Hon'ble Chief Minister’s visit to Drashti Netralaya

Published By : Admin | May 2, 2012 | 18:14 IST

On the eve of Gujarat Gaurav Divas, the Heartland of Tribal area known as Dahod was blessed by the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Bhai Modi. The Divas was filled with immense joy and spirit of enthusiasm encircling within itself spirituality. Encompassing all happiness and gratitude that got imprinted in the hearts and minds of people of Dahod.

“In every 20 seconds, one person goes blind in India and a child goes blind every minute”. To meet challenges of this area, blindness free zone with quality concern and single standard of care for all is an initiative taken up by Drashti Netralaya-Dahod. The Dream or the Vision is the force that invents the future but the desire to make something happen ,to change the present circumstance and to imagine realities that have never been experienced is only achieved by a visionary and a missionary by Shri Narendra Bhai Modi. Hon’ble Chief Minister visited this “Temple of Eye” and was thus, overwhelmed by the experience sharing of patients who had been provided treatment in this centre.

A patient Sharmila Bhabhor, from Garbada village aged 16 years who had not seen the world since birth, was operated for congenital cataract on that day. She got very emotional in realization of fulfillment of her dreams, on the eve of Gujarat Gaurav Divas. Really, it is great service to human mankind. As she narrated her old pains and grief, it touched my heart. Her father had tears in his eyes and visualized a ray of hope.

An another, contrasting experience was with Mamta Premjani, who narrated her story that due to her vision impairment her engagement broke up. But, on the eve of Gujarat Sthapana Divas she was operated and found her love.

All the narrations and interactions of the life changing moments of people who had visited this centre and were benefitted made a very lasting impression with arousal of emotional and spiritual bonding with these people on that day.

To provide best and latest vision care with concern and compassion to needy, irrespective of his or her being rich or poor through a professionally committed team for preventive and curative ophthalmic carefree of cost or at affordable rates with a prime priority on safety and well beings of the individual has always been the aim of this Drashti Netralaya.

During the visit, Honble Chief Minister also met with operated children who had cleft palate & cleft lip.A mother can’t stop herself to show her emotions, to see a big smile on the face of her child. She expressed immense gratitude and sincere thanks to Honble C.M.

In this ray of development and symphony of scarlet, Shri Narendra Bhai Modi expressed his views that this vision health initiative will effectively enhance efforts to address the public health challenge of vision loss, by decreasing duplication of efforts and enhancing collaboration, thus increasing ability to meet measurable objectives. He emphasized on commitment that can transcend to self to improve clarity in thoughts by improving clarity in vision by strengthening the centre with all the required support that can be offered by the government. He also addressed issues related to malnutrition associated Vit-A deficiency, cataract and others causing visual impairment especially in tribals, and highlighted that this initiative is intended to function as a catalyst for bringing vision health into the life of each and every individual. He recognized a social, imperative, ethical and moral standard that can only be provided by a combination of quality of services, philanthropy and spirituality. He inspired and persuaded others in support of vision and motivated others to achieve this vision by assuring the vision health and quality of life for all people.

Honb’le C.M. bestowed his blessings and appealed to people to come together for the noble cause- “Sono Saath Sono Vikas”.

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