr.Ambedkar community centre in Danilimda area.

Erected with Rs.45-crore, the first two-level flyover of Ahmedabad is expected to solve the unending traffic problem of Narol-Naroda highway. Interestingly, the Chief Minister took BRTS ride to reach to Danilimda for the inauguration of the community centre.

Chief Minister said that the two-level flyover in the CTM area, is a work that Gujarat can take pride in and it also signifies the government’s policy of a balanced development across the western and eastern belt of Ahmedabad. Modern bus terminus in Juna Wadaj and community centre in Danilimda are testimonials to the changed face of development of the Ahmedabad city, he said.

The world is aware of the rapid development that is taking place in Gujarat and the world also knows where the Central government is leading the nation with corruption and inflation, Chief Minister said. The Congress government in Centre will never be able to free the people of this nation from the shackles of black money, corruption and price-rise. On one side the Centre has cut the Gujarat's kerosene quota by 33% and on the other side it is advising the state to cut down its taxes, but the fact is that the state government has is not taking tax on the kerosene used by the poor, he added.

Revenue Minister Mrs.Anandiben Patel, Social Justice Minister Mr.Fakirbhai Vaghela, Education Minister Mr.Ramanlal Vora, Minister of State for Law Mr.Pradipsinhji Jadeja, MP Dr.Kirit Solanki, MLAs, AMC office bearers, Corporaters and people in large number were present on the occasion.

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India’s Top Gamers Meet ‘Cool’ PM Modi
April 13, 2024
PM Modi showcases his gaming prowess, impressing India's top gamers with his quick grasp of mobile, PC, and VR games!
PM Modi delves into gaming, sparking dialogue on innovation and digital empowerment!
Young gamers applaud PM Modi's agility and adaptability, give him ‘NaMo OP' badge

Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a unique interaction with India's top gamers, immersing himself in the world of PC and VR gaming. During the session, Prime Minister Modi actively participated in gaming sessions, showcasing his enthusiasm for the rapidly evolving gaming industry.

The event brought together people from the gaming community including @gcttirth (Tirth Mehta), @PAYALGAMING (Payal Dhare), @8bitthug (Animesh Agarwal), @GamerFleet (Anshu Bisht), @MortaLyt (Naman Mathur), @Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar), and @SkRossi (Ganesh Gangadhar).

Prime Minister Modi delved into mobile, PC, and VR gaming experiences, leaving the young gamers astounded by his quick grasp of game controls and objectives. Impressed by PM Modi’s gaming skills, the gaming community also gave him the ‘NaMo OP’ badge.

What made the entire interaction even more interesting was PM Modi's eagerness to learn trending gaming lingos like ‘grind’, ‘AFK’ and more. He even shared one of his lingos of ‘P2G2’ which means ‘Pro People Good Governance.’

The event served as a platform for a vibrant exchange of ideas, with discussions ranging from the youngsters’ unique personal journeys that led them to fame in this growing field of gaming, to the latest developments in the gaming sector.

Among the key topics explored was the distinction between gambling and gaming, highlighting the importance of responsible gaming practices while fostering a supportive environment for the gaming community. Additionally, the participants delved into the crucial issue of enhancing women's participation in the gaming industry, underscoring the need for inclusivity and diversity to drive the sector forward.

PM Modi also spoke about the potential for not just esports and gaming content creation, but also game development itself which is centred around India and its values. He discussed the potential of bringing to life ancient Indian games in a digital format, that too with open-source script so that youngsters all over the country can make their additions to it.